Preparing For Election 2019 India

Does any Indian journalist of high integrity have any idea of the size of the budget of the enemies of the nation to buy the general election 2019?

Perhaps not yet.

But the enemy is in high active mode already. After the operation pull down Modi by any means of 2014 onwards, which included Award Wapasi, abetting suicide by a scheduled caste university student, abetted suicide of a farmer at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, lynching of a Muslim and stage shows in Delhi’s JNU failed them achieve their goal, they are back again in full battle gear.

This time again they have chosen their martyr carefully.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stolen the votes & the hearts of the women in India in a silent social coup of sorts. Even if the women only were to cast their votes for NaMo (popular acronym for Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India) candidates in 2019, he will get two-thirds majority in the parliament easily. The opposition rightly apprehends the threat but does not seem to have any anti-dote for it. But the real enemies of the country have a good idea of it. They needed someone to disrupt the silent march of NaMo and render his coup unsuccessful. For this they needed a woman. And they got one.

So, the cat is out of the bag. Gauri Lankesh, a woman journalist of sort, a leftist (marxist/Naxalist sympathizer), JNU product, Bengaluru based, rationalist, daughter of a renowned Kannada literary person, Hindu hater, activist, dissenter and anti-right was selected to launch the agenda in full steam.


She was assassinated just outside her Bengaluru flat recently. Karnataka is ruled by the Congress Party of Rahul Gandhi, who is a frequent flyer to foreign countries. It is a sad reflection on the poor law & order situation in the Congress ruled state which failed to ensure security of Gauri Lankesh and has failed to apprehend her assassins. Is the state interested in apprehending the assassin or cash her assassination for political gains in the forthcoming elections to the state assembly? Perhaps, the latter. The failure of the state government to apprehend the culprits in the Silicon Valley of India is not for nothing but rather to the agenda. They are using this time to blame everyone from the Marxists, Naxalites, Rightists to the PM.

The enemies have catalyzed their sleeper cells, which become active any time at just a call or message. Candle marches have already been organized. Press corps in Delhi have been enlisted to condemn “intolerance” or silencing “freedom of speech”. Known personalities have started lending their names to the fiction of involvement of the rightists in Gauri’s murder: Ramachandra Guha has jumped in the fray. More will follow soon.

Is it not a murder case which the police should investigate and bring the culprits to justice? Or it is a political game to malign the rightists for votes in the coming elections and attacking the Prime Minister by building a crescendo till election 2019 so that he (Prime Minister Modi) does not succeed in garnering women votes he has already stolen in the triple talaq court judgement in favour of the suffering Muslim women victims? They have failed to achieve their objective, but Gauri is gone!

It is the duty of the Indian journalists to keep a hawk’s eye on the agenda of the enemies for the next 20 months. They should watch the investments made in advertisements, seminars, sponsored foreign visits of Indian politicians for fake seminars, conferences, surveys, charities, human rights activities, gender equality, LGBT programmes and direct investment in political activities. They will need to walk ahead of our enemies. The Intelligence Bureau is expected to expose their designs well in time. They are highly skilled, experienced and empowered entities who operate by buying hundreds of journalists, politicians, academics, businessmen in the target country. Their weapon this time is a powerful bomb. It has failed though. But it gives the lead to use women and women centric issues in a big way to create horror and disgust and create disaffection towards the central government and Prime Minister Modi specially.

They have started the game in the BHU two days. The Prime Minister was on a visit to Varanasi, which is his constituency. Organized law & order situation was created on the campus in the name of harassment of a girl student. Volunteers had reached Varanasi from JNU and other such institutions. One of the protesters had shaved her head so that the TV cameras captured her image for use in all future propaganda. Campus violence has been a strong weapon in the hands of political parties in the decades of the 1950s through the 1970s. The Congress Party and the Communist parties had the strongest presence on the campuses. They were followed by other political parties to the extent of local influence they enjoyed. College and university teachers fell prey to their charms in the name of progressivism, modernism and similar other attractive phrases. The political parties had their own Student Wings, which were well organised and the parent party spent lots of money in elections to the students’ unions. In the universities, their activities were prominently exhibited. These organisations are very active in prominent universities like the JNU in Delhi. Most of their leaders come from humanities or social sciences departments, which have enough spare time to indulge in politics. Teachers of these departments also freely indulge in politics.

