Theist, atheist or agnostic

How does it matter if someone believes in God or does not believe in God or even is unsure of God? People make irrational claims about God’s existence or non-existence and then make political capital of it. In the history of human quest for the truth, questions about God have engaged people’s attention for thousands of years.

The Hindu society is one of the few oldest knowledge societies where all questions regarding God had been debated elaborately and decided. There are schools of believers, non-believers and others not sure. So, when I read in newspapers that the Madras High Court has returned a ruling on the views of a local social reformer about God, I felt amused. Are courts competent to return a verdict on the existence or otherwise of God?

Indian society is the only liberal society which allowed all kinds of views on theology and tolerated birth of new religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism etc. Individuals are free to worship or not worship. If someone believes in God, there is no objection. If someone does not believe in God, still there is no objection. If someone is not sure about either, that too is okay. Religion for India is Sanaatan (continuing). One can go on searching answers about God as long as one wants without any fear of torture for blasphemy.

There are legends about scholars pursuing search for answers who had devoted their whole life coming to the conclusion Neti-neti or  know not, know not.

So, it matters not whether some social reformer, chose to pronounce a verdict on matters theological, theosophical, philosophical and hyper science of God and Creation. He was visibly ignorant of knowledge in these subjects and was spurred by his feelings, prejudices, biases or simply whims. God is not religion but pure science, if any intelligent person would like to scientifically study the complex laws of physics and arithmetic of the placement, positioning, motion and distance between stars, planets, galaxies and multiverses. .

I am not on belief when I say God is hyper science. He is the Creator of all things we see. He is the original internet of things. Human society has tried to encapsulate Him in a word: God. However, we don not really know His name. We are not even sure of His gender- He, She or unisex (Ardhanaariswara).

It is possible to unravel these principles of God’s science and attain a better understanding of it with the help of modern science and technology. It involves higher mathematics, real big data, diversity to the limits of eternity. It involves chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, medical science in all its branches and all that is covered by the word knowledge and also that which is likely to emerge in the future.

The science of creation as well as its management to perfection in auto-mode are enough to establish a cosmic Order people have chosen to attack, calling those who believe as fools.

Nothing could ever be more irrational of such guys, since an insult is bound to hit them back with an echo equally powerful.

While it is certainly their human right to deal with the subject of God as they wish, they must concede the same right to others without insulting or attacking them.

Such people owe an apology to the people who had concluded that there is God, who created everything and who runs the Cosmos in the most perfect scientific order.

Man-made gadgets have limited life while the Cosmos has been running for millions of years smoothly to the Godly Order.

Now for those atheists who killed God. They have succeeded in replacing God by themselves only. Their statues are put up at public places. They have converted themselves in to a substitute of God. They promote their own worship by their followers by distributing favours to some and denying it to others.

A crop of priests has sprouted to perform various rituals in structures raised in their name for the purpose of their worship. These priests imitate the decried ritual practices of the traditional religions like aarti, dhoop, deep and bhog to their idol of the social reformer. In effect, a worse set of social evils takes their place. You can reform rituals and/or practices but not God, as He is beyond reach.

The ludicrous part of the new religion of anti-God forces of social reformers is that they make the ordinary people prostrate physically before them, in a gesture of Hindu worshippers in temples, and beg for small mercies of them.

More than this continuing humiliation, the exile of God from people’s heart and mind and soul has added to growth of heinous crimes in society that were unheard of before modernity brought the social reformers on the scene.

There can be no vacuum in the human heart, mind or soul. So, crime occupies that space vacated by God therein under the influence of the social reformers. In the absence of awe of God, values are easily compromised. People start believing that they are free to do, act, live as they wish without any thought for any values. Social sanctions of public and private conduct are trashed. Juveniles take to crime early in life. There is no restraint of any kind and everyone seems to enjoy a licence to act totally arbitrary, uncivil, uncultured, uncouth. Self-seekers enjoy full freedom to do what they want: turn anti-social threatening life, liberty and property of the people.

They form political parties, contest elections, pull victories, enter legislatures and form the government. When God is killed the Devil alone rules. God and Devil are only two sides of the same coin: good and evil.

In modern times, the world has chosen evil in the name of prosperity, economic growth or development. People chase good life by any means: beg, borrow, steal.

The new mentality without any thought of God is driving people to crimes that were unimaginable only a 100 years ago. They will only increase. It will not stop till the end of the present Epoch of Kalyug, in terms of Hindu calculations of Time.

Social reformers, rationalists and others must henceforth treat the subject of God as pure science of the highest advancement and find answers to their queries in the most scientific manner. The answers are available, but they have to be recorded in human languages, which number in several thousands.

Finally, make friends with Him, not enemy, even if a social reformer in his unscientific zeal says so.

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