Mini Articles

I have been working on the manuscript of my book for the past few weeks and could not devote time to Vaaniyog as much as I should have. However, significant developments during this period were covered in mini-articles published on the popular website

I would like to share them with my readers.

The UN Alone Guilty

It is a proof of the utter failure of the UNO as an institution that it has failed in 70 years to settle India’s complaint against Pakistan on Kashmir. It means the UN has no respect for international law, human rights and issues concerning member countries. How many years it took the USA to settle Saddam Hussein (Iraq) issue or Afghanistan? The UN HR Commissioner has perhaps appreciated human rights violations in those two countries! The member country that has shown the highest respect for international law, practices non-violence as state policy, contributes to the UN Peace Keeping Missions by way of man and material is shamelessly accused of violation of human rights in Kashmir. Is it a joke? The UN High Commissioner for HR or other agencies have promoted human rights violations in Kashmir by refusing to condemn Pakistan for sponsoring terrorist activities, funding and providing military cover to it to violate human rights of the people on a daily basis. There is vested interest of the HR commission of the UN as non-solution of the problem keeps their hugely paying jobs safe and guarantees tax-free huge pension. They should pay for the time wasted by students since 1948 to read all the muck produced by them on the topic. The UN must apologise to the people of India for the deaths of innocent civilians and armed forces personnel killed in Kashmir due to its inaction, inertia and procrastination to decide an open and shut case. It should tell India that it is unable to do anything on its complaint pending with it. The moral of the story: never lodge a complaint with the UNO but decide it by the power of the sword.

WIC 19/6/18

Epic Problems & epic solutions

Watching for long the administrative one act play in Delhi and enjoying the silence of Pitahmah, Kripacharya, Drona and chiefs of different services ruling over the aam aadmi of the Majestic Hastinapur. Only two guys have dared to open their mouth on the disrobing of the Divya Janma (hope the UPSC is reading this post): one is a Sutputra, stands against but the other whose parentage is not known as he has made a lateral entry into the court, is not bothered about the disrobing as for him she is a society woman. By the time his parentage gets revealed, Hastinapur is gone! Some neighbouring potentates came visiting to extend support to the court only to see if they stood any chance to take over Hastinapur. But made a hasty retreat when they realized same trouble back home as they have done greater harm to their empire than Hastinapur and were spared of Narad Muni’s media attention out of fear for reprisal as the journalists could simply be jailed by the Yuvraj, who is the real Speaker and is a law unto himself. The issue is: Does India want an honest system? Honesty demands courage of conviction and boldness, respect for the law and not the man or woman, transparency and prompt delivery of service and justice. Honesty has been compared by poets to a young beautiful girl who needs security 24×7. Hastinapur or Indraprastha or their proud majesties of the firmament don’t promise that. There is no law against disrobing, they argue. What is wrong for Hastinapur is wrong for the neighbouring potentates. Are they agreeable to clean and honest people friendly governance?

WIC 27/6/18

Emergency: Insolence Unlimited

Those who advised and those who acted on that criminal advice to impose Emergency on India were grossly mistaken to take the giant nation and its people for granted. They foolishly thought it a child’s play to take over the country by doing the unthinkable. Except for criminal breach of trust, it was a costly exercise for them. The people of India proved it that it was not so easy to take over a giant nation like India without a real war. The slyness of the East India Company or the agents of the international mafia post WW-II were inadequate to capture a mighty people like India. They succeeded in damaging all institutions but failed to destroy India. India emerged a stronger people at the end of a real war in which bullets and batons were freely used by the enemy against the innocent unarmed people of India, who chose to use non-violence as weapon once again. The British left India after told to quit, but the agents of the enemy stayed back, made an unsuccessful attempt to govern by taking control of the Prime Minister and regulating all institutions to serve their interest, which were anti-people, anti-India, ant-nation. Over time they acquired status, property and power by playing politics. They kept playing politics till A.B.Vajpayee threw a spanner in their plans and posed a threat to them. They devised strategy to remove Vajpayee and succeeded too in 2004. The enemy went full throttle once again to damage and destroy India. They exhibited the same insolence once again to prove the point that democracy, constitution, prime minister are bogus ideas and the real power lies in their hands. They ran a government by an un-elected prime minister for full 10 years. They destroyed the administrative culture of India. They injected criminal disregard for public service. They commercialized every single activity covered by the word government. There was no check on these offenders. The Rule of Law was effectively replaced by Rule of the Politician. The Goonda Act was passed in many states. Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act was legislated. Crimes went up. Politicians sought refuge behind coinages like “criminalization of politics”. The enemy is up against Prime Minister Narendra Modi this time because they view him as stronger willed than Indira Gandhi and popular with the people Of India. They are actually against a strong India. In Narendra Modi they see a very successful prime minister who will take India to newer heights if he succeeds in getting a second term. They are prepared to go to any extent. Increase in threat perception to Prime Minister Narendra Modi is real. Who killed Indira Gandhi? Her trusted guards. The PM has to watch his own security in addition to the SOP. There is danger even to some prominent political, film or literary figure whose assassination can trigger widespread riots or sympathy wave. Unfortunately, the people don’t realize the danger and what is at stake: democracy, freedom, economy, security, food supply & distribution and consequential law & order situation. It is the responsibility of each Indian to protect public interest. If they think their interests are safest in the hands of Narendra Modi, they should come out strongly in his support before the enemy mounts another strike or be prepared to suffer damage and destruction of the country as during the Emergency and 2004-14.

Notice: The book is likely to be sent to the press in the next few weeks. I shall notify my esteemed readers.

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