Narendra Modi Versus Others

It is the quality of his leadership which makes Prime Minister Narendra Modi distinct from the rest. Otherwise 44 months is too  long  a period in Indian politics for any politician to remain active  and untainted. Hardly a day goes when the opposition parties leave an opportunity to attack him. The net result of the negativity of the opposition parties has meant that they have wasted all these precious 44 months without improving their image or learning a few good qualities of excellent leadership from a successful politician like prime minister Narendra Modi.

While the prime minister has striven hard to take India to newer heights in all round development, his opponents have lost much ground politically.


The opposition keeping itself busy in finding new chinks in Modi’s functioning missed the vital issue of developing a leader of his stature or better than him.

The opposition does not have any alternative to Narendra Modi for the big battle in 2019.

People laugh at the puny politicians when they talk of grand alliance of opposition parties to defeat the BJP. They have no positive offer on board excepting the negative agenda of defeating the prime minister’s party and remove him from the office of the prime minister.

They are prepared to go to any extent to achieve their goal.

They will repeat their tried methods of vilification, employing their embedded media journalists to damage Modi by way of disinformation and fake news, instigating violence, engineering strikes in large establishments like banks or railways, reduce debates in legislatures to lowest standards never before witnessed, foment   trouble on campuses of universities and other unlawful acts to disturb the law and order situation.

Fortunately, the people of India are wiser enough to see through their game and are unlikely to invite misfortune by falling for fake leaders promising everything under the sun as they had done in the past.

There are too many claimants for the office of the prime minister in the opposition camp but none of them is even qualified to be entrusted the reins of power. None of the opposition leaders comes anywhere closer to Narendra Modi in matters of honesty and integrity.

Modi has set the bar too high; Modi serves the people while others simply rule over them; Modi works towards sabka saath sabkaa vikas, others simply work for their party or family or their middle men lobbies.

Many opposition loudmouths are undergoing imprisonment for acts of corruption like disposing of state assets cheaply for personal gain or stealing hundreds of millions from state treasury. It is such politicians who are desperate to remove a strong prime minister like Narendra Modi so that they can revive the days of historic corruption of the UPA-I & II under the prime minister Man Mohan Singh of the Congress Party.

The foregoing is only an analysis. There is never any surety about political developments or election results. But one thing is absolutely certain: there is no going back for any political party from the transparent functioning of the government.

If ever the opposition succeeds in forming the government, it would be with the help of the corrupt and foreign forces inimical to India active for the past 44 months and it will not be able to repeat the style of functioning of the UPA government. The people have understood their working styles having watched them from very close quarters at the local government bodies at the village and town level as also legislatures. They feel buffeted by too many politicians throwing their weight around before Modi came to power, whether it was admission of children to school or hospitalisation or jobs and Worst the transfer industry in the country.

Not a single public service was delivered without the politician interfering, which meant abuse of power and influence. Modi has cleansed the system to the utmost satisfaction of the people. The alternative can only be better not worse.

The report card Modi had promised to the people in 2014 will have many positive people friendly achievements in the 5 years of his government when he goes to them for another term next year.

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