BJP’s “Trupt Aatmaon Kaa Prayan”

Something striking about the loss of leaders at the senior level in the BJP is that they achieved a rare target- aatma ki tripti or satisfaction of the soul while alive. Other Indians in this category were the freedom fighters who must have experienced the same on 15th August 1947! Recall the sabotage of a revolution in 1977 when a New Order was ushered in. The hatred against the Bhartiya Jansangh Party was touted as the cause for counter-revolutionary act of the Congress Party and others. The Jansangh was declared as untouchable. The leadership in the party desperately looked for increasing its reach among intellectuals, academicians, professionals and other prominent sections of society. The entire space at the time was monopolised by the Congress Party and the left parties. Socialism dominated the political discourse. The tragic assassination of Mahatma Gandhi was cashed by the congress and others to hit the Hindu community, giving a complete ignore to the tragedy of partition which created such hatred between the communities that it stays even today. Millions of homes were destroyed, men and women were killed, rapes destroyed innumerable girls and women, properties were burnt and looted. The angry Indian youth held Mahatma Gandhi in high esteem but also responsible for being too soft towards the Muslims and Pakistan. The political parties even today act anti-Hindu, anti-India, pro-Pakistan and exploit the Hindu-Muslim divide for political gain. The birth of Jansangh was natural in the circumstances. But the people had to move forward and when the Janata Party experiment failed due to too many aspirants trying to become the prime minister of India and the dirty game of political untouchability reached a flash point it took a new birth as the Bhartiya Janata Party or the BJP which started very poorly in 1980. It resolutely stood against such obnoxious propaganda.

The value of Atal Bihari Bajpayee, L.K. Advani (presently: Member of the Margdarshak Mandal), Sushma Swaraj, Anant Kumar, Manohar Parrikar and Arun Jaitley among others lies in building a new political party with the support and inclusion of technocrats, professionals, journalists and intellectuals in the party to refurbish its image and set the agenda of a modern political party.

Jansangh was gone.

The new party modernized itself to face the challenges thrown by the political parties claiming socialism, communism, secularism, non-violence etc. and at the same time improve on its vision and mission for the country.

The contribution of leaders like Jaitley lies therein. It facilitated not only the ascendency of Vajpayee to the office of the Prime Minister but also that of Narendra Modi.

Today, the political perceptions about the party and its leadership are different and positive. Individually and together these leaders marked his,Atma-tushti, Atma-trupti,toric milestones in the evolution of democracy in India.

These leaders were fortunate to see the fulfilment of their dreams in their own lifetime to the utmost trupti(satiation) of their aatma(soul)-a rare achievement indeed!

A comparative study of the political developments in the country during the period 1980-2014 presents a fascinating story of the rise of the BJP and the decline of the Congress Party, Communist Parties, Socialist Parties and others. It also registered the maturity of the voter who emerged as the decision maker without relying on the politicians, their parties, manifestoes and agenda. That indicates the evolution of democracy and establishing faith in the constitution.

Jaitley should be remembered as a leader to be emulated and not simply talked about and forgotten.

The new generation of leaders in the party has to learn to equip itself with knowledge, skills and dexterity of Jaitley.

On integrity, there is zero scope for any compromise as corruption has yet to be uprooted from India, that is, a Union of states.

It applies equally to the Opposition parties, who are unwisely indulging in anti-India activities and talk.

India must urgently pass a law to punish anti-India activities.

The short-sighted politicians and their horribly narrow-mindedness still suffer from the view of the pre-1980 era. There can be no stronger proof of it than their flawed views of nationalism, patriotism, Hindu community and religion than the current campaign against abrogation of Article 370/35A of the Constitution of India. They leave a bad taste and impression that they can go to any extent to destroy India and compromise independence. They speak the rhetoric of Pakistan. They don’t acknowledge the reality of foreign powers’ unethical interest in patronising and fuelling anti-India campaign of Pakistan. The political parties are visibly with all such colonial and neo-colonial foreign powers in destabilising and debilitating India. As a reaction to that mentality and political ideology, the BJP membership has been on the rise and today it has a multitude of intellectuals, academicians, scientists, lawyers, professional, business executives, students and spirited common people.

The opposition parties are not only heartless but dangerous. They are trying to call for a bloody uprising in Kashmir and tried to enter the valley to incite the mobs to resort to bloody riots on a mass scale. They have no compunction and empathy for more than 80 million Muslim women, suffering for the last 72 years of independence the trauma of instant talaq (called triple talaq in popular parlance). They displayed complete lack of humane qualities by opposing the legislation declaring triple talaq illegal.

Which ideology can ever justify such inhuman act? India has to meet the challenges in a democratic way without resorting to violence against these elements.

The answer lies in Narendra Modi and the luminaries named in the foregoing. India will have a cleaner political system as the fossilised political ideologies like socialism, communism, Marxism and all other shades of these will no more be able to do injustice of any kind to the people of India- political, social, economic.

They have been voted out for all times. Unless they modernise themselves- like the BJP has done in less than 2 decades since 1980, they have no future.

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