Mother Tongue

What language do they speak?

I really know not, but know this,

They speak their mother tongue,

Distinct from their neighbours,

They speak on scheduled turn,

Respecting each other’s right,

To say their morning prayers,

In their own unique language!

Prayers as the notes are soothing,

Sad not, neither complaining but

Soothing, pleasant, peaceful.

Chirping is incorrect to call it

Birds in the park say their prayers

In their own distinct language

Humans understand not!

Different species pray to a

Schedule separated by minutes

No jumbling of separate tongues,

No quarrels about obstruction,

Of one species by another in the

Morning prayers for any reason.

Prayers said they fly their way

They go about their daily business

Looking for food for themselves

And the little ones in the nest-

Ever hungry, impatiently waiting

For the mother and their day’s fill.

They converse their language

No communication ever fails

It is mother tongue we wrongly

Call chirping and leave it at that

But the variety and flavor of each

Leaves no doubt about their status

As a language of their own!

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