Strategists Don’t Miscalculate

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s team of strategists must work harder than it has demonstrated. The challenge is real and will become tougher by the day. It will be a costly mistake to think 2014 or act 2014 or even live the last 55 months. There is no doubt that Narendra Modi enters the electoral battle with feathers.

This battle is not the success and failures of Narendra Modi only. This is a battle between an honest prime minister and an opposition lot who are experts in fabrication of lies and marketing them.

The opposition has a certain advantage over Narendra Modi in so far as fabricating and marketing lies is concerned, as Narendra Modi has over the main opposition party, Congress Party, and its limpets in respect of personal honesty, integrity, patriotism, nationalism, clean governance and public trust. But the average voter needs to be drawn into a fruitful conversation in the 55 plus days left before counting of votes of election 2019.

High sounding words, sentences, policies, schemes must reach the voter in her and his language and according to capacity to absorb it. Shri Narendra Modi was absolutely right when he exhorted his party functionaries at the national convention in Delhi on 12th January 2019 to work harder to win the election and not be complacent that Modi alone can win them victory at the forthcoming poll.

A day earlier, the Party’s President betrayed lack of strategic ideas when he dismissed the reverses faced by the party in 5 states only last month.

If the opposition could succeed in 5 states where the party had given good and transparent government for 15 years at a stretch without a single corruption scandal, it could harm Narendra Modi in the parliament election 2019 also.

After all, Atal Bihari Vajpayee also provided a clean government for 5 years, but the Congress led opposition defeated him in the next election.

That means the opposition had the advantage of a sturdier strategy to “defeat” the enemy rather than “winning” the battle.


The opposition is once again at it: check/stop/defeat Narendra Modi.

They had succeeded in achieving their goal in this matter in the 5 states the strategic planner of Narendra Modi obviously failed to see coming.

Modi, though, has one advantage- the national election is different from the state election.

One important point needs to be remembered. The opposition has the advantage of foreign financial and technical collaboration to help it succeed.

If the same were available to the BJP, the party would not have lost election 2004 or can never lose any other election till 2059.

But that is not possible. This fact needs to be properly notified to every Indian.

The idiom, rhetoric and jargon of the foreign collaborators and the Modi followers are different. The two use different languages. Take the word “nationalism” or “patriotism”. While the Modi followers are ready to lay down their lives for nationalism and patriotism, their opponents live for the tukde-tukde elements operating from higher educational institutions like the universities interpreting nationalism and patriotism differently. The Modi followers drag the anti-national gang leaders to the courts, the pro tukde- tukde gangs fight on their behalf legal and media battles.

While Narendra Modi government gets agents of corruption like Christian Michel, middle man in major defence deals, extradited, the opposition provides him a lawyer. The lawyer delivers the secret message to not divulge the names of the bribed politicians and bureaucrats in the opposition. The links of the middle man with foreign powers ensures that Narendra Modi is defeated/blocked or stopped from winning a second term in 2019.

For this propaganda, funding, media support and lies of the kind former French President Hollande spoke are regularly delivered to the opposition leaders.

A new trend spotted is that of stealing the Hindu religious jargon by making politicians dangle a janeu showcasing their caste and religion, extending the visits to Mosques and Churches by including Hindu temples and participating in Hindu rituals, while quietly dividing Lord Ram from Lord Shiva. Funny idiots! Ignorant of the depth of the Hindu religion existing before the religion they are practicing was even born!

We will see any number of Maareech before election 2019. Ravan had only one Mareech Maamaa, but there will be many in the next few months. Beware of them all.

The soft power attacks call for soft power responses. For that, a global lingua has to be learnt fast. “Tolerance” is only one gem of that Bomb of All Soft Power Bombs. Each such expression should be taken note of and examined by experts in the domain.

The Modi team has to search for advance moves as big data and data analytics enters in full force for the first-time in the parliamentary elections in India, after making a success of it in 5 states.

The opposition is a baby if it tells a lie for the first time; it can be ignored if it repeats it a second time; it can be ridiculed if it repeats a third time; it can be called a liar if it repeats it one more time but should be exposed effectively if it goes on telling it day in and day out.

The target must be attacked not by Narendra Modi but his followers of high public image.

It is not Narendra Modi versus united opposition but India and its enemies. Voters have to exercise their wisdom.

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