The Sardar Patel Statue

The Sardar Patel Statue, called the Statue of Unity, is the world’s tallest.

It has cost Rs. 3000 Crore.

As is the fashion, all kinds of silly comments are being made out of sheer ignorance.

How much would be the cost of advertising India globally- all member countries of the United Nations Organization? The critics have no idea. Will it not attract tourists from these countries? It is slated to be among the biggest tourist spots in India. It will familiarize the global community with the real India as contrasted with the propaganda driven colonial media that still lives under the illusion of superiority.

Even domestic tourists will find it an enriching experience. The millennials may not even be familiar with the princely states of India. They may not find the history chapter interesting enough to hold their attention. But they need to know the details, because India has witnessed tremendous turns in a short span of just 71 years. The democracy they take for granted is a fruit of struggle and labour of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and his illustrious team. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (popularly called Sardar Patel or just The Sardar)  was one of them. It goes to his credit that we see one India today.

Unless one understands the history and geography of India up to 15th August 1947 one can’t have any idea about the difficulty faced by leaders in forging one India out of so many small claimants to Azadi (that which the Tukde-Tukde gang has been propagating from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi).

Had Sardar Patel not been there, India would have been fighting more than one internal security problems like she is doing in Kashmir.

Had Sardar Patel been able to take the decision on Kashmir, there would have been no problem at all.

Neither Pakistani armed forces would have succeeded in entering the state nor occupy a part of it nor any terrorism in J&K could have sprouted.

History will judge it objectively, neutrally and honestly instead of the present commissioned history.

But Sardar Patel did not allow repeat of Kashmir anywhere else in India. That was his biggest success.

That didn’t happen easily. Indians need to know their history more closely. It is easy to teach European history to Indian students as the labour has been done by Europeans. Preparing Indian history material for higher education is labourious, time consuming and not so rewarding.

Those who show any disrespect to Sardar Patel out of political compulsions or utter ignorance, do injustice to themselves, for foreign scholars do not compromise intellectual honesty and do their research as genuine scholars. They understand Sardar Patel more than Indian scholars and university teachers, who very often tend to be politically correct rather than honest.

In the last one week, no media coverage has given the correct figure of the Indian Princely States, which The Sardar succeeded in persuading to accede to the Union of India.

The rule in those states was distinct from the British territories.

The gene pool of these geographies is a study in anthropology and much more. It has been clubbed under the category of diversity.

It was no simple job to unite or integrate these diverse people in to an unknown entity called the Union of India.

Many held out threats to shoot Sardar Patel but not accede at any cost.

Those were no hollow threats- they were capable of executing their threats and even had the law on their side.

How many noise makers know that the British Government had given these Princes (Maharaja, Raja, Nawab etc.) the right to accede to either India, Pakistan or remain independent?

Transfer of power had not taken place fully.

Things could have gone wrong just like in Kashmir.

Had Sardar Patel not displayed leadership, statesmanship, determination and ingenuity, the map of India would have been different today.

Since such a united and well integrated nation is not to the liking of the vested international and national religious, political and economic groups who want to see a Tukde-Tukde India, they are dead opposed to celebrating Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. All the more important that the millennials learn about the genuine history and geography of India.

As the Tukde-Tukde (piece by piece) gangs target Sardar Patel, they also attack Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, because he not only follows the Sardar but has proved to be equally resolute, determined and dedicated to the nation.

We did not even understand the real meaning and significance of words like unity or integrity. Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, exposed the occupants of the dais in a function by asking them to tell her the difference between the two words. She was shocked at the silence and embarrassment on their VVIP faces!

The ordinary people’s understanding of these words can only be imagined.

India needs many more Sardar Patels to build a very strong nation and a superpower.

The world needs peace and India has to contribute significantly by standing tall, symbolized by the 182 metres tall statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, named as the statue of unity, in Narmada (Gujarat).

Gujarat is a very popular tourist destination for much more also. Touring is the modern pilgrimage for integrating the past with the present, tradition with modernity, conventional with innovative.

The Government of India must exhibit all the documents in the custody of the Department of State. It does not exist anymore! Because it is not considered an ATM Department like economic departments and demands too much reading and application of mind. Bureaucrats don’t waste their precious time on such matters. But true history of India lies buried therein only!

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