Protests Costly Distraction

When outdated political ideologies and defeated parties have nothing better to do, they organise protests.

Protests like the current one against CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) fall in this category.

But parties like the Congress, Communist Party of India, CPI(M), TMC, RJD, NCP, SP and several others which lost the popular mandate to rule India only in May 2019 are in the vanguard of the agitation.

They are unable to swallow the humiliation of defeat in the parliamentary elections once again after having been defeated in 2014 by a decisive mandate.

They claim to be secular, fighting for the rights of the minorities.

The CAA is to extend protection to the minorities in Pakistan who are being persecuted since the partition of the country.

These parties and their leaders have no sympathy for the minorities in Pakistan and their heart does not move against rapes, abductions, murders and forced conversion of their daughters to Islam. They have not condemned Pakistan for these atrocities and persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan even once in these 72 years. What kind of secularism is it? What kind of Islam does Pakistan practice?

Had these politicians, intellectuals, academicians and media persons protested these atrocities against minorities in Pakistan even once, they would have been worth public trust for their KAA protests. Without it, their protests are ill advised and devoid of ethics.

The religious minorities in Pakistan are hunted, harassed, humiliated, hurt, beaten, maimed, brutalized, burnt and murdered without any protection of the government or law.

They have no rights- not even basic human rights to life or dignity or justice.

These victims of Pakistani atrocities are Hindu, Sikh, Jain and include even Christians.

Pakistan is an Islamic country.

Who must come to their help?

They are the unfortunate victims of partition of India in 1947 as they could not exit Pakistan in time and were compelled by circumstances beyond their power to stay in Pakistan.

The CAA is an enabling provision in the law to provide the refugees among them who fled Pakistan to save their lives and honour of their women.

How can the Congress Party protest such a law?

Is the Congress leadership totally insensitive?

Is the Congress Party simply immune to Hindu interests, Sikh interests, Jain interests, Buddhist interests?

Is the Congress Party anti-Hindu?

Other parties are only fishing in troubled waters. They are neither sincere to their professed ideology nor public interest. For them capturing political power is the only aim.

On their own, none of the parties opposing CAA can win a parliament election in the next 50 years.

They are already archived. They hope to get some seat by playing dirty communal politics as they see the Muslim voters as vote bank.

They are spreading misinformation in the name of religion and secularism. Their commitment to secularism is as hollow as their love for the minorities.

Minority for them means only Muslim, not Sikh, Buddhist, Jain or others.

Can the Congress leaders clarify whether Muslims in Pakistan are suffering persecution in that country?

Can the Congress, other politicians, professors of Indian universities and foreign universities, actors, writers, journalists protesting against CAA  clarify how many Crore Pakistani Muslims should India grant citizenship?

Can the Congress & allies clarify whether the economic prospects of the Indian Muslims will be safe or ruined if Pakistani Muslims in Crores are granted Indian citizenship?

Can the Congress and allies clarify if the PoK residents will automatically become Indian citizens the day India takes over its territory (PoK) or not?

Protests like the one against CAA are the most disruptive distractions for the youth. Generations are ruined economically. Opportunities for growth are missed. Chances of improvement in the well-being of families are lost. Possibility of breaching the vicious circle of poverty are closed forever. Chances of nurturing the potential of the youth are simply bartered away for illusions of change and revolution. Talent is cruelly wasted.

Misleading the youth is a political crime that feeds on the carcass of destroyed future in the form of perennial poverty fastened on the youthful idealism at an age when experience is not easily available to properly mentor the young brain brimming with exuberance.

The political class as also the religious fundamentalists are always on the lookout for new clients. Modernism has affected their business as not many people go to them. Modernism has deprived these rogues of  high income from the masses. They are always looking for opportunities to create conflict in society to disturb public order & peace. The protest against CAA is a perfect example of such mischief.

It is educative to recount similar protests in Naxalbari area of West Bengal in the early 1960s. It gave birth to a cult of violent political ideology popular as Naxalism in India. It attracted the young school and college graduates in large numbers as it started influencing territories outside West Bengal.

Perceived as a variant of communism in the country it also became popular for newspapers and magazines in the decade of the 60s.

But what happened? It stands hugely discredited as left wing extremism today. Millions of young men and women strayed because of that powerful distraction.

Now Naxalism is associated with murders of innocent villagers and policemen.

It puts a heavy financial burden on the state exchequer. Excepting for its nuisance value, Naxalism appeals to no one today. It has no present nor future- it only has a past!

Protests against CAA is another political mischief started by political crooks without genuine vision or mission or even agenda for public service. Self-interest for them is the only public good!

Distractions have proved extremely costly for the youth in the early days of evolution of democracy in India.

The millennials will not even know the numerous Indians who were distracted from their studies and rendered unemployed by the filmi romance till the new age cinema changed the narrative from ‘mohabbat’ to social issues afflicting the Indian society. The young men of the decades of the 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s were etherised by the romantic films, songs and the screen beauties. As more and more women started entering educational institutions and subsequently government & private sector jobs, attitudes and narratives started changing.

It was replaced by realism in literature and films. Entertainment came to occupy more time than it deserved in the lives of the youth. Consumption of entertainment increased creating a kind of intellectual indigestion. The advent of the internet changed the very definition of entertainment as a consequence of explosion of creativity. YouTube like platforms gave a boost to creativity and changed the hunger for entertainment as well as consumption.

The entertainment industry was taken over by the television industry providing 24×7 news, views, serials and other bouquets of  entertainment.

With so much power concentrated in a few hands of television owners, it started acting partisan.

Fake news came to rule the business practices of the television industry. As the ownership of media houses was in the same hands/group both in TV and print media, it gave rise to fake news, disinformation, misinformation and dark news.

Technology came to the help of the people as social media (SM) emerged as a very powerful medium to challenge the monopoly and dominance of the media houses on news.

However, like misuse of other technology products, SM too came to be used for petty political purposes.

Agenda driven messages on SM started disturbing peace and order on university campuses. The organized protests against the CAA is an outstanding example of it.

The protests against CAA are organized by the Congress Party, CPI, CPI(M), TMC, RJD, SP, NCP and their allies and even financed by them. A lot of funding and strategic support is provided by outside forces inimical to India. They are known to every right-thinking Indian. But the agents of those forces are influential and vocal faces of media, academia and politics.

It is usual for the Indians to ignore nasty elements and avoid arguments with them.

That is the reason the protesters are turning violent day by day and provoking the peaceful masses too to react.

The aim is to start communal riots in different parts of India so that the law & order machinery is forced to take action, which might end in large scale casualties, which is the dividend the political parties and foreign forces have been looking for so eagerly.

Who loses the most if these politicians, parties and their foreign masters succeed in inflicting a thousand wounds on India simultaneously- the politicians or the youth?

The need of the hour is that the youth analyse all issues themselves dispassionately and independently without the opinions of others (professors, journalists, religious leaders, political leaders, foreign predators). The only purpose of education is to become intelligent enough to study issues in this manner and make all decisions independently. Use your own brain rather than let others hijack your brain.

Protests against CAA (or any other law passed by the parliament after due deliberation and also reviewed by the Supreme Court of India) are futile.

They are levers in the hands of those who are not well-wishers of the people of India. They only wish evil without any doubt !

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