India Vanquishes Pakistan

The candid acknowledgement of Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan that it cannot win a conventional war against India ever in future is a turning point in not only India-Pakistan relations but also heralds a revolutionary change in the regional politics. No earlier Prime Minister of Pakistan had spoken so frankly of the reality. Imran Khan has understood the anti-people strategy of the Pakistani military Generals and their cohort Mullahs, who are war hungry for their personal gains of exercising power over the poor masses and swindling public money in the name of Kashmir, war and religion.

The Pakistan Army Chief and the ISI might have been planning a full-fledged war against India after the Balakot strike, but Imran was quick to learn the fact of the futility of such impractical and costly venture. He seems to have studied the past efforts of the Pakistan military, all of which ended in crushing defeat of Pakistan and enhanced misery for the poor people. This was the reason for his candid admission that Pakistan cannot win a conventional war against India.

So, the other option that the zealot Generals, ISI and radical Mullahs were trying to sell to Prime Minister Imran Khan to threaten India was using nuclear weapons, which Imran rejected. He knows the dangers of such a humongous mis-adventure as also the limitations. He knows the control exercised by super-powers on rogue countries itching to use nuclear weapons. He also knows the devastation that Pakistan faces in the eventuality of a nuclear war with India: its name may be erased from the world political map!

Imran’s statement was guarded and meant to drill some discipline into rogue military and intelligence personnel on the one hand and the Mullahs on the other. It also chastised international terrorists and Taliban dreaming of a rogue Pakistan starting a nuclear war. Imran voiced the cries for a nuclear war saying that Pakistan will not make first use of nuclear weapons. That silenced the nuclear war-mongers. Everybody knows that India will never start a nuclear war.

Pakistan knows that India needs no war. It is a peaceful country. It also knows that issues between the two countries can be solved by negotiations. Pakistan knows that it is in illegal occupation of PoK. It also knows that it has failed to serve the people of PoK well. It knows that the people of PoK don’t want to remain in Pakistan and favour merger with J&K of India.

Pakistan also knows that its new all-weather friend China will never allow it to go into a war with India because its CPEC project will be ruined if any such war-conventional or nuclear- takes place between the two countries.

It also knows that its bankrupt economy will go to the dogs if it goes into a nuclear war. It also knows that it has lost the trust of the Ummah, who will give it no charity. It knows that America will not help it financially. It knows that the international terrorists on the UN list operating from its soil are a very big liability, which threaten the very survival of Pakistan.

It knows that its game in Afghanistan has ended and it can’t afford to disturb peace in that country. It knows that its balkanization/ breaking is imminent and if it does not establish democracy soon, its very existence is endangered.

Above all, the Pakistan civil society has realized that the military, Mullahs, terrorists and the Taliban are responsible for the misery of the people of Pakistan who are struggling hard for even a frugal meal of a Naan a day.

They know that the world has changed. They see no future for the narrow fundamentalist policy of Pakistan, which has stood between the people and progress, development, economic well-being. There are millions of Pakistanis living and working abroad, who have seen development and compare their own country with it. They know the illegal assets accumulated by the military Generals and other ranks, ISI, Mullahs, International Terrorists and Taliban in foreign countries, banks and tax havens. They don’t support the military even though they do not voice their opinion. Once Pakistan tastes democracy, they will attack all these criminals openly.

The feedback though has reached Imran, who has taken the risk of telling his mind bluntly to the army generals, ISI, Mullahs, International Terrorists in Pakistan and the Taliban.

He had no other choice. Because, if he bought the military war rhetoric and committed the blunder of his life to start a war- conventional or nuclear-he would have been blamed for the defeat, executed by the military rulers under the watch of the Pakistan judiciary, which would then have the justification for imposing Marshal Law once again. The Pakistani awam are sick of these tricks and disgusted to even hear of them again.

Obviously, the military of Pakistan does not enjoy the trust of the people and that has made Imran bold enough to discard forever another conventional war against India and also assure that Pakistan would never start a nuclear war.

But the military has never cared for public feelings or views. Does it mean no war without the civilian government’s permission?

The Army in Pakistan is quite capable of taking arbitrary decision of another war without even consulting prime minister Imran, whom it has already publicized as a playboy and Dimran (meaning dim witted Imran) and placed him in the company of similar politicians in India who have received maximum public ridicule.  Contrary to the Army’s publicity & propaganda machinery’s machinations, Imran Khan has outsmarted them by calling their bluff in the name of Kashmir. He has used his experience as an international cricketer of Pakistan’s real image in the eyes of the other countries in the world. He has refused to buy in to the Army’s narrative on Kashmir and war on India.

Imran has declared that he is “anti-war and a pacifist”. He has addressed the public directly and admonished them against going to the LoC (Line of control) till he personally asks them to do so.

It is too much of an affront to the Pakistani army- a politician overruling it publicly!

It means that even if the Army brass were to start a war, the soldiers are likely to defy them and disobey and the public will rise in revolt against them. It has never happened in Pakistan’s life of 72 years and marks a welcome change to a civilized form of government.

What Prime Minister Imran Khan has conveyed is that the army, ISI, Mullahs, Terrorists, Taliban change their rhetoric and adopt a more civilized way of living. It calls for a change of thinking and working.

 It establishes a process for peaceful development, cooperation and mutual understanding. It is another matter as to how long the war hungry Pakistani Army will tolerate such a prime minister.

It is a historic moment. It is a Great Victory for India. It is the biggest defeat of Pakistan Army/ISI. It is the most humiliating defeat of the Mullahs, international terrorists operating from the soil of Pakistan and the Taliban.

It is a rather very peaceful victory for India. We will see a positive change in the geo-political situation in the coming days. We will see revolutionary economic changes taking place in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and other countries.

These developments have dazed many in India. This is not what they had ever imagined. They are so frustrated that they have started a war of words against the government and are engaged on provoking Pakistan to keep fighting. They have full support of the Lutyens Gang, Khan Market Gang and foreign print and electronic media.

They are hoping against hope that the Pakistani Generals will prevail over their Prime Minister and do something.

That something is a series of terrorist attacks in several cities in India, massacre in Kashmir Valley, attacks in Jammu, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh. Destruction of monuments and national institutions. They want to create mayhem to create the impression that abrogation of Article 370 and 35A is responsible for all this.

And their patron foreign media are ready with scripts which will be published, broadcast and televised instantly to defame, weaken and harm India.

These gangs have exploited the India Pakistan enmity for personal aggrandizement for full 72 years! They hold a variety of good-will ventures to benefit. Even a seminar or literary festival is a good cover to make money and bleed India by incessant verbal attacks in the press/media.

Unfortunately for them, their time is over! That is why they are yelling!

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