Mercenaries Of Gloom & Doom

The Lords of gloom & doom failed to exploit the constitutional changes in J&K to their benefit. On the contrary, they have further alienated themselves from the people, especially Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. What are they opposed to? They have no idea. What have they achieved in 72 years? They have no idea. What do they want to do to Kashmir? They maintain enigmatic silence. Do they think Pakistan will become a peace-loving nation ever? Can they say that Pakistan has made the POK a model of development and economic growth? The last 72 years don’t uphold journalistic or filmy ideas. The only thing Pakistan has succeeded in doing in POK is endangering the lives of the people and alluring terrorists to kidnap and forcibly marry thousands of local Kashmiri girls abusing the Sharia to the maximum. The BBC, CNN, NYT, WP and others or Indian elite journalists have never done an investigative story on these developments, which is a blatant violation of human rights there. Will terrorist activities ever end? They have no idea. Would it have been any different in the valley had the constitutional amendment not been notified? They don’t know. Then what do they know? They know only one thing- how to spread hatred against India, government of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Hindu community and political parties professing differently to their ideas about the accession of J&K to the Union Of India. They have no solution to what they call the problem. In fact, they keep aggravating the problem by their indecision obfuscating issues and covering them with coats of darkness. The narrative of alienation, insurgency or terrorism they weave has a shelf life of more than a few centuries as past 72 years have proved. Can they be allowed to hold India to ransom anymore? The government has taken a decisive step to solve the problem once for all. The Indian press and media have to disabuse their minds of all the jargon of the leftist variety that has so far prevailed among the elite and impeded development and prosperity of the people of India. If a man like Jawar Lal Nehru failed to “solve” the so- called Kashmir problem, can our journalists, filmmakers, television channels and letter writers ever do so? If the UNO has not been able to enforce its own resolution on Pakistan, do these luminaries think they would achieve that objective easily? Both India and Pakistan are victims of the designs of the British and their representative Lord Mountbatten to create communal wedge between freedom fighters. So, if the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, BBC or any other foreign newspaper/ television is happy to continue that dishonesty to the region, the Indian journalists need not ape them. One can only enjoy in amusement someone still treating India and Pakistan as their colonies or even the whole region as part of an empire!

The people of India were not aware of such a large number of Namak Haram in the country till they unabashedly exposed themselves by indulging in anti-India activities from the day Article 370 & 35A were abrogated. They have demonstrated notoriety of the extreme level. These elements talk as if Jammu & Kashmir is not a part of India but a sovereign country! They dream of making J&K like Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). For these evil people, POK is a “Model” they want to replicate in J&K. They deliberately ignore the fact that Pakistan perpetrates acts of untold misery on the people of POK and allures terrorists by offering them Kashmiri girls. They ignore the fact that the ISIS did not brutalise as many Yezdi girls as the terrorists in POK have done to the local girls. The world knows the brutalities of the Pakistan Army to millions of East Bengal girls during 1971 war. The world press and television ignore such facts and play up the lies of the evil notorious gangs of Namak Haram Indians. The people who act ungrateful to the country whose salt they eat deserve the punishment of hell. They must read King Lear by William Shakespeare to understand the value of salt.

This 73rd Independence Day, all the Namak Haram people need to be reminded of the Salt Satyagrah led by Mahatma Gandhi. The Congress Party, Communists of all denominations, Socialists of differing shades, liberals, seculars and extremist outfits must take note of the present vibrant India and stop all attempts to block its march to progress. India is unstoppable. J&K is an integral part of this vibrant India. J&K is unstoppable. Ladakh is unstoppable.


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