China Threatens War On India?

China is putting undue pressure on India by creating border disputes only because it’s so called economic cooperation in the form of CPEC looks like devastated by India not joining it. Why should India join a project of military hegemony of China in the region? The Chinese communists have converted into plutocrats, aristocrats, dynasts and elites controlling not only the entire wealth of China but also the means of production, supply & distribution, incomes and livelihood. China has failed to improve the economic conditions of the ordinary Chinese, who are forced to work in sweat shops to produce export goods at wages below 1 US $ a day, but promises economic prosperity to countries signing up CPEC or OBOR. China is no global welfare state. It seeks to realize its economic goals through OBOR/CPEC. The grand projects are to silence the domestic clamour for democracy, human rights, fundamental rights, decent wages and non-military opportunities of livelihood. Currently they are suppressed. The day the real picture of the economic, educational, health and social conditions of the peasants and the workers become known, the real picture of poverty and deprivation will expose the hollow claims of the revolution.

Like the appeal made openly to Pakistanis to dethrone Modi, China has been approached secretly to check the rise of Modi and ensure his fall before 2019. The secret agents in contact with China have been promised return to power in 2019 in exchange for vast tracts of Indian territory and clearance to CPEC and other Chinese projects. For this China can strike any time. It has no employment for its 25,00,000 army which it has to reduce to just 10,00,000. In 1962 it had similar problem when 70000 of its troops returned from North Korea, whom it thrust into the war with India. It feels threatened with Modi acquiring the stature of a world leader. It had attacked India in 1962 only because it felt similarly threatened by Jawarlal Nehru. India had rejected then, and rejects again today the hegemony or misguided notions of suzerainty of China in this region. China knows the cost of war it wages now, but our traitors have already assured it of full recompense if returned to power in 2019. The country should be alert before it actually happens. Stop buying Chinese goods forthwith.

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