A Misguided Agitation In Gujarat

There is hardly a country in any of the continent where the name ‘Patel” will not be prominently visible in the shopping centres. Patels are everywhere and have earned a name for themselves. This image has suffered irreparable damage due to the politics of the negative during the recently concluded Gujarat Assembly Election 2017.

Leaders of the agitation for reservation for the Patels failed to earn the respect or goodwill of the people at large. They came out as the most unreasonable young men with unduly high political ambitions. They lowered the dignity of the rich and influential Patel community by demanding “reservation” in educational institutions and jobs like other OBC communities in India.

There is a ceiling of 50% on reservations of all kind. The Congress Party promised to fulfil the demand for reservation if it was voted to power.

If the agitators in the name of the Patel community understood the game of the Congress Party and still chose to play into its hands, it demonstrates their political immaturity. If they didn’t understand the diplomatic & political moves of the Congress Party, they need to learn basic lessons in politics. Running agitations or campaigns against the government is no entertainment industry. It harms the crowd leader the worst. The society suffers law & order problems, loss of public property, economic disruption and GDP downturn. It invites lawful state response to normalize the situation.

For the next 5 years, can the agitators carry on their agitation for reservation? They should ponder over it, since many are too young to be eligible to contest the election at the moment.

The innocent and energetic youth in the country are prey to political predators, who play with their idealism, only to realize their own political goals. They ruin the future of many bright young people in the game. Naxalism is perhaps the best example of the exploitation of innocence and idealism of the young men and women, sold on hollow ideas of a future revolution. It is now 50 years since the leftists started the agitation in a small habitat at Naxalbari in West Bengal, from which the agitation took its name of Naxalism & its leaders the identity as Naxalites. Presently it is called left wing extremism (LWE) in official terms. Has it achieved the professed revolution? The misguided youth were told stories about heroes in distant lands like Mao or Marx etc. totally unrelated to the realities faced by them on ground in day to day life.

Exploitation of poor young men and women is the worst kind of exploitation and human trafficking. It is modern age slavery though the terms have been updated e.g. king & Queen replaced by leader. The leader is an autocrat, dictator, high command and his/her word of mouth is final in political parties. The young recruits have no future except doing all the dirty work for them.

The Patel agitators have only discredited the Patel community held in high esteem in India for the love of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Iron Man of India. Narendra Modi made Gujarat famous globally. He raised it to the level of a Model of Development to be emulated by other states in India. The agitators, in collusion with the Congress and its Mahagathbandhan Allies, have destroyed that image of Gujarat. While the Congress and its allies have been making all out efforts to destroy the Gujarat Model of Narendra Modi ever since they were ousted by him from power in May 2014, the agitators are the only group operating from Gujarat to do so in the most unreasonable terms in the garb of constitutionally impermissible reservation for the Patels.

This group is neither recognized as the leader of the Patel community of Gujarat nor its voice.

They have only played into the hands of the congress and anti-India forces operating from distant lands to destroy the nation.

All Gujaratis should be proud of one of them occupying the highest executive office of the Prime Minister of India. They should have taken pride in giving the nation a man of impeccable integrity, who has changed the direction of the wind in the Indian democracy & polity, who has cleaned the central government of corruption, enhanced the image of the country in the world and achieved in less than 42 months what none of his predecessors could achieve in 42 years.

It is so unfortunate for the young Gujarat that some of its politically entrapped   youth have not only wasted a great opportunity for celebration of Gujarat’s contribution to the nation but succumbed to the allurements of the enemies of India to paint all such achievements of a unique tapasya as failures! It is the worst example of self-abnegation!!

I won’t blame any youngster falling prey to such human traffic in politics. Politics is not leading prayers from a pulpit. It demands huge funds and manpower. No political party can keep a huge permanent establishment of millions of young men and women to make its rallies successful or campaign for elections. Democracy is mobocracy except in rare situations when issues gain prominence, as was the case in 2014 general election in India when the incumbent Man Mohan Singh government earned public ire for lack of good governance, which propelled Narendra Modi to the centre stage.

Narendra Modi has lived up to the public trust and achieved the rare distinction of the most successful prime minister of India.

If some people have not understood the level of Narendra Modi due to the propaganda of the opposition parties, it is due to the gap existing even after 70 years between the haves and the have-nots. Poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, backwardness of a large section of the population, especially in the rural areas has created two kinds distinct blocks in society: one over-served, the other under-served. The over-served block has perversely misappropriated all the benefits of development, depriving the weaker section of the under-served, who are most disadvantaged and susceptible to exploitation. Politicians top the list of various interest lobbies who exploit them the most. If this section is angry, disgruntled and rebellious and resorts to agitations, they can’t be faulted. But they inflict self-injury if they go against a leader like Narendra Modi, who has strived all these years to give them a good government, a clean & transparent people friendly government.

The entrenched politicians opposed to him feel threatened because Narendra Modi has cut off their supply lines reaching them the benefits of all government schemes, stolen from the poor people for whom these were meant.

If the agitators help them come back to power somehow, they will go to any extent to vilify, malign and discredit the Government and the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. By descending to extremely low level of vituperation and dirty abuses in public discourse, they have surpassed even the best fault-finders in human history. The youth of India need to watch out before getting devoured by the political sharks lurking in their vicinity.

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