Wanted 545 Chowkidars

Voters in India have to select and elect 545 Chowkidars to guard the Republic, public money, assets, governance, policy and democracy for the next 5 years.

They should henceforth be called the Chowkidar, not people’s representative or simply members of parliament.

These Chowkidars do their duty:

  • They examine, debate, support or oppose all legislation;
  • They ask questions in parliament on all matters concerning the vast variety of subjects from defence to economy included in the Union List of subjects in the Constitution of India and the Concurrent List;
  • They supervise governance of state/s under President’s Rule;
  • They force adjournment of the proceedings of the Lok Sabha to consider any matter of urgent public significance;
  • They move call attention notice to discuss matters of importance;
  • They move No Confidence Motion against the government, thereby keeping a strict vigil on government functioning, and remove any corrupt or inefficient government;
  • They grant funds for public expenditure;
  • They decide on all matters of taxation;
  • They go into minute details in Committees of the parliament which have expert advice available to them on the issue;
  • They provide oversight to every department by way of Parliamentary Standing committee on each department of the government, whose chairperson is the minister of the department;
  • They have the power to impeach the President and judges of the SC/HC;
  • They can exercise all the powers on any residual matters not allotted specifically to any authority.

If these 545 Chowkidars were to work honestly and do their duty as by law cast upon them, no scams of any kind can ever happen.

It depends on the voters to make the right choice, elect only persons of such integrity and character and capability. The voter can then rest in peace for 5 years.

The shor/noise being made by the chors/looters will fall silent the moment these 545 chowkidars start working as per the mandate of the Constitution of India.

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