Congress Love for CBI Director Verma

The Congress Party’s sudden love for Alok Verma and hatred for Rakesh Asthana might be confusing people who don’t know the machinations of Lootyens’ Delhi. The reason for hate of Asthana emanates from his cadre: Gujarat. By insinuation, the Congress considers him a “loyalist” of Narendra Modi. Unless one knows the nuance of “loyal” in Lootyens’ Delhi, one can’t have the real feel of its significance. It is better to contrast this hatred with love for Alok Verma. Were Asthana loyal to the Congress, he would not have been their hate object but blue-eyed boy, which they allege him to be that of Narendra Modi. Alok Verma, on the contrary is an AGMUT cadre (i.e. Arunachal, Goa, Manipur, Delhi Union territory) officer. The Congress ruled Delhi for 15 years and Ms Sheila Dixit was the Chief Minister. No AGMUT cadre officer could secure a Delhi posting and promotion without passing a strict loyalty test to the Congress.

The Home Ministry is the cadre authority for IAS/IPS of the UT cadre. The UPA ruled the centre from 2004 to 2014 and Chidambaram was the Home Minister/Finance minister during that period. Verma looks to be “in touch” with the Congress, thinking that they are coming back to power in 2019. Even if the Congress fails to come to power, it can help Verma in many other ways e.g. nominating him to the Rajya Sabha or Chairman of one of the many Foundations run by the Congress in the name of the 6 generations of Pt. Moti Lal Nehru, father of Jawaharlal Nehru.

The Congress looks after their loyalists, but the BJP of Narendra Modi does not. That is why even 4 former ministers of the Vajpayee government are sulking and throwing tantrums whenever opportunity  arises such as the CBI fracas. Their activities are anti people, anti-national and of course, anti-BJP. Still they can’t be punished. It is better Narendra Modi does not get distracted by their activities, as the enemy is continuously shooting from the shoulders of judges, lawyers, journalists and politicians of major political parties of India.

Cleansing operation are needed the world over, but Narendra Modi is setting bad (!!!) example for leaders of those countries. They treat domestic ease of doing business differently from doing it abroad. Corruption for developing countries is hardly corruption for them. But when Mallyas, Niravs and Mehuls are brought to justice, it raises their hackles!

Alok Verma is a product of St Stephens college Delhi, the same college where Shiela Dixit’s son also studied. He is the one congressman who took pride in calling the Chief of the Indian Army a ‘’sadak ka gunda”, besides regular barrage of invectives against Narendra Modi. If any insinuation is justified, it goes to Verma as the Congress’ blue-eyed boy. Unless it were so, Verma would not have acted so irresponsible.

As far as the two years’ tenure is concerned, it gives no sanction to the incumbent to act arbitrary, whimsical, illegal, vindictive, immoral, corrupt or criminal. Remember that a government servant is required to maintain absolute integrity at all time. Whosoever, high or low, comes under cloud for corruption, loses the halo of a public servant and robs himself/herself of the status and privilege attached to that office, including protection of Article 310 of the constitution. If the incumbent suffers from any of these disqualifications, s/he can be subjected to Civil Services conduct rules and disciplined. CBI Director Alok Verma exceeded his remit and considered himself above the law.

It is time for the judiciary to revisit their orders on the subject. No corrupt officer should be entrusted such a sensitive position. S/he can destroy careers, harm public interest, compromise national security and destroy the very institution s/he is entrusted to run as mandated by law. Verma has belied expectations of fair and just public service. He is guilty of breaching the trust of the supreme court of India and must suffer its consequences.

His personal security guards from the Delhi police have roughed up IB (Intelligence Bureau) officials on official duty on the road outside Verma’s house where the authority of neither Verma nor the security officers extends. Unfortunately, Indian bureaucracy and political class has created an ugly feudal order in the country in the last 72 years. What a journey from the Dholpur House to the CBI House? One is located on Shahjahan road, the other on the Janpath! The area has the remnants of the days of the Maharajas and Rajas, carrying titles of HH or HEH (His Highness & His Exalted Highness) who were asked by the British Hukumat (government) to build a House in the nature of Embassy around India Gate. That is how The Hyderabad House, Jaipur House and Dholpur House came into existence. I mentioned the Dholpur House because now it is occupied by the Union Public Service Commission, which makes recruitments to the Civil Services, including the IPS to which Verma belongs. There was no CBI House till 15th August 1947. The new Feudal Lords have descended thereafter and created the illusion of the days of the Raj. Promising the public (Janata) equality and justice, they named the prominent road in the area as Janpath or public road. What a symbol of democracy this CBI House on the Janpath? Speaks volumes of the mindset of our public servants and public authority!

The Congress and other opposition leaders are surprised that the orders were passed and implemented after midnight. What is so surprising about it when a government servant is on duty 24×7. The lawyers of the Congress party who are raising such frivolous objection to midnight raid forget that they have repeatedly forced their select cases on the Hon’ Judges of the Supreme Court at midnight and made the court work till dawn! What is fair to Congress should also be fair to the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

What has the CBI Director Alok Verma achieved by making a mess of such a high institution, his own reputation and standing? He petitioned the Supreme Court against the order of forced leave. The court did not grant stay on 26th October. Instead, the court has directed the CVC to complete the inquiry in the charges of corruption against him within 2 weeks. Even if Verma comes out clean after the inquiry, he has already courted disgrace and if he is found guilty he is sure to get punishment he has not even imagined. The charges are serious and many other personnel are bound to be affected.

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