Riot In the CBI –an Attempt To Paralyze Governance

Vilification campaigns, hate campaigns, lying, mocking, abuse, verbal violence on a daily basis failed the Congress Party in particular and its handlers from foreign lands in harming Prime Minister Narendra Modi significantly in the four successful years of his term. They tried to pull him down but he gained in stature; they tried to manufacture corruption charge but he put them on the mat by clean and transparent transaction of government business in contrast with the corruption of the UPA-I & II kind; they abused him in the meanest terms, fouling language, betraying lack of good upbringing and rotten feudal attitude but Modi kept smiling at their frailties and kept his composure; they tried to paralyze the functioning of the parliament and suffered double frustration.

Their handlers or sutradhar jumped into the political fray in Gujarat and other states, made few religious leaders of minority in India (but majority in the world) make silly comments to influence elections and suffered ignominious defeat. But nothing succeeded according to their agenda. To their greater frustration and misfortune, time was running out. If something drastic was not done to effectively and visibly paralyze the government, nobody would be able to “stop/block/defeat” Narendra Modi in the Election 2019.

They forged, rather fancied to forge, a Grand Alliance called Mahagathbandhan (MG) of parties opposed to Narendra Modi. They didn’t know for certain who actually is opposed Narendra Modi as they were well known to be opposed to themselves in equal or greater measure. Their hopes lay in the principle that  “enemies of the enemy are natural friends”. They fight each other politically and on the street too. They contest elections and call it “friendly contest” though elections are fought only to win. The loser never likes the victorious, who assumes airs the moment s/he is declared the winner.

As even the attempted GA (Grand Alliance) did not materialize, the agenda to paralyze the government was put into action. The goal was to prove that the paralysis suffered by the Congress led UPA-I & II under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh merely put governance under “suspended animation” but the Modi government went into coma even before completing its first term. They could, then, ask the people not to vote for Narendra Modi but Manmohan Singh or his leader Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi is given the (dis)credit for a stillborn baby called the GA/MG.


The first assault came in the form of stalling legislative work in the upper house of parliament (Rajya Sabha), using the majority of the opposition in the house. In spite of such methods, which go against the very spirit of the constitution of India and democracy, the government was able to get important Bills passed by the Rajya Sabha, as the Congress alone did not control the house. The floor managers of the treasury benches made successful efforts and got the Bills passed. In the Lok Sabha (Lower House or the House of the People) the government enjoys majority, which restricted the Congress activities to stall normal functioning of the house. After failing to exploit the Rajya Sabha situation, the next series of assaults was mounted. It started with attack on the Supreme Court Of India.

In January itself, a group of four judges of the supreme court went into an unconventional mode to attack, in a press conference of some chosen journalists and lawyers, the incumbent Chief Justice of India. It was the most pernicious assault on the Indian Republic, democracy and constitutional institutions. In the name of science and technology, modernity destroyed faith in God. In India, secularism is for the Hindus, called majority, but not for the so-called minorities, who practice the most fundamental kind of religion even as they are part of the majority religions of the world. The Hindus in India adapted democracy and reposed full faith in the constitution of India. For them, the Supreme Court is like a temple. For the so-called minorities, that may not be the case. Therefore, the enemies of India mounted one of the most vicious attack on this temple. The four judges, whether on their own or under the obnoxious influence of the enemies operating through their Indian agents among politicians, public figures, intellectuals, lawyers, judges and journalists, did something terrible to destroy that public faith in the Indian Supreme Court- the symbol of Justice. They levelled superficial charges against CJI Dipak Misra in the presser in public bringing down the majesty of law and justice as represented by the Supreme Court of India and the CJI. They have not so far regretted their actions of sudden loss of wisdom- they are always addressed as Ld. (standing for learned). That act hardly exhibited any learnedness. They justified their act by saying they had approached the people’s court. The verdict was that it was a highly irresponsible act and the judges should refrain from doing any judicial work till retirement.

CJI Dipak Misra could not be harmed. The enemies of the people burnt their fingers only. However, they refused to back off. The Congress party tried to impeach CJI Dipak Misra and licked dust. Having failed to intimidate the judges of the supreme court and manipulate court cases, the desperate enemies looked for another institution to target.

The intolerance to corruption shown by the Modi government was becoming unbearable for the adherents of the parallel government and parallel economy, which were severely affected by the change of government in 2014 and a man like Narendra Modi entering the office of the prime minister of India. They could not live without that eco system. Their operatives ran away to foreign countries. They did their best the provide protection to them in those countries. They had tried their best to delay action against them. After failing in the supreme court, they came down to the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) and ED (Enforcement Directorate).

These two institutions were pursuing cases against fugitive economic offenders and the government put on the statue book harsh and strict laws which could not save them. The Congress questioned the government on how could the economic offenders leave the country without someone in the government colluding with them. The Congress president Rahul Gandhi has been betraying his lack of facts by taking the names of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. He behaves like the proverbial frog in the well comparing it with the ocean!

