BJP’s Bewilderment & Congress’s Wonderment

The BJP is unable to see the cause of sudden fury on streets. Started under the garb of student agitation against increase in hostel fee in the JNU, it turned in to an agitation against the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). The Jamia Millia Islamia and the Aligarh Muslim University students and faculty jumped in to the agitation ostensibly to extend support to the agitating JNU students.

The innocuous took little time to turn vicious.

The Congress Party has been looking for such an opening since 2014, abetted by the Communist Parties. The TMC of Mamata Banerjee was carrying its own anti-central government tirade and behaving as independent of the Republic of India.

Delhi is the national capital with presence of embassies of all countries, including Pakistan and the Vatican. Heavy presence of the press and media here picks up even the faintest sound and spins it as it suits its partisan interests without caring for neutrality. Fortunately their credibility is very low these days. Hence, the portrayal of events by them does not influence public opinion though it makes their business profitable. In today’s world gains have got priority over sacrifice. So, even a good piece of legislation like the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has been portrayed as “controversial”.

The name of the universities has been misused for narrow political purpose.

All political parties have their student wings and have been active in student and teacher politics to the detriment of academics.

The Congress Party has asked its leaders to organise similar protests in   foreign universities for propaganda against CAA to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi primarily.

So, we have commissioned articles published in Indian English language newspapers.

The mischief lies in marketing these articles as from professors of famous universities like Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard. A reading of the article reveals the mischief in a few seconds when you find “desi” professors working or guest faculty or even part-time tutors in some foreign university giving their superficial opinion as that of a famed world university!

I wonder if the Oxford university would like its fair name and academic reputation to be maligned by these Desi guys? These guys have contributed nothing for improving academic standards or research in India but have gone over to foreign universities because that is beneficial without making any contribution like setting up an Oxford or Cambridge or Harvard in India. They are superficial about India as they certainly are about Oxford or Cambridge or Harvard. Getting employment abroad is easy but setting up a world class university in India is a different matter.

Leaving aside how someone takes the CAA, what is more important here is to analyse the bewilderment of the BJP leaders and wonderment of the Congress.

The BJP should introspect why it has not been able to win the minds of the campus community in the universities.

The BJP has shied away from intelligentsia generally and journalists particularly. It might have its student wing but remains a minority against the fading-in-to-history  communist parties and the Congress Party. Why is it so? Has the BJP the courage to honestly introspect?

Such an analysis is not for the benefit of the BJP alone but for the whole country, especially the academic community comprising students and professors.

The bewilderment of Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of UP, deserves serious consideration by all. His bewilderment emanates from the disproportionate influence the communists/left parties have over the students and professors. Yogi Adityanath feels anti-national slogans on campuses of some universities are disturbing and indicative of extremism and Naxalites on campuses. It is a belated disillusionment on the part of a leader of the BJP and his followers. The BJP, like the communists, is caught in the past and refuse to change. The BJP has to acknowledge the urgent need for respect for modern education, intelligentsia, university teachers, learners and research scholars. Living on the past glory 24×7 does not sell.

With the quiet evaporation of “revolution” communism had long been archived as a working political ideology.

Today, even the leading nations of the communist movement have exchanged the supposed Devil and God- they are economic and trade partners with the capitalist countries like America. The Indian communists had derided, demonised and abused America more stridently than Mamata Banerji attacking Narendra Modi.

It was the communist rhetoric, particularly the hate mongering against America and the “rich” in India, which easily won the communists  support of students and teachers. The communist rhetoric cast a spell on everybody capable of reading or listening carefully the leaders speeches in public. Everybody wanted to be rich like Tata or Birla (repeated in speeches of left leaders). The feudal system in operation before 1947 in India and its practice for decades after independence  had deeply angered the farmers, labourers, factory workers, teachers, students, government employees and the public generally. It was a ready audience for the communists to market their ideology.

The Congress Party came to power and ruled India as a monolith, but corruption overtook the party’s ideology, which alienated the people gradually. The Congress became weak.

The situation was exploited by the communist party, which extended support to the Congress party and exploited it by capturing the entire intellectual space in India in the name of progressive and liberal polity. This explains how they came to dominate institutions of higher education like the JNU. As the ruling Congress went on making mistakes after mistakes, the communist parties went on extending their area of influence. The Emergency gave them the opportunity to agitate against the Congress and later support the Congress whenever it needed  support to survive.

Since the communists (extremists/Naxalites) had arrived on college and university campuses much before the BJP its leaders should not be bewildered. The BJP has started wooing the students very late and the teachers even latter. Intellectually, it remained chained to the ancient Indian glory, creating an impression that it was opposed to modernity. It failed to endear itself extensively without presenting a modern thinkers’ party.

If students and teachers are extending it support in limited numbers now, it is not for its ideology but against the violence of the left and Congress student and teacher wings.

The charm of the communist jargon has broken, creating an intellectual  vacuum for the left followers on campuses, journalists and others  addicted to it like the contemporary world addicted to the internet.

While the internet has reason to cast its spell in spite of genuine anti-internet movements in several countries, the communist rhetoric and jargon is dead now. Revolution(Marxian) has been replaced by the information revolution(IR) and artificial intelligence(AI) disrupting business of the communists, who have the only option to close down as is the case with several MNCs. The falling numbers are spurring them to use violence on campus to survive.

