Rising of the Dead from the Grave

Long dead ideologies are raring for a fight. Communism is long dead in India. The communists have betrayed the youth of India in the name of “revolution”. The decades of the 1950s though 1970s caused the worst damage to the college student of those days. India was not yet as corrupt or cunning as it has become now. For the educated and the educating youth, communist ideology was an unavoidable attraction. The economic conditions were raison detat for the charm of revolution that held out promise of equitable distribution of wealth etc. along with other pieces of attractive left jargon.

Revolution seemed to be just about to take place.

The revolution didn’t take place but the destiny of a handful of leaders certainly underwent revolutionary transformation. They enjoyed all the fruits of capitalism that “democracy” offered to Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assemblies, Ministers, Chairmen/Chairwomen etc. with privileges not less than those from the rightist (?) parties, Congress and all non-leftist parties included in that description.

While the strict party discipline compelled them to maintain a saintly exterior, exercise of powers of governments as in Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura gave them the bourgeois tastes influencing their “natural” bonhomie with the Congress Party, a monolith which was the ruling party both at the centre and the states.

The communists took it for granted that the Congress shall continue to rule India as they processed local developments with the prism of global occurrences presuming India would simply adopt them. The 1962 China War shook them from their slumber reducing their area of influence to just three states and denigrating it as an untrustworthy party generally. The Communist Party of India split in to two initially with other splinter groups later. The launch of the Naxal movement, which later came to be known as Naxalism, was a sham exercise in keeping the flame of communism alive. Lakhs of young men and women fell prey to Naxalism and deviated from the path of economic development. Till today, their armed cadres are indulging in violent activities in at least 125 districts of India fighting police in armed attacks.

Basically, it is a kind of armed dacoity to loot the rich forest produce such as sandal wood and minerals like coal, stone, sand etc. in the name of revolution.But the youth were devastated.

The two communist parties (CPI & CPM) joined hands with the congress in the name of secularism and progressivism, two sham slogans in Indian politics, and enjoyed unlawfully power without accountability. On their own, they find themselves not relevant in the Indian politics today.

However, coalition governments have survived on their support in the past. They still have great nuisance value. They refuse to admit openly that communism is dead. They harm the youth holding out hopes of ruling India one day. That day will never come.

The reason being that the USSR after its disintegration has become Europe with most member countries joining the European union as independent nations. They will not revert to communism in the future as they have paid a very heavy price for the hollow revolution. China is another communist country that has more billionaires today than perhaps America, England, France or Spain. Only the Indian communists are not billionaires. But many of them are certainly millionaires.

In their desperation to remain relevant they are prepared to join hands with anybody jettisoning all pretensions of ideology.

They want only instability in India.

For them a strong leader, irrespective of party, is their enemy and a weak leader is dear to them.

A major share of underdevelopment, poverty, backwardness, hunger and disease in India is also due to them and their antipathy for America (meaning capitalism), rich Indians especially industrialists, intellectuals, select religious denominations whom they keep firing untiringly.

The Congress Party was an umbrella party in reality. It was “socialist” in ideology in addition to Gandhism. It was bound to disintegrate in due course as the disparate elements could not be kept glued any longer in the name of socialism, non-violence, peace and secularism alone. Politicians didn’t take much time to ape the British rulers and their bureaucrats. They became greedy and started corruption in a big way.

They converted the elections in to vote bank politics, but the Congress could not afford to keep all of them happy. In less than 15 years of Independence, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had to cleverly purge the party of prominent corrupt leaders through the mechanism of the Kamraj Plan. The result was muted and open rebellion among the leaders. One by one they started floating their own parties, mostly caste based.

Now we have Socialist Party, Samajwadi Party (they are two separate entities) and scores of Congresses, Secular, Nationalist and several other varieties. None of these parties has so far been able to form the government at the centre on its own. These parties come together at election time only to go their separate ways after the elections.

They blackmail the Congress Party liberally and the Congress Party sucks their blood mercilessly.

They don’t mind even friendly fight in elections, meaning fighting each other in state elections but taking on a common enemy at the centre.

Presently their enemy happens to be Narendra Modi- not even the BJP, which is the party Modi belongs to.

The BJP started as the Bhartiya Jansangh. It had merged with the Janata Party in 1977. After the Janata Party disintegrated, it took the name of the Bhartiya Janata Party. It has been castigated by the other parties referred in the foregoing paras as rightist, communal or Hindu Party.

The first BJP led government was successfully run by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Narendra Modi came to power in 2014 with a thumping majority and has successfully run a clean and progressive government for the last 55 months. He is a popular leader. He enjoys complete trust of the people. He is clean. He is fearless. He is strong and able administrator.

Narendra Modi is likely to win another term in the ensuing general election sometime in April/May. The assortment of political insignia of different colours are trying hard to form an alliance to “defeat/stop/check” him. They are not bothered about the agenda or ideology. This is their only agenda.

They got used to corruption, policy paralysis, dysfunctional government of India, parallel government run by an extra-constitutional contraption invented and set up by the despicably corrupt elements for whom self-interest was more important than national or public interest, shadow economy, parallel economy, black economy and black money.

They looted the people of India, giving them in return hollow slogans like Garibi Hatao, Inqlab Zindabad, Dhan Aur Dharati Bat Kar Rahegi, Socialism and Jo Hamse Takrayega Mitti Mein Mil Jayega. As a result, India came to be known as the most corrupt country.

Even ignorant about India foreign vested interest groups started behaving funny taking the country, its leaders and the people generally lightly.

Narendra Modi has reversed all such stupid notions within and outside the country and provided a strong, stable, progressive government that is respected today in the comity of nations. None of the aspiring grand alliance partners is capable of attaining such heights and can’t be given the mandate to rule India.

What it means by “check/stop/defeat Modi”? Do they want another corrupt regime, a weak government, parallel government, parallel economy, black economy, backwardness, stalled development, engineering riots from time to time, compromising national interests, death of democracy, Emergency, dynastic rule or some form of plutocracy, more poverty, more hunger, more starvation, backwardness, violence, illiteracy, terrorism and crime?


It is for the people of India to assess the situation for themselves and weigh the options before choosing one. They have brought the Congress back to power in three states and seen the revival of corruption in black market of Urea fertilizer to the farmers whom they fooled to vote for them promising relief. This is the relief! The other relief is the transfer industry which is thriving!! Next is all kinds of appointments!!! No policy initiative so far. None likely.

What will be the condition if an alliance under the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Trinmool Congress leader Mamata Banerji, Telugu Desam leader N. Chadrababu Naidu, NCP leader Sharad Pawar, Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh or Janata Dal (Secular) leader HD Deve Gowda (former Prime Minister By genuine accident) is allowed to form the government at the centre?

Since their only policy, plan and program is to check, stop or defeat Narendra Modi, they should be reined by the voters and not encouraged. The people must choose “development” in their own interest against the “anti-development” grand alliance or mahagathbandhan. The people of India should give Narendra Modi more than 75% votes so that they become strong, India becomes strong and nobody dares threaten us.

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