One Chowkidar and Forty Thieves

Cat and mouse row. A cat only frightens away the mice, who steal food from barns, granary, godowns, warehouses, shops or ships. Same is the job of a chowkidar. A chowkidar’s (watchman/guard) presence itself deters the chor (thief)  to commit theft or think of any such misadventure which he might have executed with great success at some other warehouse.

The chowkidar protects the farm from stray cattle destroying the unguarded crops. He protects the domestic farm animals from wild animals which simply steal them in darkness. The chowkidar protects fish farms and poultry farms.

A chowkidar is not armed. He can’t shoot a thief. He is not even the policeman who can arrest a thief. The chor/thief knows it very well and yet is mortally afraid of him.

At best a chowkidar carries with him a wooden staff or Lathi, the same which the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi is shown carrying in some photographs. He doesn’t hit any chor and yet the chor machaye too much of shor or makes too much of noise.

Actually, the chowkidar only makes shor (noise) by shouting loudly “chor, chor chor” or “pakdo, pakdo chor, chor, chor” (meaning there is a thief, catch him, catch him, catch him). That creates such a scare for the chor that he runs away from the scene of the burglary almost instantly and never returns to that locality. He shifts his operation to another locality, like Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijaya Mallya and dozen such names.

Some chor have sophisticated the art of theft to such an extent that they would try friendship as a method of success. They would first ask for an address in the locality and pose to have tired searching the person who is a guard in some neighbourhood house. That might strike a chord of class affinity and the fellow can be easily drawn into a conversation. It might follow with sharing drinks or eatables- Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fruit Juice, biscuits- spiked with drugs. If the poor chowkidar betrays a weakness for free food or drink, he compromises security. But that exactly is the aim of the chor.

So, as long as Mehul Chowksi and Nirav Modi and Vijaya Mallya were getting huge loans of 14000 or 9000 Crores dishonestly from the public sector banks like the Punjab National Bank under the UPA-I & II governments of the Congress Party led alliance, the chori (theft/ robbery/ dacoity) was ignored for 10 long years and the chowkidars kept looking the other way.

When these Chowkidars were changed in 2014 and the government went after the chor, the Congress Leaders, especially Rahul Gandhi President of the Congress Party, have started sloganeering loudly “chowkidar chor hai”  (meaning the watchman is the thief).

We are also saying the same: the chowkidar on duty from 2004 through 2014 was chor- the government of the day was actively involved in the theft of public money.

The size will spin the head; Rs 18 lakh Crore or more. We have come to know of such large-scale theft only because we changed the Chowkidar in 2014.

Narendra Modi promised to the nation in his Independence Day address from the Red Fort that he is the chowkidar of the nation and he has proved by his work that he meant it- the chor have run away in panic and those still in India are conspiring to defeat him in the elections in April-May 2019.

They dream of one of the chor of the 2004-2014 vintage replacing him!

The chor chowkidars are destined to lick defeat at the hustings.

This chowkidar called Narendra Modi has promised it and the people of India want him to do it.

They have already pledged their support to him.

The real chors are in great panic.

Will some of them run away to foreign lands in early May 2019?

Wait and watch.

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