Who Won Who Lost?

In the state assembly elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh(MP) and Chhattisgarh, the prime minister’s party has suffered defeat and the Congress has emerged victorious. That is the result declared on 11th December 2018.

Analysts have interpreted the results in their own way. However, serious analysis needs to be done on one issue: who won, who lost.

In my book titled “Narendra Modi. Changing Direction of the Wind and Challenges Ahead (published June 2016 and available on Amazon as well as Kindle), I have devoted one chapter on the drag that would exercise a strong pull on the development oriented Narendra Modi by his followers, who have remained in the time warp for various reasons such as cultural (chapter 14 ‘Drag & Lift For Prime Minister Modi’, Part-II Election And After).

They are addressed as the Hindi Belt sarcastically, something like the Bimaru(sick) States tag till economic progress in those states rubbished that description. To understand this conundrum, one would need background studies in the difference of people from feudal India and the British Indian territories before 1947 and what constitutes India, that is, Bharat.

While India has made progress, Bharat has remained backward in social, economic, political, scientific, cultural, religious and other fields comparatively.

That explains the secular divide in India. The Bharat is vulnerable to “caste” exploitation, manoeuvring and manipulation. Whichever political party is capable of successfully exploiting the caste combinations in Bharat, ends up scoring a victory.

Same happens to be the case with minority and majority rhetoric. While the minority leaders appeal on communal lines for votes openly, the majority is branded communal if it makes the same appeal on religious lines.

So, all brands of self-proclaimed secular party/leaders cross all limits of constitutional rectitude in wooing the minorities by promising everything that should normally be available to all Indians e.g. education, health, employment, livelihood, security, welfare measures etc.

The framers of the constitution kept the welfare of all Indians in mind but these secular brigades have destroyed the Constitution of India- today’s constitution of India is not what it was solemnly put down in black and white.

Had the amendments carried out so far been put in the original draft of the constitution, it could not have been passed. Many of these amendments have changed the basic structure that was the “solemnly resolved” constitution of the collective will of the people of India.

Today’s constitution has created permanent caste, creed and language divisions to which individuals, groups of people and different sections of society identify with pride. They keep this pride above the national pride.

Today the constitution of India is anti-majority, without the majority having been defined anywhere. For this reason, it has ended up strengthening the social, caste, religious, economic, political, cultural divide exacerbating the fault-lines.

Take the case of Rajasthan. The BJP lost the election and the Congress won, but the caste complexity has held up the decision on the Chief Minister.

In Madhya Pradesh again, the announcement of the chief minister is delayed because of the rival camps within the party.

In Chhattisgarh, it is decisive victory but the announcement of the chief minister is delayed there too.

The result in Chhattisgarh needs to be scrutinised for the alliance of the Maoists (extremists called Naxalites) and the Congress Party lawyers and Delhi based “urban Naxalites”, who had fought the court cases of the suspect Naxal leaders in the Bhima Kore Gaon violence in Maharashtra.

Seeing the results as rejection of the policies of Modi led NDA government would be erroneous. Same would apply to the fundamental reforms like the demonetisation and GST. The farmers have been benefited more than ever. Prices have remained under control. Corruption in the Central government has been checked largely. Middlemen, like Quattrocchi, Michel or others have been rendered ineffectual. So, the policies of the Modi government have been successful and the people support Narendra Modi.

The loss of these three states is due to local factors, corruption at local level notwithstanding.

The Congress has lost the other two states- Telengana and Mizoram.

The Congress succeeded in these three states in the Hindi belt by mass bribing by promising waiver of loans to the farmers in 10 days or unemployment dole of rupees 10,000 per month or excessively high minimum support price (MSP).

The congress mounted a propaganda, which was not checked effectively. The media supported it.

Foreign supervision and guidance benefited the congress party. One day, these foreign powers will be exposed, like the Cambridge Analytica.

Actually, this was no victory for the congress nor was it a loss to prime minister Modi.

The one who really lost remains yet unidentified as analysts  are overwhelmed by the success of the opposition unity in checking the rise of Narendra Modi and their wish fulfilment of defeating Modi in 2019.

Who is this unidentified entity? The answer is the RSS.

It was the defeat of the RSS, which has been trying alternatives of Narendra Modi and keeping him under check (think of alternatives like Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Dr. Raman Singh or Yogi Adityanath or someone behind the screen) and this will be clear.

The bulk of the RSS (BJP draws its members from the RSS, which also manages its election campaigns) belong to Bharat and refuse to change according to modern democratic political needs, scientific developments and technological advancement and global economic or trade matters. I seek to use Patanjali as a metaphor to illustrate my point. The Patanjali “toothpaste, skin care products” etc. are “imitations” without original research, product development, marketing techniques etc. On top of it, it talks of unworkable ideas of exclusivity in modern world e.g. self-reliance versus foreign though it has neither the knowhow even for packaging or production, storage or warehousing, handling or shelf-life and yet demands the consumers make a preferential choice for its products.

This gap makes all the difference. While Bharat is engaged on the never to conclude debate about corruption, India helps Vijaya Mallya, Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi, Christian Michel and scores of their ilk to make windfall gains in violation of every financial rule and rushes to rescue them if a Narendra Modi acts stubborn to haul them on the coals!

India can’t and shouldn’t go back to the ancient times, howsoever glorious they might have been. In fact, we should thankfully acknowledge the contribution of the foreign scholars, who have worked hard on our scholarly treasures and put them in print and electronic form for the benefit of everybody. They have given us not only “tooth paste or skin care products’ but

Computers, mobile phone, satellites and internet- many of them our original ideas and contributions to human society. Without interaction and cooperation India does not stand to gain.

Attempts within the BJP and its affiliates to keep Modi under control are futile. The people voted Modi, as I had stated in my book: Narendra Modi Changing Direction of the Wind and Challenges Ahead. They too should understand this difference. Instead of actually indulging or getting blamed for atrocities on any helpless individual or drumming untimely demand for legislation on the temple issue, they should give Modi full freedom to carry on his development agenda.

It is suicidal to squander the brand Modi development agenda for any religious brand.

Since the ranks don’t realise the significance and one-track mind leaders spoil the show by shooting their mouth out of turn, Modi should take charge of the situation. These irresponsible elements must have learnt their lessons by losing the three big states and burning their fingers, it is time for action.

Modi started with a very hostile press and TV media. His successful four years brought a slight change in their attitude. The results in Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh have given them hope to celebrate their old benefactors.

Narendra Modi is on the right path so far. He need not succumb to populist seductions. It is not a question of Modi but India. The country has seen the result of the hungry wolves of the Congress feasting on the exchequer in 10 years of the UPA rule and would not support their re-induction UNLESS the Prime Minister or the BJP or the RSS commit hara-kiri.

The level of public discourse and language should be superior to the opposition.

Modi is lucky that the trouble making loose cannons in the party causing damage to his and the government’s image will be chastised by the results in Rajasthan, M.P. & Chhattisgarh.

He is also lucky that the Congress will be exposed in the next 6 months as corruption and Congress are synonyms. The Congress people start abusing power even before they actually enter office and possess the experience and skills to do so. In contrast, Modi has been slow and even reluctant to punish the guilty till things started looking seriously ill like the CBI or Mehul Choksi of Geetanjali or Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya. The Congress fellows do all sorts of wrongs openly, make no bones about it but have the capability to justify everything like a good lawyer.

The time before Election 2019 will provide opportunities for them to make news of the old kind and the voters their view. The faction fight in the Congress on naming the Chief Ministers and delay in making it public for over 24 hours is a sign of it. The Congress is hungry for “power” but Narendra Modi stands for “service”.

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