The Cloak-and-dagger Civil Society

The cloak-and dagger civil society members reported to be numbering 200 have started a motivated campaign to oust prime minister Narendra Modi.

They don’t want the voters to decide but are hell bent upon ousting Narendra Modi.

To achieve their sinister purpose, they want to employ every powerful weapon of the Soft Power like disinformation, vilification campaign, malicious statements to the press, nasty newspaper articles, dropping celebrity names from glamorous industries like films or fiction, song or script writers, former Generals of the civil services, military and para-military and even professors of foreign universities who write paid reviews for new writers to promote their books.

Today the markets are so well developed that anybody can buy online any kind of services.

We are told the gathering has admitted many new faces and claim their numbers have gone up to 600 by now.

They assembled in Delhi’s Talkatora garden last week to design a strategy.

The Congress Party   organized it and Sonia Gandhi chaired it. What a sangam/confluence of the civil society with the political parties like the Congress, CPI, CPM, TMC, RJD, JD(S) and the TDP! Not even skin deep civil society?

Two days earlier, the Congress Party had released its manifesto for the election 2019. The most crucial proposition of the Congress Party was kept hidden in wraps and was unravelled by Sonia Gandhi at the conclave of the civil society and the political society.

She promised to revive the NAC (National Advisory Council) with the active participation of the civil society.

The civil society welcomed it.

It proved that it was a partner in the crime of destroying democracy and trashing the constitution of India during 2004-2014 under the rule of the NAC.

Fortunately, the Indian Constitution is a written one unlike the British Constitution, which is an unwritten one.

The UPA-I & II had failed miserably to provide a clean government to the country only because of the un-constitutional body called the NAC.

The NAC functioned like an unlawful government, a government over a government, a de facto government over a de jure government.

The result was a diarchy leading to a dysfunctional government, humongous corruption unseen in history with a string of horrible scams after scams. The public assets were looted openly, democracy reduced to plutocracy and degenerated into kleptocracy. Even the then General Secretary of the Congress condemned the diarchy and blamed it for the crushing defeat of the Congress Party at the 2014 Election. The former Finance Minister rued the trust deficit it created between the people and the government.


Anybody can form a group and indulge in politics, but it is the most fraudulent operation when they disguise it as civil society.

A society is civil so long it observes complete neutrality and objectivity in raising issues of public interest.

It becomes an un-civil society the moment it turns partisan, selective or communal.

Abusing the term “civil society” these fiction writers etc. have resorted to highly un-civil methods in their cloak-and-dagger venture.

They must answer the following questions in clear terms if they want other rightful members of the genuine civil society of India to lend them an ear: can the constitution of India be easily subverted without amending it? Can the prime minister of India be subservient to an un-constitutional body like the NAC (the National Advisory Council)? If it could be done for full 10 years of the UPA-I & II, will it be repeated in future too? Can the NAC or its variant be made a Constitutional Authority? Can the Chairperson of the NAC be made Emeritus? Can the NAC also have a Vice-Chairperson or Executive Vice-Chairperson or Working chairperson? Will the Prime Minister be subordinate to the Chairperson? Can Emergency be imposed by the NAC? What is the safeguard against scrapping the constitution and imposing Emergency Rule? Is the 200member Civil Society grouping prepared to give a guarantee to the people of India/ Civil Society that none of these evil practices will be adopted by the new government of their dreams they want to install in place of Narendra Modi?

If they can’t, they better observe decency of a Civil Society and let the politicians do their job.

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