Has the Congress gained or lost in the process? It is confused and survives on old Congress adherents, who still love Mahatma Gandhi & Jawaharlal Nehru. The present Congress bears no resemblance to them. But the middle path adopted by Jawaharlal Nehru won him and the Congress a large chunk of supporters. This makes for the core of India.

The present Congress party has abandoned this path and is in doldrums. It is ideologically confused. Its leaders have antagonised the Hindu population of India, who believe that the Congress Party is anti-Hindu.

The charge of appeasement seems validated as the Congress Party frequently takes to anti-Hindu activities and use extremely derogatory language against Hindus and their faith. Its Minister for culture in the UPA government under Dr. Manmohan Singh crossed the limits of decency and civilized behaviour and took to perversity, heresy and blasphemy to file an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India stating on oath that Lord Ram was a fictional character!

When punished severely in elections, its President Rahul Gandhi started wearing a Janeu (sacred thread worn by the Hindu) and made a show of it in public to its ridicule. In spite of such horrendous mistakes the Congress party continues to give the impression that it will not do anything that might hurt (imaginary) the “sentiments” of minority (meaning Muslim and Christian). It has no regrets for what it had done in 1984 to another minority in India. Rahul Gandhi contested from Wyanad in Kerala in 2019 parliamentary elections. Why? Only because it was a Muslim dominated constituency leaving his traditional constituency of Amethi in UP. Its opposition to the Triple Talaq Act, abolition of Article 370/35A, Surgical strike and Balakot establish beyond any reasonable doubt that it can ruin India and public interest for vote bank politics.

The Congress Party’s current opposition to CAA is unfair, unscrupulous, unethical, unconstitutional, anti-national, anti-Hindu and anti-people of India.

The Congress Party  seems to enjoy the atrocities perpetrated on the minority Hindu population in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, who are victims of pernicious partition of their country without their permission making them refugees in their own country which the undivided India was.

What kind of politics the Congress party, communists, TMC, SP, NCP, SS and others are doing? They seem to stand by forces who have  agitated for referendum in Kashmir. They now fight for Azadi for Kashmir in Jamia, JNU, AMU or other campuses!

The students and the teachers have rejected the congress as well as the leftists and have been searching anxiously for alternatives. The AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) formed under the illusion of Anna Hazare led India Against Corruption movement, disenchanted its activists in less than a year and disappointed all others earnestly looking for a worthy alternative.

The BJP has not risen to the occasion to win the minds of the knowledge society and continues to dwell in the past.

If the BJP wants to understand, here is a simple illustration for their benefit. We are living in Kaliyug. Shri Ram took avtar in Treta. Treta was followed by Dwapar when Shri Krishna took avtar. Please try to understand the significance and change. If you don’t change, CAA or any other law benefiting the Hindus will be opposed by the Congress led anti-Hindu conglomerate. The Hindu society has to change faster than others, if you want common civil code. There are several outdated customs which need to be discarded similar to Triple Talaq in our Muslim community. Failure to do so leaves an ardent adherent to the BJP like Yogi Adityanath totally bewildered. It erodes the great achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, won by hard work in the last 6 years.

Narendra Modi comes from the Indian Hindu community but he does not belong to it as he belongs to India. Learn to belong to India and promote Indianness. For the new India Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying,  everyone has to love Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru and all other leaders of modern India, who have contributed to development after independence. The Congress Party has abandoned them and alienated itself but Narendra Modi was smart enough to embrace them. If he has made such a grand success of his political career by doing so why are his followers spoiling it? Why can’t they simply follow their leader in honesty and sincerity?

Narendra Modi is acceptable to students and teachers in universities and institutions of knowledge because he has an open mind while his supporters suffer from a closed mind.

Unless they attract the intelligentsia, journalists, creative writers, authors, knowledge workers in larger numbers fast, they should be ready to suffer complete wipe out like what they have seen in states recently.

Honesty in public life is admired by the masses but it needs to be insulated from opponents.

An epic poet venturing on his project needs to pray to the Lord for removing all obstacles in his venture (Lord Ganesh as the Vighnaharata in Hindu religion) and the Muse (Maa Saraswati in Hindu religion) and thereafter the khal or the mischievous minds who can upend even an epic into a vulgar product. To understand these minds in politics one needs to learn, train and practice modern education and skills.

Simply wondering at how the extremists and Naxalites have reached the university communities is not enough. Failing to understand it would  provide openings to the wonderment and merry making for the Congress and others allied to them before/after polls.

Campus violence should not be allowed to fill the vacuum created by the vanishing Marxist magic. It has to be filled by better content for the hungry minds/learners on the university campuses. It can be done by assimilating modern ideas and language of communication. Presently both the students and the teachers are not fully engaged in pursuing studies as in universities abroad. Foreign universities offer their learners and research scholars so much work that they have no time for silly agitations as in the JNU, AMU, HCU or Jamia.

India needs research for development. It is needed for conflict resolution. It is needed for poverty alleviation. It is needed to create jobs. It is needed to raise the level of politics of the country, strengthen democracy and bring prosperity to the people of India.

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