Congress Illusions For Election 2019

The Tripura Assembly results have jolted not only the Congress Party and its natural ally the Communist Party (Marxist) but even others. The success in the North East has raised the stature of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi many notches above the biggest Indian leaders. It has rattled the enemies of the people so much that they are ready to do anything to achieve their goal of capturing power by hook or crook in the next parliamentary elections.

They refused to acknowledge the good work done by this government. They resorted to crass falsehood to portray successes of the Narendra Modi government as failures, be it controlling corruption or demonetisation or GST (Goods & Services Tax); surgical strike against the notorious terrorists operating from the protective connivance of the Pakistan Army in PoK, successes in foreign policy, structural changes in the economy, financial inclusion, saving public money by plugging leakage of subsidy of more than 700,000 million INR, transferring money direct into the beneficiary account to protect it from middlemen and swindlers, distributing 30 million cooking gas connections free of charge to poor families, ending the quotas for MP to recommend gas connections and making it available on demand without discrimination of any kind, steps taken to reduce prices of fertilizers and electricity and ensuring their easy availability to the farmers and ensuring remunerative prices to them for their produce, electrifying almost all villages, economic reforms and ease of doing business and improving infrastructure. The credit for all these achievements goes to the clear policy of the government to employ all their energies to development. The government chose to engage on a very comprehensive constructive agenda without wasting a moment in usual politics of belittling the rivals and exaggerating own achievements.

Prime Minister Modi was confident that the constructive work of his government will get the approval and support of the wise people of India. He was absolutely right. The successes in Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland are the latest examples of the approval of the people and their support to the Prime Minister. These states were not even given their due importance in national politics of India. They captured the attention of the people at the national level by ushering in a silent revolution in these states by not only changing the governments there but also choosing the BJP or its alliance parties to shoulder the responsibility of providing good governance.

They expect the same development as in other states of the country. Those who have never gone to these states or interacted with the people there would hardly understand their mind, thoughts, culture and aspirations. They were taken for granted for far too long until Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party put them on their priority list. The results are before all to see.

Then came by elections in UP & Bihar. In UP (Uttar Pradesh), the Chief Minister as also the Deputy Chief Minister, who had resigned from the parliament to shoulder the responsibility of the UP government, failed to get their candidates elected. In Bihar, the candidate was the son of late Taslimmudin, MP.

Too much is being made of these losses. No doubt, defeat is defeat. It has affected the ratings of the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister. A victory would have, perhaps, enhanced their ratings. But it is a misreading of the results, public support and the opposition combine of Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) of Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati respectively for the election 2019. They have reason to celebrate, but not so much. There are several reasons of such electoral reverses in India. One very important reason is that by elections are not taken seriously unless they can affect the survival of the government. There was no such threat either to the UP government of Yogi Adityanath or the Central government of Narendra Modi. Only 14 months remain before the general elections are called in India. The investment in such a by election is relatively high to the prospects of a full 5year term. The politicians are endowed with better commercial sense than the armed chair commentators of Delhi or Lucknow. Besides, local issues, caste and communal considerations and personal egos play their own roles. Neither ideology nor political sagacity are considerations of any significance. So, the excited opposition has nothing much to celebrate.

The media has grabbed the results after the shock received by them in the Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya results and has gone into overdrive to portray it as the sign of fulfilment of their dream of bringing back the Congress Party or another UPA kind of a Juggad (contraption) under the Congress Leadership and its leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Man Mohan Singh or even Rahul Gandhi so as to bring back the acche din for them. Their acche din depend on the BJP’s bure din. Hence, the war cry is to defeat the BJP in the 2019 general elections. They don’t bother about the congress having secured the 3rd or lower position in these by elections and losing even the security deposit of its candidates. In Tripura it failed to win even one seat. And the split formations of the UPA are busy selling dreams of defeating the BJP or dethroning Narendra Modi! For realizing their dream, they had implored even Pakistan in the past few months unabashedly to help them. They had banked on China also in the Doklam incident. The Parties eager to form such an alliance comprise the Congress Party, TMC, CPI, CP(M), SP, BSP, NCP, DMK and a few others.

They could not muster courage to even move a No Confidence Motion in the parliament against the Narendra Modi government in the last 47 months!

