Misdeeds of Cambridge Analytica

Commercialising every bit of knowledge is a sin, as much of it is acquired to render service to humanity. But corporate culture in the last 25 years has compromised all commercial integrity for a few million dollars.

The exposure of the CA (Cambridge Analytica) scandal should suffice. Such commercial entities were able to cloak themselves as technology companies so long as they were playing their scandalous games in developing countries, whether for influencing elections, governance, trade, economy, foreign policy, security, defence, public health, culture, religion or media.

But then, who knows where and when it will come to an end?

So, the manipulations of the Cambridge Analytica in French elections last year earned it enough brickbats.

Now its role in the US Presidential election 2016 is under investigation and is sure to tear the veneer of its ugly face and expose its dirty operations globally.

Readers of my articles on this site would remember that I have been sounding alarm bells from such companies working on contract against the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi since May 2014 itself.

The trophies that the prime minister had recently collected from unfamiliar electoral constituencies of Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland was simply indigestible for the opposition political parties, particularly the Congress Party.It was only expected that analytics, cloud, big data, social media, FB, Twitter etc. would be used, misused and abused to attack the prime minister from all sides and circulate fake news about his going on “back foot” and “no longer invincible”. Shamelessly fake, manufactured, invented, paid news and analysis!

Of course, these media and technology conmen think people have stopped using their brains and simply buy all the free stuff they throw before them!

The very fact that it all comes for free should alert people to its poor quality and invisible commercial motives to trap the readers to buy their silly notions and absurd conclusions meant to only mislead them.

For the information of all the Cambridge Analytica and Bloomberg, FB & Twitter, NYT & WP and dozens of foreign intelligence agencies involved in playing dirty with the 2019 Indian elections, Narendra Modi is the people’s choice and will be given the mandate to run the government.

It is no mean achievement of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi that no minister of his council has been charged of any misconduct in the last 46 months. It is because they are a team committed to serve the people of India.

What these analytics and election management contractors are doing for their masters is to build the image of a below average person as prime ministerial material. Nothing more can be more ludicrous than this!The Congress Party was removed from power on charges of horrendous corruption and a dysfunctional government suffering from policy paralysis and governance outsourced. They have learnt no lessons.

Do they think by engaging foreign companies like the Cambridge Analytica, FB, Twitter etc. they will win the election?

Their leader, whom they are desperately projecting as the next prime minister, is not appreciated by his party workers and is taken as someone thrust on them.

Their assessment is that the revival of the Congress Party under his presidency   is next to impossible.

The Congress Party has lost every election after he was projected as the president of the Congress Party: Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Assam, UP, Tripura, Meghalaya, Nagaland. The party candidates lost their security deposits in the 2 by elections in UP only a few days back but it is being portrayed as their victory voyeuristically because the BJP candidates lost the elections!

This is the service the CA, FB and other such Event Management Companies are rendering them- pumping their ego by some measure of the play of the Northern Lights so to say presenting Modi on the back foot and no more invincible. It is the kind of predictions astrologers are wont to make, for which they take credit only if the luck smiles on the client and blame him if bad luck strikes calling it the failure of the client to meticulously observe the rituals!

Foreign companies, keep your hands off the Indian election 2019 and all others between now and then. For otherwise you run the risk of loss of credibility, business and relations between your country and India, which you can’t afford, as it is a different world now.    

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