Commentaries on CAA Defy Strategic Thought

Emotional outbursts on matters strategic cut no ice. Citizenship (Amendment) Act has evoked emotional reactions from all brands of secularists in the political firmament. Saying Mahatma Gandhi was for equal respect for all religions is forgetting conveniently the fact that it was tragically defied by Jinnah. The result was mass massacre of innocent men, women and children in 1947 solely on the basis of religion and oppression of those left behind.

India to which the Mahatma commended respect for all faiths was gone forever and Pakistan was created on the basis of religion.

There would not have arisen the need for India to pass the Citizenship (Amendment) Act had Pakistan practiced the Gandhian edict of equal respect for all faiths.

Pakistan has been persecuting Hindu, Sikh and other religious minority sections living in Pakistan for 70 years.

Pakistan is an Islamic country.

India is a secular country.

How long can India remain secular when Pakistan practices terrorism and persecution as state policy?

It is advisable to leave matters of religion to religious scholars without the politician taking over the pulpit and delivering sermons freely in rallies, agitations, TV debates, newspaper articles or university campuses.

Matters of faith, philosophy or spirituality can’t be decided by frivolous secularism of the questionable kind touted by the Hindu secularists or minority radicals posing a threat to the very existence of the so called “majority”.

These secularists sell because they deliver their spiel in India to tag themselves as liberal leftist modern and all other USPs. Can they do the same if they decide to relocate to Pakistan or Bangladesh or Afghanistan or other Islamic countries?

Can they publish their articles in Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Afghani newspapers denouncing religious fundamentalism as they do so liberally in India?

Why do these secular male & female writers discard the secular fashion wear they don while in India the moment they enter Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan even for literary festivals?

Are these simulators of secularism  prepared to answer real hard questions to test their (political) power secularism?

Is their secularism a device to get political support of just one minority to get political power as they have so far ignored other minorities?

Can the most strident opponent of CAA offer to give her seat to a fellow party-man or woman from the minority? Can the others joining her give similar opportunity in their respective state ruled by them?

Watch for America and Europe change course in the immediate future due to the arrival of hordes of refugees in their country  changing the demographic profile of the localities they inhabit to test their superficial adherence to secularism and human rights.

While the hyper secular forces in India carry on their virulent campaigns, they ought to leave strategic policy decisions to the government and the wisdom of the parliament.

India has a constitution which provides for an independent judiciary as the third organ of the State which tests the vires of all legislation enacted by the parliament and Assemblies. It is a functional vibrant institution,  wiser than all the agitators on the streets. There is no need to exhibit muscle power on the roads as wisdom flows from thinking minds and not bullying ones.

Are these street fighters for giving similar rights to terrorists under the garb of persecution? Are these terrorists persecuted or oppressed in Pakistan? Lunatic idea indeed!

Similarly, instead of interpreting the treatises without studying them properly and comprehensively, it is advisable for active politicians, journalists, writers and actors claiming to represent the entire civil society to leave them to the care of the religious scholars who don’t indulge in politics. There are many world class scholars on all religions practiced in India.

Whom these secular forces are advising to be pure secularist: majority or minority? Are they sure the “minority” is ready to give equal respect to the religion of the “majority”? Are they sure Pakistan is ready to respect its religious minorities? Do they think if Pakistan persecutes and oppresses its Hindu minority, India should do nothing? Perhaps they think killing the Sikh minority in Pakistan or attacking the Gurudwara there is an act of secularism and proof of equal respect for all faiths? The agitators professing secularism by opposing CAA are suffering acute emotional disorder induced by unbridled political ambition which makes them ridiculous in the eyes of strategic thinkers everywhere!

Stop professing secularism merely for political purpose by virulence against the majority whose religion you either love not or respect not or discard without imbibing the religion of the minority.

Throwing Iftaar parties serving food from 5 star hotels at the tax payers’ cost or raising hands in dummy prayer without knowing what is being done by you and the other Namazis is not secularism.

Start practising genuine secularism- religious, cultural, social, trade and patriotic.

Start eating food from minority Dhabas or restaurants. Offer the same food to your  God in prayer.

It is about India, not Narendra Modi guys!

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