Jharkhand Assembly Election Results

The Jharkhand assembly elections have brought cheers to the anti-Narendra Modi lobby. The Congress Party is celebrating it as its victory. Only the Congress can celebrate its defeat as victory! It did the same in Maharashtra, which again was its defeat celebrated as victory.

It is defeat of every contesting party in Jharkhand as also Maharashtra because they have failed to get a clear mandate from the voters to form a government. The result is that Maharashtra voters are still waiting for the formation of the council of ministers after 30 days of the swearing in of the chief minister, which is delayed because of fight about distribution of portfolios. The voters must be feeling cheated in Maharashtra since their mandate was stolen by parties denied people’s mandate to rule Maharashtra. If the popular mandate is stolen, hijacked or vetoed by one person , it bodes ill for a healthy democracy. The voters verdict was for a pre-poll alliance of the BJP-SS and not the Congress or the Nationalist Congress or any other party.

In Jharkhand it is in favour of a pre-poll alliance . If the BJP tries to hijack it in the Maharashtra style, it will be blamed for weakening democracy succumbing to the lure of power like any other power-hungry party(ies). It can follow the corrupt to form a government in Jharkhand or hold on to the high moral standards set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Compromising on ethics, morals and values is bartering away democracy for the rule of the worst, unsuitable and undeserving to subject the masses to political tyranny and its pains.

Clearly the BJP was defeated in Jharkhand. For the purposes of  political analysis, more than the “defeat” of the BJP it is necessary to subject the alliance of disparate parties to join hands to only “block/ stop” the BJP. Hate alone bonds them. They hate clean government, transparency, strong and stable government. They hate the leadership whether by the BJP or pre-BJP periods. They do not mean to provide a better government than provided by the BJP. In fact, they don’t intend to provide good government. They derive immense illegal benefits from a corrupt leader and government.

Reading victory or defeat of Congress, Communists, NCP of Pawar, JMM of Shibu Soren and other sundry parties or BJP, ideologies, national or state level issues does not cut much ice as the voter is the same for parliament and state assembly elections, who votes after taking into  consideration issues, ideologies and other factors. That is why it is necessary to take into consideration the real factors for such mercurial patterns of voting.

Two significant factors emerge. One is the BJP’s high moral ground in politics. It has gained a good reputation for transparency but has paid a  heavy price for it in state assembly elections. The voter demands so many things like waiver of farm loans, high support prices for crops, higher wages for labour, free electricity & water, free houses etc. Besides, they need “help” in day to day matters like school admissions, hospitalisation, employment, postings , transfers, promotions, protection against police action, legal matters and other similar distressing and harassing hassles of daily life. The BJP has failed to meet these demands where it had its government: Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh or Jharkhand. Its cadres have cut a very sorry figure before the citizens approaching them for help. Contrary to this model of governance, the other parties had won the support of the people by doing everything to appear to be helpful. That approach and reputation had kept the morale of its cadres high as they proudly meet the people and promise to help even what might  appear to be impossible under the extant laws and procedures. The BJP cadres, on the contrary, look helpless in extending any such help. India continues to be a poor country where votes for state assemblies are cast. Therefore the voter has to make a choice between promise of farm loan waiver or transparency, help or helplessness, moral precepts or practical approach.

The other factor is narrow communal considerations wrapped in secular rhetoric against the policy of Sabka saath, sabka vikas propounded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and envisaged in the constitution of India.

Hate mongering is an effective tool in the hands of the power hungry politicians encouraged private interests and financed by foreign inimical forces. Misuse of press and electronic media, academia, writers, educational institutions and religious podiums are some of the better known tools of the hate mongering communities.

They harm larger public good to serve only themselves and their dynasty. The delay in forming the council of ministers in Maharashtra highlights the point that it is not for talent scouting that the delay occurs but tough negotiations take place for lucrative portfolios. Unless one has the power to do favour or disfavour, s/he can’t exercise power. That style of wielding power makes a politician a popular leader and win state assembly elections. Though it is supposed to be democracy and rule of law, in reality the state of affairs at the ground level is worsened than the worst feudal rulership of the Rajas & Nawabs. In a way these politicians are the new rajas and nawabs enjoying immense authority over the life of the ordinary masses. While the poor have become poorer, these leaders have become hugely rich (from pauper to crorepati i.e. millionaire in just 70 years by converting politics in to the most lucrative business in India today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the model of political business by reaching state benefits meant for the poor to the target groups and individuals in the true spirit of sabka saath sabka vikas. It is this conflict of interest that makes many hate him. They are indeed hurt, their sources of illegal income have dried up and their muscle power, which was used to intimidate the ordinary, rendered ineffective. How can they tolerate a leader like Narendra Modi? How can they tolerate honest and resolute leadership in their own parties? They live by dynasticism and subvert the constitution in practice. They demand loyalty of their cadres in the spirit of the old feudal lords and dislike honest civil servants who insist on performing their duties as mandated by the law. They prefer a totally committed bureaucracy- committed to the leader and punish those showing spine.

The voter understands these nuances better than the elements running non-stop campaigns inciting disaffection for Narendra Modi and his government. They are beneficiaries of the free toilets, houses, gas connection, electricity, higher support prices of farm produce, direct transfer of subsidies to their bank accounts, pensions, insurance and many other benefits. Yet they chose others for illusory promises of farm loan waivers, jobs, pensions etc. On the one hand they had actual benefits in tangible terms and on the other they will keep dreaming. For 70 years they were denied actual benefits and given only promises. It has reached them under the Modi government in less than 70 months.  How is it that Narendra Modi ensured they receive their due in just 5 years? If the winners of state assembly polls return to capture power at the centre, the voters will get only promises but no actual benefits.

