Rajnitika aur Rajnaitik (Politics or Political Morality)?

Criticism is always welcome. It benefits the target immensely at zero cost. It helps the wise improve. It exposes the enemy within the group sending timely alert to the leader. The unseemly criticism of the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, and indirectly Prime Minister Narendra Modi by a former Finance Minister and BJP leader, Yashwant Sinha, has generated some malignant debate and political propaganda. The opposition has been at it for political reasons. The Congress Party in particular, has always been averse to anybody else serving the people of India better than themselves. When A. B. Vajpayee was Prime Minister of India and L. K. Advani the Deputy Prime Minister, the Congress was never heard giving them any compliment for a functioning corruption free government, which was the first one to think big and started the National Highways Construction programme. On the contrary, they found fault with everything done by the Vajpayee government. The National Highways programme was sought to be derailed by getting a young engineer murdered. He was reported to have written a letter to the Prime Minister complaining of corruption, insinuating that the BJP or the minister concerned was somehow involved. The text of the letter revealed that it was the work of a very senior and seasoned Supreme Court lawyer and active politician. It had the skills and expertise of a specialist on vigilance matters. A young inexperienced field officer would take several years to reach that level of understanding of the laws, rules and systems. But after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India, the same Congress and leftist parties started giving them compliments for a better government. The fact of the matter is that Narendra Modi has surpassed all prime ministers in running a corruption free forward looking developmental government in India. Jealousy is a natural emotion and agitates the person until the target suffers a loss or is harmed adequately. The politicians, including those of the ruling BJP, jealous of Narendra Modi or members of his cabinet, would do better to turn envious of him and the attributes that have made him succeed. Yashwant Sinha has simply joined the opposition in choosing to attack the prime minister or the finance minister on an issue that is dear to the people of India viz., demonetisation and GST. He has ended up attracting public ridicule for naivety.

Honest criticism carries a lot of weight. Bereft of honesty (Rajnaitikata or political morality), it turns into mere vilification or maligning (Ninda in Hindi). Both Ninda and stuti (panegyric)  are abominable, for they do no public good. The persons indulging in vilification or flattery invite public derision in equal measure. The bane of Indian politics is rajniti. There is no limit to base attacks and foul language. The political leaders making fun of the rich want creation of jobs in millions at the same time. Can the poor create jobs? Our Socialists, centrists and the leftists contributed to the maximum to slow GDP and creation of jobs. Their wisdom is exemplified by Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, throwing out the Tata Nano Car project and her predecessors destroying the number one industrial state of India.

One can laugh away the congress leader making fun of suitboot ki Sarkar as it does not suit them to take orders from an Indian coming from a humble working-class origin. However, it becomes a comedy of errors when someone from the BJP shares his angst. The critic in Yashwant Sinha has resorted to sharp language reserved only for the enemy for issues which could have helped the government improve. He had made such attempts to fail the Modi victory in 2014.

Almost like a curse from his lips, Yashwant Sinha’s vicious attack also carries the premonition of defeat for Modi in the 2019 election.

Was A.B. Vajpayee rewarded in 2004? Why did the BJP lose the 2004 election? Will it repeat the mistakes made then? Narendra Modi is too smart for all the manipulators and schemers of the Indian political firmament and their support base of black money, black economy, parallel government, foreign agents and muscle power. He has a clear mandate, clear policy and clean service record. The Yashwant Sinhas of the BJP or Opposition leaders pose no threat to his repeat of 2014 in 2019. He is wise enough to devote the next 19 months or so   implementing his projects and obtain visible results to include in the report card he had promised to place before the voters in 2019.


That is the reward Narendra Modi gets from his party leaders, whose frustration has been used by the Congress and the communists, Mamata and others to justify their misplaced criticism. Demonetisation hurt the BJP supporters to some extent as it hurt the Congress and others to the maximum. Even today, it enjoys the highest public appreciation.

People want Modi to display greater harshness towards the black economy, which is raising its hydra head once again.

There is no decline in GDP. Have manufacturing industries closed down? Not even one.

But non-manufacturing sectors have suffered a temporary setback because the black money is not supporting them, e.g. real estate operations, mining, private hospitals, high cost lawyers & doctors’ private practice, ministers & bureaucrats not earning bribes and not investing in benami (undisclosed) properties and many such activities.

If Modi does not get distracted by ill-founded criticism and remains positive, he can obtain much better GDP.

Election 2019 is going to be fought fiercely, with BJP fellows acting like the Congress leaders during their journey from Nehru to Shashtri to Indira to Rajiv to MM Singh. BJP’s journey by comparison is limited to ABV to Narendra Modi only.

The PM will need a lot of patience as developmental results can’t be produced in a short span of 5 years. If someone is selling him dreams, he should overcome the illusion.

The people of India will give him a second term happily.

Today is Dussehra festival. It symbolises the victory of good over evil. It symbolises rejuvenation of the people by positive energy vanquishing negative energy. It is a victory over ten faults responsible for bad judgement and misdeeds: hubris, greed, lust, attachment, anger, treachery, arrogance, violence, dishonesty and disloyalty.

Today the politicians play the role of Ravan, especially by putting obstacles in the lawful public service delivery by officials or the executive. They ridicule the Prime Minister and his finance Minister in no different manner than what Ravan did to Hanuman. Ravan thought he will ridicule Lord Ram if he could inflict disabilities on His Ambassador Hanuman. He thought the monkey (Hanuman’s Space Suit made Him look like a monkey) loved most its tail and it should be burnt so that everyone will enjoy the sight of a monkey with a burning tail. Ravan ordered his security to wrap Hanuman’s tail with cloth, dip it in oil and ignite it. That silly indiscretion of Ravan led to Hanuman burning every household in Lanka creating all round panic.

Election 2019 will witness a war between Ravan’s mooncch (moustache) and  Hanuman’s poonch (tail). Jan Sevak (public servant) Hanuman, Narendra Modi,  proceed to destroy Ravan’s Lanka(parallel economy / parallel government) and secure safe release of Sita, the poor masses of India, kept in captivity in the luxurious Askok Vatika by the black economy for 70 years now.  Remember: Seva Dharma is the most difficult of all the other Dharma.

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