Cabinet Form of Government or NAC Form?

The Congress Party in its election manifesto has promised to revive the NAC (National Advisory Council). It was also discussed by it in the conclave of several opposition parties held last month at the Talkatora Garden in Delhi. Surprisingly, the Civil Society members, who have publicly appealed to defeat Narendra Modi, were present but never objected to this un-constitutional provision. The NAC was more than a full council of ministers headed by Sonia Gandhi as Chairperson. It had retired CJI, Judges, bureaucrats, members of the civil society and a secretary to the government of India serving it. It was a government over a government, a de facto government over a de jure one. Now, that is patently unconstitutional. But it worked for 10 years. It was a parallel government. It took decisions without any accountability. It had access to government files unofficially. It proved a point that a government can be run in India outside the constitutional scheme of things.

It would be extremely unfortunate if the NAC ever again comes to rule India.

In simple terms it means “outsourcing” government to unelected people.

It means a “parallel government”.

It means a licence to loot the country and its assets.

It means establishing a black economy and parallel economy.

It means corruption, scams and scandals.

Worst of all, it means sabotage of the constitution of India. The UPA-I & II regime during 2004 through 2014 had proved it so dauntingly that there was no need for the constitution or the constitutional scheme of governance or a cabinet form of government because the NAC had worked much better than the cabinet form of government under Manmohan Singh. After all, people’s perception is that Manmohan Singh was no functional prime minister as it was indeed Sonia Gandhi. That fact can’t be easily controverted. The logic though is as contorted as the claim that the National Emergency (1975-77) did serve the people better as trains were run on time!

Voters need to use their own sense of wisdom.

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