The Nuisance Group

What looked comic for a few months has turned in to a nuisance. It is polluting language. It is lowering norms. It has thrown all values down the gutter. It is becoming violent by the day. It is warning public servants of punishment for doing their duty honestly. It is resorting to Hitlerian propaganda tactics, Maoist doctrine of repeating lies a1000 times till the masses start believing it to be the truth, it has beaten even McCarthyism, it has dwarfed the Orwellian Big Brother, it acts shrewd Machiavelli and treats Chanakya with more than the highest contempt.

It hates whoever it considers its rival. Even the Pandora box did not contain so much evil as it spits day and night non-stop 24×7. It spews the deadliest venom that can kill an honest self-respecting person sooner than the most potent venom or poison gas.

It has killed Mahatma Gandhi several times, but nobody knows if one of them had given “supari” to kill the Mahatma!

Similarly, it keeps “killing” Judge Loya, who died of heart failure according to doctors attending on him.

It keeps attacking the Supreme Court of India for not acting according to its agenda and try to impeach the Chief Justice of India.

It would not allow the government to strengthen the Air Force by getting it fighter planes on top priority basis. Its compatriots know nothing about the price of the fighter planes to be imported from France but allege corruption in the government to government deal. They misquote the former President of France who does not support their propaganda. They act as agents of business rivals of the fighter plane supplier company and want to break the deal accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of benefiting Reliance of Anil Ambani to the tune of Rs.30,000 (Thirty thousand) crore.

They have made wonderful calculations about the price and the bribe and unlawful gains by Reliance to make Pakistan happy.

They are disturbed because they don’t want the Indian Air Force to be stronger than the Pakistan Air Force.

They are unhappy at the surgical strikes by the Indian Air Force against the terrorists operating from Pakistan under the command of the Pakistan Army.

They demand proof of the Balakot strike.

One of their loudmouths has ridiculed the IAF by saying that it bombed   trees only and not terrorists! The rhyming is nauseating: tree tree targeted by IAF but not a terrorist killed!

They are waiting for an invite from Imran Khan for visit by a Mission 23 delegation so as to count the dead bodies at Balakot. It will uphold their point right that Balakot strike killed only trees and no terrorist.

The delegation on return may even say that there was no terrorist camp there in Balakot.

That is why they are saying that the Balakot strike was carried out with the objective of getting an advantage in the Lok Sabha Election 2019. No one need be surprised at the logic of carrying out a surgical air strike to kill trees to derive an election advantage! Do they think that the Indian Air Force is going to contest the election?

Do they think the IAF is going to stage a coup and declare air force rule in India?

The loudmouth ladies and gentlemen of the caucus think flying a plane is as simple as creating nuisance of flying verbal political planes in TV studios or press conferences?

Balakot air strike has destroyed their hopes of removing Narendra Modi not by the power of the ballot but bullet. How can they organize, finance and participate in Literary Festivals to publicly appeal to Pakistan military rulers when they have been humbled so humiliatingly by the return of Wing Commander Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman in less than 48 hours of the Balakot air strike?

They can’t play communal politics against India, Indian Air Force or the Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the territory of Pakistan any more.

The nuisance Group has planned large scale communal riots in sensitive states like UP and Bihar. They have started moving ISI trained and paid operators, skilled to stoke these riots any time, to strategic locations. Their sub-agents have held out open threats of riots from a few places in UP.

They are scaring the people by propagating that there will be no election after 2024 if they vote a second term to Prime Minister Modi in Election 2019.

They have made a nuisance of leadership. They have not yet decided on one leader to lead and guide them properly. In the confusion, one sub-group has started saying which schemes of Modi they will scrap when they form the government in May 2019.

They have already decided the result. If it goes against them, which in all likelihood it will, they will call the elections rigged. Like their own experience in the practice of getting 30,000 crore in a single fighter plane purchase deal (Bofors was nothing in comparison and Augusta is sub-judice currently), they know what rigging means because some of them had perfected the art so well that it had earned them the kudos for “scientific rigging” against the crude methods of “booth capturing/booth chhaapna”.

They have already prepared enough ground for such an eventuality by raising doubts about the EVM, demanding paper ballots against electronic voting, VVPT and even expressed lack of faith in the fair elections and the Election Commission of India. They believe only in themselves: hum hain to sab hain; hum nahi to koyi nahi.

If their dreams come true, what will they do in the first 10 days of their capturing power? Some priorities are likely to be;

  • to scrap the fighter plane deal with France immediately,
  • to disown any surgical strikes against terrorists in Pakistan,
  • to apologise to Pakistan for unnecessary loss of lives and property,
  • to pay heavy compensation to Pakistan for the loss of lives, property, trees, crops, roads, buildings and reputation,
  • to pay damages to Pakistan for maligning its reputation and image in the eyes of the comity of nations, people of Pakistan and in the UNO,
  • declare emergency, suspend fundamental rights and human rights,
  • Ban all rival political parties, press and media.

A single error of judgement that the voters make of casting their precious votes in favour of The Nuisance Group collectively or any of its constituents, is sure to implement this CMP (Common Minimum Programme) in May 2019 itself.

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