Conservative, Reactionary, Obscurantist?

Those of my age would recall the Bitcoin currency of the political class of decades from the 1950s through the 1970s: conservative, reactionary, obscurantist! These were the high value political Bitcoins in those days with each one having a value in excess of a few billions. It was the rhetoric of the “progressive forces’ of those days. They attacked everybody not standing with them or their “revolutionary ideas” as reactionary and obscurantists. They blamed the people having faith in “values” as conservative. They claimed themselves to be revolutionaries, determined to bring a great revolution in India, like Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. They created an illusion of the revolution coming any day in India. They portrayed themselves even superior to the socialist and secular forces, who began to rule India even before India became an independent state. We occasionally witness their power to create confusion in universities like the JNU of Delhi and the OU of Hyderabad, where they have tried unsuccessfully to steal the populism of the rival camp of “social justice” forces. They have succeeded many a times in forging short term alliances of what they call secular forces to fight the reactionary ones. In case of need, they have embraced even the reactionary and obscurantist forces. But they keep putting on the mask of “progressive”. They had destroyed democracy by repeatedly claiming it to be of no use in comparison to violence they stoke in the name of revolution and revolutionary ideas. The economy has suffered because they successfully brought down all economic activity in the country in the name of revolution, social justice, progressive thoughts. They talk human rights only when they get benefit of votes by skill-fully hyping the insignificant or underplaying the significant. For them it is progressive for a married woman to be divorced instantly by her husband, who throws her out of the house at midnight along with her small children. They refuse to say what that woman should do. They refuse to help her. They do not empathise with the suffering woman or her little children nor do they agitate or fight for their rights. They have exhibited the highest level of insensitivity to the pain of these human beings- a minority in a male bastion, many of them even Dalit. They are neither for the poor, nor women, nor Dalits and still they call themselves “progressive”. They refuse to protest the conservative and obscurantist elders of the society to get immediate relief and redressal to the helpless women. When the political class which they had all along strived hard to paint as conservative, reactionary and obscurantist lends an ear to the misery and trauma of such a victim of instant divorce and pass a law in compliance of the judgment of the Supreme Court of India holding instant divorce unconstitutional, these holders of the sole and absolute copyright over progressivism stoutly oppose it. Forgetting all connotations of conservative, reactionary and obscurantist, they stand firmly in the company of conservatives and reactionary forces which refuse to treat the sufferers equal to men or human beings. All their notions of socialism, social justice, progressivism disappear in no time and simply evaporate like camphor on your palm. Strangely, a large number of highly educated women, speaking fluent English and active in politics, are the loudest to challenge the progressive legislation initiated by the government and attacking it as if the sufferings of millions of these women in the last 70 years has not quenched their thirst for blood of the hapless women and their children. The silence of these wolves of politics on the ugliest aspect of the tragedy of the victims in supporting the practice of Halala will shame any modern woman anywhere in the world. But the politicians of India are made of sterner stuff!

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