Pakistan Wasted 71 Years Pursuing Hate Agenda

It is time for Pakistan to take stock of the past 71 years since it came into existence.

It has simply wasted valuable assets in pursuing its misconceived hate agenda against India.

Had it also embarked on a development agenda, as did India, it would have been a different Pakistan.

What is it today?

It has become the world’s terrorist factory.

It has specialized in producing and exporting terrorists to the world.

It has been isolated to such an extent that even the OIC has not given it any importance.

It has also become a victim of its own hate mongering- what with the terrorists/non-state groups dictating policy and programme to it.

Does it make any sense to employ the army to protect these internationally branded terrorists?

How is a Hafiz or Ladin more valuable than the people of Pakistan and their well-being?

The beneficiaries of this unholy policy and programme have been the Pakistan Army officers, who have amassed too much of illegal wealth and other assets, which they have kept in banks in countries outside Pakistan, that they will never allow democracy to take roots in Pakistan in an orderly fashion.

The Pakistan Army has deliberately kept the masses tied down to the past that most Muslim countries have trashed.

It would be wrong to believe that the Burqua is a sign of poverty and backwardness only.

It is no more so- it covers learned, intelligent, smart, modern, scientific, political, diplomatic, artistic and digitally literate faces too.

While women in other Muslim countries have made tremendous progress, the Pak run hate mission has deprived its women of such benefits.  It has derived immense pleasure so long as the efforts to inflict a1000 cuts continues by its army trained and led terrorists by suicide attacks in the world and, especially India.

Its misadventure in Pulwama, though, proved rather costlier than it had calculated or invested for.

It was confronted with an opportunity to update itself, at least for its own survival.

Such a survival depends on democracy and not army rule.

Pakistan people have seen it in the last 71 years.

If they don’t act now, the army will destroy Pakistan forever. Its misadventures in East Pakistan are well known. Its activities in other parts of Pakistan like Balochistan are similar to what it had done in former East Pakistan.

Compare the progress made by Bangladesh in the last 48 years with the decline of Pakistan acquiring the reputation of the World’s Terrorist Factory.

Pakistan must close all its terrorism sleeper cells in India.

Those Trade Marked Secularist Indians who encourage Pakistan to keep bleeding India or remove Narendra Modi or any other duly elected government deserve to be snubbed. They are suspected to be more interested in trouble in India before the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections next month. They are frustrated to such an extent that they have started rambling, may be because the terrorists struck at Pulwama instead of the designated spot to achieve political gains over Prime Minister Narendra Modi whom they wanted Pakistan to remove!

Their trade in communal politics has been ruined by the developments post-Pulwama.

Since these elements also suffer from myopia, they think the Indian Muslim women, clad in Burqua, are uneducated, backward and deserve their mercy. I suggest they hold a TV discussion with half a dozen Burqua-clad women on any subject and I guarantee they would be exposed to such an extent that they would run away in no time.

They are as unhappy as the ISI of Pakistan (on whose doles and support they survive) after the incidents since Pulwama.

But Pakistan has got the opportunity to make amends and change course in the direction of democracy, development, progress and prosperity of the people of Pakistan.

Welcome The Present, Pakistan: Abhinandan Varthaman!

It had arrived before you. For peace and prosperity for the people in Pakistan, you don’t need UN Resolutions or approval of any big country. You alone can do it.

You and India together can achieve progress in half the number of years wasted so far by you, which will put us all in the developed nations category.

Choice is yours; Terrorism or Peaceful development?

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