That is not all. It is not simply political parties of India alone but major disruptive and destabilising forces acting against India, irrespective who runs the government. India is no super power like the big 5. It has been constantly targeted since 1947. Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and now Narendra Modi – all have been on the target and were subjected to advanced soft power attacks from time to time. India, as shall be summed up by historians in the future when the country becomes strong, has adopted an independent course from the very beginning. When the world was divided in to power blocks created on ideological basis, India chose to remain “non-aligned”. All its attributes and strengths, such as its ancient identity, culture, philosophy, religion, language, leadership, entrepreneurship, huge agriculture, industrial and business infrastructure, human development, skill level, education level and scientific achievements were either deprecated or derided. This dastardly process continues even today. It is more with a strong leader like Narendra Modi navigating the country. Their agents, who were sleeper cells so far, have of late started participating in direct action to create law & order problems, destroying public & private property, large scale social media campaigns to hurt the economy and the government.

It is an attack on India and the people of India.

They are treating the loss of state governments in Jharkhand and other states as a sign of weakening support base of Narendra Modi. They are mis-reading the voters’ mind. The BJP lost power in states not because Modi is not popular but because its state leadership was not popular. Power does not make a leader popular, popularity makes a good leader. The BJP cadres should have improved, learnt and grown to shoulder the responsibilities under a leader like Narendra Modi and not depend on cashing on his popularity alone without delivering good governance. Modi is popular because he has promised a clean government and delivered 100% on his promise to the country without a single blemish on him or his government, which is great achievement when it is compared to the historic corruption of the previous Manmohan Singh led Congress government.

Modi had made the promise “naa khaungaa, naa khaane doongaa” and proved that it was possible to run a clean government without indulging in corruption in a democracy. So, loss of power for his party in states like Jharkhand does not reflect on his governance or policies but the weakness of democracy itself, where political parties can succeed by  promises like loan waivers or jobs or mass bribing like gifting high value gadgets or jewellery. When the rich fail to resist small temptations can the poor be expected otherwise? People’s participation, required for a healthy democracy, is reduced to exercising the voting power once in 5 years. The poor voters can’t be blamed for it. It only goes to prove that corrupt means to win elections works at state level when national issues are not at the centre of grant or denial of the popular mandate in an election.

Democracy and rule of law suffer the worst consequences when ministers indulge in corruption, thereby crippling the public services which are the only agencies of delivering public services. Public servants can do their duty as mandated under the law ONLY if the ministers allow them to perform their duties faithfully and fearlessly without being reined or shackled or intimidated. Absence of a functioning healthy administration of public services proves oppressive and atrocious for the citizens when the powers charged with the responsibility to perform as per the law conduct the affairs of the state indulge in manipulating it to serve vested interests.

Whose interests such a government serves if not the people of India? Obviously, enemies of the nation and the people of India. These forces remain behind thick veils and operate in a highly sophisticated style through corrupt government, heads of government and the ministers, public servants, businesses, organised religious bureaucracies owning allegiance to foreign religious authority, crime syndicates, direct or indirect military intervention, interference with the elections or the whole process of government formation or running thereby supporting unstable or weak government. A strong leader is their biggest enemy who must be removed or attacked in all possible ways. It is prosperity by other means for them through robbing the assets of a country. It can be the worst kind of exploitation through spreading poverty. Poverty spreads backwardness. Backwardness leads to enslavement of a people. Who will protect the country from such predators? Only a strong and resolute leader holds some promise to India which has suffered for a whole millennia foreign rule!

Is there any hope of emergence of leadership in India which will excel the record of prime minister Narendra Modi? Are the people required to participate actively in grooming high grade leadership? The failure of the democratic process in Maharashtra and Jharkhand does not signal any such possibility in the near future as the vested interest groups’ allying with each other to hijack the popular mandate as in Maharashtra or coming together of tainted politicians as in Jharkhand hints at a contrary scenario.

Political parties committed to purely public service and not power for serving private interests will need to play a very active role henceforth. If they fail now, they will be guilty of historic blunders for which they would not be able to forgive themselves. Change any government or any leader if public interest dictates so, but don’t participate in violence spurred by enemies of the people and the nation. Change is the only constant law of Nature. Present parties and leaders are bound to be changed in due course without any intervention from outside the country. But if the enemies of the people and the nation have started a war, the masses must shed their inertia and participate actively in nation building. If violence threatens the survival of a clean government, people must extend their support to sustain it.

Hate is the bonding material of the political parties across ideological divide: they hate Narendra Modi intensely. He symbolises for them the  Indian masses. They hate the masses because they are peace loving and abhor violence. The hate mongers have their icons known globally as terrorists and mafia. Hate is a very dangerous emotion which fills the mind of its practitioner with powerful criminal intent like assassination of the head of a state or government and other important leaders, lone wolf attacks on civil society or forming terrorist groups to wreak havoc in society. The practitioner suffers huge mental disorder and may not get treated. Her or his victims suffer in various ways like loss of life or valuable assets and the nation’s infrastructure and business is harmed. Hate ruins the economy for decades. The hater can’t, therefore, be ignored. Whatever is required to be done must be done to nip the evil in the bud. Haters have no place in a civilised society. They can’t be reformed or brought back to live normal life. They can only be vanquished.

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