When Voters Fail To Do Their Duty

Casting the vote in the election is an obligation on each eligible voter under the constitution. They elect their representatives or lawmakers. Here is, how the voters fail to perform their constitutional duty:

  1. By not casting their vote;
  2. By making a choice without giving due consideration to the merits and demerits of the candidate;
  • By not taking into consideration the ideology and record of work of the political party whose candidate they choose to vote solely because it happens to be their favourite;
  1. By wasting their vote in any manner including NOTA (None Of The Above) marking.

It is a highly irresponsible conduct of the voters even though it is not yet a penal offence.

Such indifference, apathy or casual approach to formation of a government as mandated by the constitution ends up delivering a bad government.

A bad government causes immense misery to every citizen. It harms the nation. When the voter fails to discharge her/his constitutional duty, the government too fails to do its constitutional duty.

Citizens need to get sensitized to the consequences of a failed government. Some of these are:

1)Supply of municipal drinking water is affected. What is considered a normal, becomes exceptional. Political parties and leaders make the availability of clean municipal potable water an election issue as they know the suffering of the people caused by water shortage. The promises are not fulfilled as the politicians or their cronies make it a lucrative business to create artificial shortage by selling water illegally. All over India, the water tanker mafia are active and there is no power in India which can eliminate this mafia. Even a city like Bengaluru, the Silicon-valley of India, is suffering the water tanker mafia atrocity;

2) Food supplies are disturbed, prices are rigged, shortages are created, free rations are promised in election manifestos for vulnerable sections, ration is pilfered from fair price shops or adulterated with inedible materials, black market in commodities is operated with impunity, black money grows, influence of black economy aggravates, functioning of the government lawfully is adversely affected, corruption occupies the whole public discourse, democracy is silently replaced by plutocracy and kleptocracy, leaving the people suffer in agony of hunger, disease and poverty;

3)The economy is ruined for long;

4) The country’s internal security weakens, which means crime rate goes up, law & order suffer, administration of justice is impacted;

5) The external security of the nation is impacted. The corrupt stand by the enemy, ridiculing the nationalist fervour and bravery of the armed forces;

6) The country may lose its independence or sovereignty ultimately.


India 2019 is vastly different from the India of 1947. Today millions of Indians have the advantage of education. The greater advantage is that most educated and highly skilled professionals have made a choice to stay back in the country to live, prosper and contribute to nation building. This is radically different from the situation in the fifty years since Independence when everyone was leaving for foreign shores for better employment opportunities. It earned the dubious distinction of a brain drain, but now it is only brain gain as there are many more opportunities in the country itself for them to work and earn respectable income.

A complaint of the NRIs as well as RIs has been against corruption in the government. It is time for them to stop complaining and criticizing only. It is their duty to improve governance. But they are not even conscious about it. They give it the least importance in their thinking or work schedule. Most of them ignore elections, do not cast their votes and never contribute to informed public opinion formation. They are afraid of criticizing individuals or parties but happy only to attack an identity called government. The result is less educated fellows rule India.

Even the press and media fools India for commercial gains. The travesty is that we proclaim loudly Satyamev Jayate but generally practice Asatya or lies, as exemplified by the campaign in the name of Rafale fighter planes deal.

Actually, lies have been deciding the outcome of elections till 2014. Only a brief period of last 5 years has been spent on a relatively lie-free governance. It has been a clean, transparent and yet successful government the people have experienced at the centre.

The situation in the states however continues to be unhealthy.

The day clean, transparent and functioning governments are in place in states, it would be a new India.

That is possible, but only if the voters take a solemn oath to vote faithfully in every election with a sense of responsibility, commitment and allegiance to the constitution of India. The present breed of politicians nursing high ambitions but low integrity and capability hardly inspires confidence.

Everything is possible. It is possible to realize all our dreams. The only condition is that voters cast their vote without expecting someone to call at their door to persuade them and reach them to the polling booth. They have to reach the polling station on their own considering it their duty.

Voters can bring about bloodless revolution for the larger public good and well-being.

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