Why people Abuse?

It is giving vent to uncontrolled anger caused by deep emotion of jealousy. It is the indication of frustration which can lead to brain attack unless released immediately. The frustrated guys feel weak and helpless against their enemy. They are deeply jealous of their enemy. Unable to harm him physically, they resort to abuse to destroy him emotionally and mentally. If the enemy turns out to be mentally stronger than them, the abusers go wild and resort to savagery. However, they are losers all the way since they only denigrate their own parents for poor brought up and poor education. Their mind is filled with uncontrolled negativity. It fouls their vocabulary. They hate to use positive expressions and take others as weak or coward for not responding to their provocation violently. They aim to provoke the target to fall down to the level of their street language, evil or “gunda” expressions. By nature, they are “khal” or malicious ones. Their target ignores their malicious words or speech the same way a graceful mountain bears the severity of the rain drops.

When these khal grow into Dusta or demonic, they need to be punished. It is no use trying to persuade the dusta because they can only be vanquished. The entire justice delivery system is meant to punish the dusta.

The vilification carried out by the political parties and their leaders in the past two months also betrays their feudal psyche.

Before coming into force of the constitution of India, it used to be their normal day to day pattern of behavior. They would go about hitting, abusing or denigrating the poor.  Even if they murdered a doctor in a hospital or public servant they would manage to escape the gallows.  Feudal lords used to abuse, torture, terrorise, punish, burn alive or subject to various other atrocities the poor citizens whom they denied the idea of a citizen, not to talk of any rights. Till the ugly Emergency of 1975, the people were not fully conscious of their rights. The Emergency jolted them.

And the first thing the feudal mind (rather “thought police” in Orwellian speak) thought of was citizens’ “obligations”, which were included in the constitution.

Our Netas have no obligation to the voters!

The abusers were made to realize the power of the Rule of Law over their feudal conduct after 1950. It created conflict, which though reduced, still continues. The abusers, the gang rapists, the chief ministers making fun of the constitution by proclaiming that they do not recognize Modi as the prime minister, the ministers who behave vulgar and indecent under the misconception that they are above the law, are warts on democracy and Rule of Law and need to be taught a few lessons in decent and civilized democratic behaviour.

The Supreme Court of India has done a great service as well as a disservice by its judgement in the S.R.Bommai case and ought to review it on their own to tame such recalcitrant feudal elements, violating the law, and to put the fear of law into their swollen heads in the interest of Rule of Law and democracy.

Every single abuser of Narendra Modi is guilty of that feudal mindset, which is currently posing the biggest Challenge to Rule of Law and Threat to Democracy.

Every such person needs medication and psychiatric support beside heavy dose of law.

None of these abusers is anywhere near the stature of Narendra Modi which he has earned by sheer dint of his hard work.

Public service has been made a dhandha or commercial opportunity by these unscrupulous elements in politics, who have revived the culture of might is right by resorting to violence. Narendra Modi is the only hope of the people to retrieve public service from their clutches and put it on the high pedestal our freedom fighter leaders had placed on. They inspired the people to sacrifice their personal interest in the service of the people.


Can any of Modi’s detractors claim to be so? Can they say they have not acquired illegally huge assets at the cost of public interest? Even one among the mahagathbandhan?

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