National Integration V/s Disintegration

It is not some political parties in India alone which are dead against national integration and follow highly sophisticated policy, plans and programmes for creating disintegration, disharmony, disaffection, alienation and separatism but outside forces with clear goals supporting such parties with ideas, strategies, logistics and jargon. It is not possible for an average citizen to understand the minds of such elements as they believe the words of these grandstanding communicators and motivators. They come in the guise of religious preachers, university professors, journalists, writers, research scholars, film & documentary makers, merchants and activists for human rights, women’s rights and hundreds other variations of multi-national NGOs. Even intelligence agents fail to track them all in a vast country like India until their anti-people activities surface exposing their real intent. All such political parties and foreign forces are interested in making India a soft state so that they can pursue their goal freely, unhindered by government agencies, media, courts or alert Indian citizens.

These elements invest heavily in terms of money, manpower and intellectual material. They oppose everything which might promote national integration, harmony and fraternity of among all sections of the people. They start with minority v/s majority propaganda. They oppose every programme for common good, benefiting all sections of society without discrimination whether one belongs to minority or majority.

That approach helps them build loyalty among the minority. Their methodology is to support even wrong acts of members of the minority. They follow the policy not only of attacking parliament and government but even the supreme court. Attacking bureaucracy, police and military in street language gives them strength. They not only use but vastly misuse such minority loyalty for political purpose and cut them off from the main stream. They make all kinds of promises for the well-being and development of the minority but ensure that it remains poor, backward,  disempowered and dependent on their small mercies, so that they continue to serve the political interests of their masters in the republic of India.

Contrary to these forces, India witnessed for the first time since 2014 sincere attempts at integrating the nation by reaching all welfare schemes to all sections of the people without distinction of minority and majority. Millions of minority households have received benefits like free cooking gas connections, electricity, housing, toilets, food, pension etc. without bribing or seeking recommendation or patronage of any political leader in India for the first time in 67 years!

Only anti-India and anti-people politicians, political parties, journalists, editors, university dons, writers, foreign merchants and unfriendly countries refuse to see the performance of democratic power that India today is. They keep attacking India and its leadership in most unseemly language, ridiculing themselves in the esteem of the people of India.

The present leadership is working sincerely towards national integration. It has succeeded in achieving its goal fully.

Because of such unprecedented success in such a short time, these inimical forces have allied to attack the leadership. They are so blind in their hatred for the top Indian leadership that they are reading the word of the law written in Roman & Devnagari script upside down and right to left deliberately to justify their paroxysm. They imagine that the minority trusts them. They are wrong. They will be in the market only for a short time as change has already taken place with generational change occurring in the normal course. There are many more highly educated and professional persons belonging to the minority community today who understand the sly game of minority politics in India much better than the politicians would like to believe. Political nets fail to trap them easily. They know the left, right and middle walkers. They also know the foreign forces trying to make them in to another colony. They break out of these outdated ideologies being educated.

India is now feared. It is feared by the enemies of the people. As the country marches towards a 5 trillion economy soon to ultimately make it to the group of the economic super powers, it is feared by those who colonised us, who want to colonise us again or want us to remain only a market for them. They fear Indian nationalism. They fear Indian patriotism. They fear Indian national integration. They fear Indian national unity. They fear Indian social harmony. They fear Indian communal fraternity. They would do whatever they can do to stop India achieve these goals. However, they are bound to fail. The more they strike, the more powerful India becomes.

These elements were hoping for change of government in 2019, imagining they had done enough damage to the Indian leadership by manufacturing new definitions of tolerance or liberal and alleging the country was deficient because of the Hindu party ruling the country. Mark the shift from the use of phrases like “majority” and “majorityism” to “Hindu”. Unfortunately for them, the wise people of India gave a thumping mandate to the leadership to run the government with greater zeal and full transparency. The leadership did not disappoint the people. It passed the law ending an abhorrent practice of triple talaq in the minority community, abolished Article 370/35A of the Constitution making the integration of Jammu & Kashmir final after 71 years thereby eliminating terrorism in the valley, amended the Citizenship Act to grant citizenship to persecuted religious minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh &  Afghanistan.

The pace of decision making frustrated the opposition to such an extent that they have resorted to violence against the leadership. They were already angered by the parliament results of 2019 which gave a decisive mandate to the leadership.

Desperate to create ruckus, they started with student agitation in the JNU, Delhi, their favourite hunting ground for issues and protagonists. They didn’t get much out of it and roped in students from the Jamia Millia Islamia and some from the IIT, Delhi. With the citizenship law coming in to force, they found an opening to incite the minority against the leadership, demanding of all inclusion of other citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan in the amended citizenship law!

Such a horrible demand can be raised only by the anti-Hindu, Sikh, Christian and other minorities suffering worst persecution in the Islamic Pakistan, Islamic Bangladesh and Islamic Afghanistan!

Justice done to the Muslim women in India by making triple talaq  (divorce) by simply pronouncing divorce thrice illegal has not yet been digested by the Muslim leadership which never wanted empowerment of the women. The worst was the trauma the divorced woman would undergo by marrying another man and enter physical relations with him at least for one night (called Nikah Halaalaa) and thereafter divorce him if the former husband and wife couple wanted to revive their marriage. And it didn’t come for free as the one night husband would charge huge sum according to the paying capacity of the woman. This too has been made illegal by the law passed by the leadership. These reforms have galvanised the minority community women who defied the diktats of their husband and voted for the leadership. Finding their vote bank slip away, the opposition seized of the opportunity to create communal divide, dissension and distrust of the leadership in the name of the citizenship amendment act or CAA where they organised women to launch protest against the CAA in the name of save the constitution. Both bogus pleas. But the Fidayeens of the Hindu Secularist brand inflamed passions by offering themselves as Qurwaani (sacrifice) if they forced the leadership to withdraw the law. The law was passed in the parliament, after debate for hours in both the houses (Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha) where their MPs participated. But they have scant respect for the parliament or the Constitution, which is the mother law in India, and have jettisoned all reason to create law and order problems. Against all tenets of  the constitution, some state assemblies/governments have even passed resolutions against the CAA and said they will not implement the law. They are not even entitled to do so.

So, they have started engineering shootings at the protest sites and other forms of violence elsewhere. The lowest is the goonda language used against the top leadership by name and inciting the followers to harm the leadership physically. This is patently criminal. They are provoking harsh reaction of the public, which their foreign handlers are prepared to cash for them.

As the mask goes off the foreign elements operating in India, public awareness will increase. The agents of these forces will learn to respect the constitution, constitutional authorities and the people of India.

An integrated, united and strong India is emerging under a very competent leadership which will erase the distinction between minority and majority so that no mischief monger ever succeeds in its nefarious designs on the country.

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