My New Book “Will Narendra Modi Win Election 2019?” Is Now Available for Purchase

Indian Election in 2019 will be watched very keenly globally – like the American President’s Election in 2016 – and fought fiercely as stakes are really very high. It will decide if the Transparency Revolution initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi wins or the scamsters; if democracy survives or dynasticism; if India becomes a real superpower fast or remains a poor country for several decades more.

The people know the facts. Media being owned by powerful business houses can’t be expected to act fair, neutral or unbiased. Even if some brilliant journalists of the highest integrity decided to provide a fair coverage or analysis, lobbies of vested interests would not allow them to hold sway and would sell whatever serves their agenda and business. In such a situation, books alone will provide the readers with dependable information and analysis worth the value for their time and money.

My new book fulfils that requirement.

Readers of the book will find the answer to the question whether the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will win a second term in election 2019.

Available on Amazon worldwide in both Paperback as well as Kindle.

Will Narendra Modi Win Election 2019

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