The result is that large numbers of self-seekers are produced by such non-academic climate at the seats of higher learning, whereas the country needs true public servants who are prepared to sacrifice everything for the development of the nation.

Campus violence will be resorted to in greater numbers till 2019. Some state governments will be actively promoting such activities. Their true colours will become public gradually.

But one thing is clear that these student activists have contributed liberally to what has been termed as criminalisation of politics in India. None of them has become the Prime Minister, but some did succeed in becoming chief ministers and are known corrupt fellows, some of them even convicted. Many others are under investigation. The student union politics acts as the launching pad for a political career for the children of politicians and their cronies.

Many “students” are regulars on the campus past their normal age of studentship, only for pursuing their political careers under the garb of a research scholar or law student or any other academic discipline for an M.A. course. In fact, it has been reported that unauthorised persons had been staying in student hostels as guests or simply without anybody questioning their unauthorised presence. It is these elements who are responsible for incidents of major violence on campuses. An average student comes for pursuing studies and acquire qualifications for a rewarding career in employment or business. The unlawful activities of some, deprive the larger number of students of their rightful concentration on studies. These political workers have no commitment to ethics or moral standards in public life and freely indulge in criminal activities in association with notorious criminals in society. They acquire the status of a local terror don. Murder or rape is normal for politicians without qualms of conscience. Hardened during student politics, patronised by highest office bearers of the parent political party and mentored by ministers, whose power they exercise over officers and employees in civil and police administration with impunity, they produce a parallel government which operates outsides the constitutional scheme. Such parallel structures become effective by depriving the deserving of their rights and obliging the undeserving, which causes no confidence in the system.

Incidents of heinous crimes like murder of school children can be organised. Schools may be set on fire and trapped children may be burnt alive to create an atmosphere of hatred against the government. School authorities need to take extra precautions till conclusion of election 2019.

Misuse of international institutions like the UNO or its agencies like the office of the Commissioner for Refugees, other bilateral and multilateral fora and platforms has already begun. The irresponsible statement of the UN Commissioner for Refugees has enraged the people and government of India already.

Attempts were made to ignite an armed conflict between China & India, which has been deflected by the strong leadership of the two countries.

India will need to track down the issues that might be trending anywhere in the world which can cause mass scale upheavals and hijack the elections for a pittance. Just recall the nuisance created by the bogey of Russian interference in the American Presidential Election 2016. It afflicts the country even today and Hillary Clinton is very angry at it.

After caste “clashes”, communal “riots”, burning of “churches”, “lynching” mobs, “assassination” of a woman journalist, “intolerance” and several such epithets, these agent provocateurs are desperate to invent some new catchy word behind which they can start firing their ballistic missiles.

Narendra Modi means the Prime Minister to the Indian people, but he is much more for the enemies. He has blocked all their anti-India programmes like religious conversions, terrorist activities, drug trade, black money operations, money laundering, human trafficking, arms trade and intelligence operations. A weak prime minister has always been their choice. They had stood firmly behind a corrupt prime minister who set new milestones in corruption. Pakistan never wanted such a prime minister. So is the case with many others.

Watch out India. For the enemy, Election 2019 has already begun!

The Intelligence Bureau ought to keep informing the people from time to time on the nefarious designs of these inimical forces.

Meanwhile, the Modi government should be extremely careful. The government needs to provide extra security to those politicians whose murder, like Indira Gandhi’s or Rajiv Gandhi’s, can get swing votes for some established duffer and stall transparency and development in a moment. The Gauri Lankesh type episodes have repeatedly failed to bring any success to them.


For the over-ambitious politicians, who have ruled by proxy for most of the time during the last 70 years and vested foreign interests, sacrificing a proven nincompoop is small price if it can change the direction of history in India once again.

So, watch out and be careful, more so when fair is portrayed as foul and foul is applauded as fair in foreign lands or academic institutions.

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