In a shrewd attempt to defame the government, this time the institution of the CBI has been targeted. The Special Director of the CBI was charged by the Director of corruption and divested of his official work. A deputy in his unit was arrested. The Special Director had earlier complained to the government and the CVC (Central Vigilance Commission) about the acts of corruption of the Director. Since the special director, an IPS officer, is borne on the Gujarat Cadre, the target was Narendra Modi personally, as his posting in the CBI was cleared by the government headed by Modi. It would not have taken more than a minute to discipline the fighting Indian Police Service officers in the highest rank of Director and Special Director, but the Supreme Court had made the institution autonomous and appointment to these positions is no more in the hands of the government. It is another issue as to how far such a method can work swiftly in such riotous situations. But the responsibility of any government is to put down firmly any such ugly development before it assumes such horrible proportion of the two making mockery of a high public office, statutory powers and public money by invoking Article 310 of the Constitution of India (Doctrine of Pleasure of the President). The government belatedly acted after the CVC recommended action against more than a dozen officers in the CBI including both the Director and the Special Director and sent them on forced leave and transferring others. The Director as also the Special Director have approached the court and are likely to learn a few lessons in public service under the law of the land. Autonomy is neither autocracy nor independence.

The government acted, but not as swiftly as it should have done. It has been handicapped by the mandate of the supreme court. This writ of the supreme court as also the SR Bommai case has created situations making the government weaker over the last few decades. If it is welcomed by the people, it is because of criminalization of politics. The people believe that the court will continue to function honest, fair and just.

Why has the CBI been targeted? In courts, costly lawyers act as thespians to get another date when they appear to be losing the case. If chaos is created in the CBI, ED and similar other “sensitive” agencies, the fugitive economic offenders can gain by escaping the law fully or if the change of government brings to office a friendly government to save them the guillotine. The government will take time to find good officers to replace the delinquent ones. Indiscipline in civil services is a cause of real worry. The fight between the Director and the Special Director or their subordinates opens the Pandora box of civil services corruption. In my book “Will Narendra Modi Win Election 2019?” (buy from Amazon) I have dealt with the subject in some details. The question raised by the Congress Party as to how offenders like Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi or Mehul Choksi were able to milk the Public Sector Banks of billions of rupee loans and escape without the law enforcement agencies getting the wind of it, I have mentioned that the corruption under governments in the past had spread far and wide which is taken for granted by the public and accepted by the politicians privately. Nothing moves without bribes. Under the UPA-I & II it was institutionalized by auctioning most “sensitive” public offices, including lower ranks. Indiscipline was actively promoted as the sanctity of official hierarchy and files was destroyed when oral orders became the normal rather than exceptional practice in transacting government business. Ministers were getting direct orders from unconstitutional centres of power set up by the parallel government and officers were given oral orders. To illustrate the point: an inspector in the CBI would get direct orders from the source and was made comfortable to communicate developments directly to the source without informing the supervisor.

Unlawful actions were taken by top officers without keeping any record. Government interests were compromised in courts, lawyers were given weak briefs, appeals not permitted. If ever a movement in the genre of #Me Too were to start, it will name and shame the corrupt, criminal and characterless of the parallel government in thousands. With such level of corruption in services, can a Narendra Modi achieve eradication of corruption? As I have put it succinctly in my book, Modi had to choose between the two: to launch a constructive agenda or invest the whole 5 years’ period in chasing the corrupt of the decades mal-governance? It was very wise on his part to pursue a constructive agenda and allow the law to take its own course in corruption cases. He has served the people well and the culprits are on the run.

Government of India is a rich pool of talent which can step in to restore law and order in the country and provide exemplary administration. The enemy bought into bogus claims of a desperate opposition paralyzing the Modi government by creating rumpus in the CBI. It will not help their economic offender friends on the run nor allow them to make any political gain.

What next? Till May 2019 it is expected that a series of attacks will be mounted to harm the government and the prime minister. The challenges before the government are many. While they go on implementing their decisions, they need to be alert of the marauders. Since Narendra Modi has changed the direction of the wind in India, he needs to be alert to the challenges in the next few months. My first book  “Narendra Modi Changing Direction of the Wind and Challenges Ahead” (available on Amazon) had covered issues on the subject in detail. I would not be surprised if some senior officer(s) is bought, blackmailed or indoctrinated by the enemy to make false accusations against the Prime Minister personally. The reason is that he is an icon, the vote catcher for the party and a very popular leader. His image threatens the existence of political parties like the Congress Party, Trinamool Congress and dozens of other parties carrying the insignia of “congress”, communists of all name and forms (CPI/CPM etc.) and other opposition parties. The enemy is exploiting this situation but these parties playing into the hands of the enemies don’t understand. Willingly or unwillingly, Narendra Modi has to draw the sword for the real bloody battle ahead. In great battles like the Mahabharat, no one can remain inert. Whosoever fights and strikes first and fights to the end, emerges victorious. Worth watching like Barbarik?

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