Sixteen Takeaways From The Triple Talaq Bill

  1. The Indian Muslim women get freedom from the deadly fear of devastation at the hands of a husband pronouncing divorce tyrannically by simply saying Talaq Talaq Talaq and throwing the woman on the road along with her small children;
  2. Families are relieved of the trauma of the suffering of their daughter due to triple talaq;
  3. It puts some good sense in the head of the husband to treat the wife as an equal person in the Indian society rather than a slave on whom he has so far been heaping scorn, indignity, contempt, torture and power to abuse her person, self-respect and life;
  4. It guarantees a life of security and dignity to the wife and children;
  5. It guarantees justice to the wife under the constitution and law;
  6. She will no more feel helpless as has been the case so far because the police and judiciary are there to extend help to her in need;
  7. It will drastically reduce the number of arbitrary divorce in the name of Muslim personal law;
  8. It will end the inhuman practice of the Nikah Halala where the divorced couple are allowed to re-unite if the wife marries another person and marriage is consummated and thereafter she divorces the second husband;
  9. It will give the women opportunities for empowerment by way of education and employment and improve the family’s economic condition;
  10. It will give moments of relief and relaxation from an archaic traumatic practice of the medieval era;
  11. Freedom from constant fear will provide opportunities for the development of the full potential of the women;
  12. It will contribute to the national economy, public heath, crime reduction giving stability to family life which is currently under terrible stress;
  13. It will get the women artisans better wages for their labour. Their contribution to the real GDP of the informal sector of the Indian economy has gone unreported so far. One reason for the low wages in the informal sector is the exploitation of Muslim women artisans. Their low wages impact other artisans as well;
  14. It will lift millions of families above the poverty line as they will get competitive price for their artistic products/creations which command good price not only in the domestic but also foreign markets;
  15. It has shamed hollow secularists whose nuisance will end now that they can’t indulge in their political games in the name of the minorities, secularism, poor or women. The most vocal activists of women’s empowerment have not held even a single candle march demonstration at India Gate to demand the law that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gifted them on 30th July 2019 though they rushed to distant Aligarh in UP for a case that is already being investigated by the CBI;
  16. Indian politics takes a historic turn today for the better. It has brought India closer to becoming a superpower.

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