Secularism Of Congress Party Agenda of Hatred?

The Congress Party, communist party and their affiliates have long used secularism as a weapon to attack the majority community. Their profanity has alienated even the most liberal members of the majority community who have been compelled to lend an ear to the views of the conservative sections of public opinion. What has been going on in the name of secularism in the country should have sounded the alarm bells long back. Even the established fundamentalist forces have the gumption to preach secularism to Indians, who are the only world community which respects all religions equally. But the political parties have been propagating their well devised agenda of hatred against  the majority segment of the people. They have no right to indulge freely in uttering disparaging and provocative statements against the people whose religion is different from their own and calling them communal. These politicians patronize the elements of crass communalism and hatred and keep silent when indoctrinated students oppose the invitation to the  Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to visit the university. The instances of this kind are in thousands  from several parts of India. It becomes necessary to delve deeper in the evolution of secular/ secularism and its abuse in the present day India.

Out of the three major world religions (Christianity, Islam, Hindu), the Hindu religion is in minority in comparison to Christianity and Islam. In India, this world minority religion is constantly attacked in the name of secular/secularism. Islam rejects secular/secularism in toto. Those Indian Muslim politicians, whether in or out of legislatures, who are most voluble in the name of secularism/secular forces dare not declare that they do not accept the verdict of the Mullah or Mufti on the secularism issue. The Grand Mufti of London had “rejected” secularism/secular in the mid 1980s and so is the case in India. If it is not true, let the highest Muslim religious authority in India declare secularism to be above Islam. Even no Imam of any Masjid in Delhi can make any such declaration. If it is not possible, they should refrain from saying a word against the Hindu religion and/or its followers and demanding of them to be secular. They should never fuel the political ambitions of the crooked Hindu jokers who run their business in the name of secularism, attacking other Hindus as communal and still claiming to be Hindu in a Muslim cap and Arab Kafia enjoying at public exchequer’s cost sumptuous 5 star meals for one full month of Ramzaan without even saying a single namaz. Those Hindus who love Islam should convert to Islam and say their Namaz at least thrice if not 5 times. It will impart some semblance of discipline in public utterances on religion and the faithfuls. None of their rights as a Hindu will get curtailed for it. No Hindu will object to their prayers to Lord Ram twice a day even after converting to Islam. But they should heed the poet “tu jo sijde hua kabhi, to zamin se aayee ye saddaa, teraa dil to hai sanam beimaan, tujhe kya milegaa namaaz mein?” (apology to the great poet for slight tinkering in contemporary context).

One thing is clear: “communal” is not the antonym of “secular”. To use the word secular, one needs to have a native Christian soul (or conscience at least).

Secular does not give a licence to attack Hindus and seeking freedom to convert Hindus to Islam or Christianity by inducement, guile, coercion or force? Presently it is being used as a  tool in the hands of foreign forces to capture India and its population to establish the rule of Islam or Christianity by branding them communal and in comparison portraying themselves as secular?

Had Islam left every Indian Muslim rich in the past or Christianity done so to their converts? The dirty game harms all Indians across the board, although in groups: Hindus first, Muslims next and Christians thereafter.

They are determined to junk our ideal of social harmony, fraternity, integrity and unity. Even a clearheaded Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have been obfuscated by the coinage “communal” by the meanest of politicians in the country. It is not an antonym of “secular”.  The Muslim leaders in all Indian parties attacking “communal” parties are fake as Islam had officially rejected it because it does not accommodate other religions and in the best conditions permits them only limited freedom on payment of jazia tax. Saudi Arabia has announced some kind of a tax on non-Muslims in the Kingdom recently.

Only Christianity has the copyright on the word/concept secular. It was the English Christian Brothers who coined it in the context of the running conflicts between various christian sects, especially the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church.

In politics, the word secular entered the political lexicon for the first time in the land of no religion and migrants known as the United States of America in the late 19th Century. But they never used it as the Indian politicians use it i.e. antonym of communalism.

In India the Hindu religion has been in practice for millennia. It is one of the richest and most powerful living religion. What is its view of other religions? Equality. The Hindu religion treats all other religions equal and accords them all equal respect. It does not propagate ill-will or hatred against other religions. It does not seek converts. How can such a religion be called communal and its followers communal? Unless some religious fanatics are working on a narrow religious agenda, it is all dirty propaganda. Besides, it betrays a weak mind, poor intellect, lack of erudition and religious conjunctivitis. Hindu dictum of “sarvadharma sambhav” is a global view whereas secularism is a very narrow view limited to sects within a religion. It is time for India to adopt Sarvadharma Sambhav in place of Secular.

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