Puny Rivals Challenge Giant Modi In Gujarat

The level to which public discourse was lowered in the Gujarat polls indicates to the highest stakes in this election. It does not speak well of the culture, maturity, values or ethics of the Congress Party or its allies. If the Congress gets humbled in the election on the results becoming available after another 12 hours or so, it will be attributable to the foul language used. Politicians are not liked when they use such language. The Congress strategy has all through been to vilify the Prime Minister, Narendra Mod. It has suffered many electoral defeats because of this simple act of high indiscretion, but has consistently refused to take any lessons from it. Instead, in terrible arrogance it has gone on increasing the intensity of foulness and pettiness of language in unsuccessfully assailing Modi. During the Gujarat electioneering it touched the lowest ever level since 26 January 1950. The decline in standards of values in Congress language during the entire two month’s campaign for the Gujarat Assembly polls has enhanced the stature of Narendra Modi several notches. In the absence of a popular leader in Gujarat, if the BJP gets to form its government this time, it will be due to the popularity, love and public trust in Narendra Modi only. The exit polls have already predicted victory for the BJP (Read Narendra Modi). This sends a strong message to international political mafia operating undetected for too long. They fear Modi. Hence soft attacks on his party.

One needs to understand the reasons for such hostile attitude of the Congress Party and its High Command towards Narendra Modi. One is that the Congress has been in the hands of the “high caste” Hindus. It uses the name of Late Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, to make the point repeatedly as if a person from the “low caste” can never come anywhere near to him. Deification has long been the bane of the Hindu society. A question heard even during Nehru’s life time was: “who after Nehru”? as if a big country like India had no leader of the stature of Nehru. A whole galaxy of leaders has shouldered the responsibility of the Prime Minister of India after Nehru, but the Congress has never acknowledged anybody other than Nehru as a great leader unless it was a scion of the Nehru family.

Narendra Modi is not only an outsider to the Nehru family but also to the Congress Party. Acknowledging him as a great prime minister is simply out of question for the Congress Party. Indeed, the Congress has taken too many liberties with Narendra Modi since his extremely successful days as Chief Minister of Gujarat to his tenure as Prime Minister of India. The Congress high browed leaders have exhibited great contempt for his humble economic beginnings as the son of a tea vendor & himself vending tea on railway stations to his caste, class, abilities, competence and leadership. They have crossed all limits by demanding apology from him for questioning the conduct of his predecessor Dr. Man Mohan Singh and Former Vice President Hamid Ansari attending a dinner on 6th December at the house of Mani Shankar Aiyar in Delhi in the company of Pakistan dignitaries without even informing the Ministry of External Affairs. Mani Shankar Aiyar,a former Indian Foreign Service Officer is the Congress politician who had made a public appeal in Pakistan to remove Narendra Modi besides many derogatory remarks unworthy of being even mentioned here but known widely. Narendra Modi has shown extreme tolerance to all the indignities hurled at him and kept on attaining greater heights in public life. He has ignored them so far, without getting unnecessarily provoked and thereby distracted from his path of service to the people of India. It is horrible, to say the least, for the Congress Party to ask for an apology from Prime Minister Modi instead of tendering an apology to him, the Government of India in the Ministry of External Affairs for not including a representative when Pakistanis were invited and the people of India for conducting meetings with Pakistan high dignitaries in the current relationship. If the people of India suspect some foul play in the context of Gujarat elections, the Congress is obliged to clear the air by apologizing for keeping the people, press and the government in the dark on such a sensitive issue.

As they fall, Narendra Modi rises! There is a couplet in Hindi which succinctly demonstrates this quality: it says that a great man doesn’t give up greatness and the low one never gives up lowness!

Narendra Modi has outshined all his predecessors in social, political, economic, foreign policy, defence and other critical departments of governance of a nation as big as India. On top of it he has banished corruption from the government of India effectively. He has established Yoga as an international wellness programme. He has brought about simplification in the working of the government of India.

As Nehru’s time was decidedly different from Modi’s, there is no need to compare the two.

But if Narendra Modi has proved himself to be a great leader, he can’t be denied his laurels. It is immaterial if the Congress Party acknowledges it or not. It is of no consequence if the Congress Party recognizes Modi as a great leader and a wonderful Prime Minister or not. What matters is the success of the Modi Mantra in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh in the next 12 hours and in Election 2019.

It will be proved beyond doubt that the people of India support Modi and shall give him another 5 years’ term in 2019.

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