They are enthused by the recent political developments induced by the decision of one of the partners of the ruling NDA (National Democratic Alliance) of Narendra Modi. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader, Chandra Babu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh broke away under the flimsy pretext of his state having been betrayed and denied Special Status. The constitution does not permit it. The Prime Minister can’t act unconstitutional. Chandra Babu Naidu is a seasoned politician. He understands it but the local politics of Andhra Pradesh has dictated this unreasonable step. The compulsion has been thrust on him by his rival YSRCP, a party floated by the son of late YS Reddy who was the congress Party Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Jagan created ruckus in the parliament demanding Special Status for Andhra Pradesh and also gave notice of a No Confidence Motion. It left Chandra Babu Naidu with little manoeuvring room. Not acting faster than Jagan would have proved costly for him as he and his party would have been portrayed as indifferent to the interests of the state and power hungry. The power of propaganda can be judged from the steps even the seasoned politicians are compelled to take against overall public interest from the TDP decision to leave the NDA and the government by Chandra Babu Naidu. The opposition were waiting for a godsend since May 2014. Will the grapes turn sweet for the foxes? It is doubtful.

The people of India support Narendra Modi whole heartedly. They trust him. They approve his development agenda. They resent the attempts of the opposition parties to create and exploit communal divide. They are familiar with the conspiracies and schemes of the opposition parties. The youth has outsmarted the deadwood leading these parties. They have started hitting at journalists in TV studios trying to extract favourable opinion from them in absurd never-ending debates on subjects they have buried deep long ago. These journalist, in particular of the English language print and television segment, plaster expressions like “controversial” to provoke hatred among people on the basis of caste, creed, gender, language and region. They are quick to slam a Javed Usmani,Chief Information Commissioner of UP, for saying “Jai Shri Ram” in some meeting attended by the citizens and the high & mighty in UP for making a “controversial” statement and they slam Yogi Adityanath also for saying Jai Shri Ram and making a “controversial” statement. People want to know from our westernized journalists as to what is not a controversial statement? Let them tell the people whose Jai they say publicly without getting lashes for the crime of making a controversial statement?

Sad though it may be, the Opposition will not be able to harm Narendra Modi. If anything, the present political developments will garner him more public support and at least 315 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The opposition will try to stitch an alliance but has no acceptable leader or an agreed agenda or ideology. They are opposed to each other as strongly as they together are opposed to Narendra Modi. They are proceeding with a negative agenda whereas Narendra Modi is marching with an open positive agenda. They will engineer riots, lynching, award wapasi conventions, church burning video conferences, atrocities against SC/ST/Women, language strikes, sub-cultural agitations, beef-eating ceremonies, child rapes, sabotage power plants or rail lines, panic in schools and malls, verbal and physical acts of violence in TV studios, universities and factories, burning of crops, circulation of fake Indian currency, Maoist violence, desecration of statues and other acts as yet undisclosed in the next 14 months with regularity.

They will find it difficult to sell their gloomy and dark thoughts. They will not find many people to join their melancholia. People have already made necessary preparations to support Narendra Modi and his candidates in the next elections. By supporting Narendra Modi, the people are participating in their own development. They know the opposition is unhappy because the people are happy. Today, they don’t have to prostrate before the criminals controlling politics in India for small public services which are supposed to reach them as their right e.g. school admissions, hospital services, gas connection, foreign exchange release, driving licence, ration card, permissions required for starting business etc. Only 4 years ago they were priced, even leading to sexual harassment or exploitation. After all, corruption is the synonym of deficiency in service. All public services were crippled by corruption of the horrible kind. Some zealous alliance makers for the UPA kind are ruling in such environment. Tripura was subjected to denial of public services to all the residents- only the party cadres have rights in such reigns. Some other bigger states are a law unto themselves even today.

The people there are desperate for change but fear the ruling party. But in national elections, they don’t fear reprisals and cast their votes without fear. Their favourite for 2019 is Narendra Modi. He will go into election mode after the current session of the parliament ends. The foreign anti-India forces hoping to fish in the waters to be muddied by the Congress Party and its allies in the next 14 months would be better advised to keep off, else they will pay a very heavy price for their attempts to interfere in India’s internal affairs. Their cover of NGO is already torn apart. They would do better to try consciously to understand and imbibe the meaning and significance of the Mantra: Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti over any myopic ideas of any agenda of violent conflicts they might have so far entertained!

Any further attacks on Modi will only re-invigorate the ranks in the BJP and strengthen the hands of Prime Minister Modi. The BJP workers give their best in stressed situations. The opposition will make them active for the rest of the time till votes are cast in 2019. The country does not want the pre-2014 corrupt and dysfunctional government. They have seen the progress made in the last 4 years under Narendra Modi and they have decided to continue with him for another 5 years term!

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