Spurious Surveys & Concocted Results

The election time has been set in motion. Comparisons are being made between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and burning with ambition to become the next prime minister- Rahul Gandhi. It even can’t be called comparison between apples and oranges. There is simply nothing to compare between the two. Narendra Modi stands so tall in comparison that Rahul seems to be reaching for his feet only. Rahul’s advisers and speech writers have further reduced his stature by resorting to street language and thoughts. Deceitful surveys mislead him into believing that his popularity is increasing while that of Narendra Modi is declining!

Comparison between two political parties: BJP & Congress is, however, a different matter. While the Congress had realised that it had been generous to its own downfall, the BJP has yet to learn many things. It can’t survive long on an anti-Congress or anti-Nehru narrative alone. Its ranks have to learn to analyse the difference between different patterns of voting in different parts of the country. For this, they have to learn not only multiple languages but also become more than “Hindi heartland” or Hindi speaking states. They need to learn how a Mamata Banerji or a Stalin or H.D.Kumaraswami or N.Chandrababu Naidu survive and the Hindi states commit hara-kiri even when they have gained the goodwill benefits of a clean, transparent and people friendly Narendra Modi. Why is it that the Hindi belt has been caught in the single idiom of “corruption” for the past 70 years while nobody outside the Hindi heartland hears it repeat as many times as in the Hindi speaking states?

The surveys commissioned about the popularity-rise or decline-are based on notions of corruption. While the Congress Party has been suffering lack of issues for attacking Modi, it has manufactured corruption in Rafale deal. It has sold successfully the Hindi maxim “daal mein kucch to kaakaa hai”. In the process the Congress Party have ignored the Supreme Court judgement. They have tried to link the sacking of the CBI Director Alok Verma with some imagined inquiry that Verma was going to start in the Rafale fighter jets from France. To lend credence to the vilification campaign, two estranged BJP ministers in the Vajpayee government had also given public statement, petitioned the Supreme Court and complained to the CBI Director Alok Verma.

They are decidedly acting on behalf of some vested interests and compromised the national security in a sensitive matter like purchasing fighter planes for the Indian Air Force in such a highly condemnable style.

Such mis-steps of BJP leaders or followers have acted as great drags on Narendra Modi. I had referred to it in my book- Narendra Modi. Changing Direction of the Wind and Challenges Ahead- and can say the BJP will pay the price for not training its cadres adequately.

One reason for its failure to attract intellectuals to join it lies in its arrogance of treating itself as the “viswaguru” when it is not even educated to the extent its opponents are.

Rahul speaks lies after lies and his popularity and acceptability goes up and up but Narendra Modi speaks only truth and his popularity goes down and down! Surveys say!

Now for the defeat of the BJP in the three Hindi heartland states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh- it is a reflection on the declining popularity of the BJP and not Narendra Modi at all.

The BJP, especially its battery the RSS, were misled in to believing their rising acceptability and suffered from the delusion that they can win without even Narendra Modi.

Most political parties, excepting dynasties like the Congress/Samajwadi Party, the Shiv Sena or DMK try to keep their popular leaders under a tight leash so that they may not start thinking themselves as a synonym for the party.

They constantly search for alternatives. In the state assembly elections in MP, Rajasthan & C’garh they tested their strength. What else can one make of statements from Baba Ramdev that the nominee for the next Prime Minister will be announced at the appropriate time (not his exact words but the message as understood).

The 3 Chief Ministers Mrs Vasundhara Raje, Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Dr. Raman Singh were popular chief ministers. Chouhan and Singh were viewed as possible replacements for Narendra Modi. Only a political novice would imagine a leader would willingly nurture rivals in the party.

Modi tested his strengths and the BJP/RSS rested theirs. This cannot be carried any further by the BJP/RSS/Ramdev unless they are working to lose the election and pay the price for Modi running successfully a transparent and clean government, which has achieved in just four and a half years more than others had not been able to in more than 70 years.

Narendra Modi will get more votes and seats in 2019 in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. He is people’s man. The voters are with him. They will stand behind him like a rock.

All sponsored surveys will prove horribly wrong and all commissioned journalists and editors, who have compromised their independence against the people of India and in favour of Rahul Gandhi or the Mahagathbandhan by joining the vilification campaign against Narendra Modi and promotion of Rahul Gandhi, will regret working against public interest to block/check/defeat the formation of the next government by Narendra Modi and depriving them of a stable, strong, clean, transparent and people’s servant government.

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