Media Trans-National Companies

An enormous amount of negative news about India is traded by trans- National Media Companies like the BBC, NYT, The Washington Post and others of their genre.

They have their commission agents, merchant partners and stringers in India.

Like other MNCs in other high-tech areas, these MNCs & TNCs know their operational objectives in India. Only the Indian government, media and journalists are not aware of their designs on India and its people. May be business interests make them look away.

It is high time conscious efforts are made to sensitize the masses about them, especially the youth. Information is valuable but   disinformation devaluing.

The TNCs like the BBC have enjoyed monopoly in the media in India for all these years.

In fact, the BBC had enjoyed a dominant status in the media space in India, which is the envy of many others like the NYT, TWP, CNN and several others.

The BBC had won people’s trust due to its monopoly and dominance in the market.

Of late, its marketing practices have started ringing alarm bells for social harmony, good governance, transparency and democracy in India.

It has joined the traders of fake news, coloured news, agenda driven news.

It has fallen in public esteem as an honest, clean and objective media company. That is not a good sign for anybody.

Fortunately for India, the people possess better understanding of local and global issues than these media TNCs would like to imagine. Their influence has reduced drastically after the social media challenged their monopoly on the news merchandise.

After fake news, dark news, paid news and other information viruses started spreading fast, their diagnosis placed many sources in quarantine forever.

Even the BBC has lost its number 1 place among audiences in India. Nobody switches on to the BBC first, as used to be the case till about 2 decades ago. Today, it is tuned in to know the line of propaganda it is pursuing about Kashmir, minorities, Hindus, government, political leaders, business, industry, education, health, innovations, inventions, social, culture, religious, justice, economic, political and host of other issues.

By now, the people can tell in advance the line of thought of the BBC, NYT, TWP, WSJ, Guardian and their cousins. Objectivity stands compromised forever in so far as these MNC/TNC media Houses are concerned.

It is a matter of grave concern. It is poses greater danger than Pakistan sponsored terror attacks. After all, they deal in “Weapons of Soft Power”. The conduct of many news channels after the amendment to the Constitution of India abrogating Article 370 & 35A on 5th August 2019 has been highly offending and questionable. Do they think their approval is necessary before constitutional amendment by the parliament of India?

They have been carrying on news attacks ever since in collusion with their compatriots in India. Many of these are called the Lutyens media and the Khan Market Gang. What a fall?

Journalists, who enjoyed a status next only to the legislature, executive and the judiciary stand reduced to petty merchants dealing in news products, news junk and news trash.

Note the abuse of the English language by journalists coining phrases like “Hindutva Excesses”. Is it not newspaper excesses?

The sanctity of the word has been tainted by them.

Word is another name for God as the holiest of all.

Today false makes the fast selling news.

Imaginary narratives couched as “Breaking News” bombard innocent audiences with confusion galore, inducing them to commit instant crimes of violence against others or the state.

As most of these companies are losing business, they will indulge in more deplorable conduct to destabilise government and other Indian national institutions.

They began with the prime minister, followed by the Army Chief, then the Chief Justice of India and now the parliament of India. They need to be countered effectively. Criticizing them or calling them names e.g. “Firangi Media” is not an effective response from us. Is there something else to do?

Before they mount more vicious organized agenda driven attacks, the parliament should make Anti-Trust Law.

The best alternative is to set up our own MNC media house matching the BBC, CNN, NYT, TWP etc.

With determination and help of technology at their disposal, the new generation of journalists can surpass the best media Multi National Companies in the world and establish their brand name. India cannot afford to keep importing news and views from them all the while as we aim to be an economic superpower soon.

Can we also become a News Superpower in the future providing authentic feed not only to India but Asia, Africa and other countries on national and global matters?

Presently MNCs/TNCs have established Media Colonies in Asia, Africa and other developing countries. The CNN or the BBC never tell the audiences in Asia or Africa about anything happening in their own countries. Instead they are mostly Inside Africa or Asia! How far they are reliable? Are they not broadcasting ‘edited’ version of developments inside Africa, Asia, India, Pakistan, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka or North Korea?

Why should the population in these countries consume fake news adulterated with the toxicity of trade, economy, political or religious agenda?

India ought to set up on top priority infrastructure to cover all these countries and provide clean news. The extant broadcast in hundreds of foreign languages by AIR is not enough in the present times when fake news acts like WMD and has the potential of starting another World War. It needs to be supplemented with news about these countries along with news about India. The potential is great since we had foreign relations with many of these countries from times immemorial.

It is a tough challenge to face but can be won. The TNCs/MNCs have already entered into long term monopoly rights agreements with Indian media companies. The INX Media case is just a small example. The former Finance Minister and Home Minister for 10 years is in judicial custody in the case. As anti-corruption measures are taken in larger numbers, the media monopoly cases will surface gradually.

It is the right time for the Indian journalists to set up their own independent media organization to give these TNCs/MNCs a real tough competition. The objectives of the two are bound to clash because the one will serve the people while the other will do anything for its business.

The venture would need both equity capital as well as human resources of the world class. Who reports faithfully in case of the Chandrayan-2: BBC, NYT, WP or Indian media houses?

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