Save Democracy

The Congress Party has challenged India and its people. The people of India have been holding the judiciary in the highest esteem for all these years since 15th August 1947. The corrupt elements, the hooligans of Indian legal profession, the crooks of the political stream and the criminal politicians who have entered the high portals of the legislatures by dodging the voters in elections have mounted their most vicious attack on the Indian democracy. The voters must exercise their franchise with responsibility and extra care to save democracy.

Why should they care for state elections? They need to do so to stop the Congress Party and its alliance partners from stealing elections by dividing the people on local issues only to mask their dangerous design of impeding development work and remove a transparent government. For this they have no qualms of conscience to engage foreign operators, who are in the business of playing disruptive political games silently, like the Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, Twitter and several such platforms. They have no hesitation in seeking help from an enemy agency like the ISI of Pakistan. There are several such agencies operating in the region successfully for about 65 years who are eager to interfere in Indian democracy and have always looked for an opportunity for doing any dirty job for a hefty payment. They are known to the Indian intelligence establishment, which has shied away from sharing their details with the people for reasons best known to them, even as they are a  danger to peace, law & order, internal security, democracy and the economy. Since the people are not even aware of the enemies lurking around, it becomes the duty of every educated Indian to sensitize the voters about it. The vote in any state election is more valuable than even the Lok Sabha election as the MLAs elect the members to the Rajya Sabha. If the voter gets tricked into electing Congress candidates in the assembly elections, s/he unwittingly sends a bunch of anti-people members to the Rajya Sabha. The people have seen the stalling tactics of the Congress in the recent budget session on the strength of outnumbering the NDA in the Rajya Sabha. Whose loss it was? Obviously, the people lost because the functioning of the Rajya Sabha was paralysed. Should the voters allow the Congress Party and its alliance partners the power to repeat it? No, not at any cost because it was nothing short of murder of democracy and its working as mandated by the Constitution of India. The Congress and its allying parties have no faith in the constitution, as they have repeatedly violated  the provisions of the constitution and democratic norms, conventions and values.

Today, the 20th April 2018, the Congress Party has exhibited its true colours by moving a motion of impeachment against the Chief Justice of India! First, it tried to secure a judgement in its favour in the frivolous Judge Loya case. The pressure tactics included a strong rumour campaign to impeach the CJI, whose Bench was hearing the case. In their dirty effort, they enlisted the support of 4 senior most judges of the Supreme Court who held a presser in January this year to insinuate that the CJI was not acting as per their advice. They invented that strange mechanism of a press conference to dictate to the CJI their silly order. The Chief Justice is the Chief Justice and others are simply Justice. Had it not meant any difference in the two, the framers of the Indian constitution would not have laboured to designate one as the CJI and others simply Justice. It has been propagated as the revolt by the senior most judges but is gross indiscipline by senior judges who have failed the test of devotion to duty and forfeited the trust of the people in the judiciary. The judiciary can’t be ordered by a bunch of hooligans of the legal profession under threat of impeachment. It was such a naked threat from one of the politician lawyers to ask the CJI to postpone hearing of the Ayodhya case to July 2019. The CJI refused to take orders. The Congress Party has chosen to defy all logic, good sense and norms by filing the Impeachment motion. They know that it is unlikely to be admitted. So, they have simultaneously issued the threat that they have other means to enforce it if it is not admitted. What are these other ways? Disturbing Law & order? Engineering riots? Street fights? Or physical harm to the CJI? What does the Congress threat mean? Such an agenda of the Congress Party and its allies is most despicable. If the voters don’t teach them a good lesson starting right from the Karnataka Assembly elections, there will be neither the Rule of Law nor Independence of the Judiciary resulting in denial of justice to them. The Congress Party can’t be allowed to hijack the administration of justice. Neither can Justice be mortgaged to the Congress Party or their allies, especially the Communists. India is a free country. Its judiciary is independent. Its people are wiser than what the Congress leaders tried to say while telling lies about the Chief Justice of India and the Supreme Court in the media today. The voters will set them right and administer lessons in democratic values to them.


Voters of Karnataka, you have to give the lead as you enjoy the reputation of being the Silicon Valley of India- euphemism for the highly educated Kannadigas. You have only this chance to save democracy from the deadly attack from the congress and its allies. Voters of India save democracy. The Congress has been trying to destroy democracy and bring in its place the doctrine of the Divine Right of the Monarchy i.e. Dynasty. There are too many dynasties in independent India which seek to revive the feudalism of pre-1950 era. It serves their interests at the cost of the people. You have suffered torture of the Congress during the Black Emergency for 21 months. You have suffered the most corrupt Congress rule for 120 months under the UPA I & II. They are seeking your vote to repeat all these misdeeds so that you don’t get another opportunity to exercise your vote. Don’t throw away your vote- your power to elect them as MLAs & MPs. Democracy alone can serve you. So, every voter has to make personal contribution to make it strong and functioning transparently. For this, voters must decisively defeat the Congress and all those 7 parties that have joined them to attack the Supreme Court and its icon the Chief Justice Of India.

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