The Tukde-Tukde Formula

Tukde-Tukde started immediately after the Quit India notice was issued and the idea of Pakistan was born to the Imperial powers and adroitly implemented. While the idea of Pakistan acquired physical entity, there was no corresponding idea of India  that is Bharat.

The ambiguity was a deft move on the part of the tukde -tukde who were planning long term, contrary to short term ideas of the Congress leadership which failed to swiftly decide on a countervailing idea.

Rather it has since compounded the confusion of the idea of India that is Bharat so much that it faces the tukde-tukde gang operations with equally great force today but shies away from admitting to its existence, refusing to identify or isolate it and produce an effective modus to face the challenge posed by it.

The Congress Party which emerged as the people’s party leading the freedom movement has paid the heaviest price for the indecision. The tukde-tukde successfully partitioned India that was Bharat.

The congress Party also got partitioned in the process subsequently as it lost the umbrella role under which diverse shades of political ideas and interests made it a national party, giving birth to regional parties.

Today the national party has been reduced to a small party.

Unless the tukde-tukde gang is dealt with forcefully, the nation is going to suffer irreparably.

Political parties need to wake up to the threats from the tukde-tukde, get  out of the stupor and start course correction, otherwise they will be wiped out without leaving a trace. While the 70 years since 1947 have  been wasted by the woolly idea of India, the tukde-tukde has assiduously built itself into a formidable force, influencing the elections, making political parties win or lose and even directly take over governance in  states (weak on India idea) under the mask of liberal or secular parties.

The present Congress Party in its worst state of confusion today has become a political pawn in the hands of the tukde-tukde gang.

What does the congress Party represent today? Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology or the socialist ideology or the communist ideology or the radical religious forces controlling it?

It talks too many things in one breath without representing any one. The result is total loss of faith in it as a political ideology and machinery to implement it.

The political space vacated by it has been taken over by its partners in the post-independence era dexterously.

That is the story of regional parties making their appearance slowly.

It has only aggravated the prevailing confusion in public mind.

This situation is abundantly favourable to the tukde-tukde innovators, who have been assiduously pursuing their goals, which is to keep India a poor, backward, disunited and disintegrated society, a country and a nation.

The stakes are so high that the people need to recognize the insidiously advancing dangers to public interest, national sovereignty and the very survival of India.

So far the intelligentsia, journalists, academia and government have ignored, evaded or made the issue unnecessarily controversial in the public discourse from almost every platform- legislatures to universities to debates in television studios.

Questions are being asked about the identity of the tukde-tukde gang. In  reply to a parliament question the junior Home Minister , Government of India, said that no law enforcement agency has brought any information about the identity of the gang to its notice.

It doesn’t mean the gang does not exist.

In fact, what is visible occasionally such as in the JNU, AMU or JMU student agitation is illusory being a creation of the real muscular foreign based powers out to re-capture the lost ground, power, wealth, empire  and colony.

They create trouble in India simply by using words as missiles: tolerance, liberal, secularism, communalism, freedom, gender etc. They underplay every kind of harm to India or majority Indians. They employ advanced programming to create instability in society and the democratic governance of the country.

It is high time the government took notice of the sophisticated silent assault being perpetrated on India taking it as a soft country and set up strong institutional mechanism to monitor the activities of the tukde-tukde gang on the lines of R&AW or CBI etc. It is a social, political, religious, economic and judicial research bureau responsible for collecting, collating and analysing every bit of information domestically and globally.

The gang targets high profile individuals and institutions in a systematic manner. Derogatory comments in social media against parliament and the supreme Court have come to the notice of the SC now. But the gang had adopted this mechanism from the very beginning by using unparliamentary language against the Prime Minister, in whom they see  the biggest roadblock in fulfilling their dreams. They have assaulted the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice of India, Parliament and the Governors in the states. They have been vicious in their attacks on the  Army Chief Rawat, the Air Force demanding proof and then turning the proof in to insignificance, the CBI, ED, and R&AW chiefs and laws (Triple Talaq, CAA etc). The game is to hit public trust in the institutions and individuals. They pursue their goals knowing that the targets they choose take several decades in to the making and are precious assets of the nation.

Such mafia tactics pose a threat not only for India but other important nations. An article titled THE VATICAN MAFIA, available on the internet, exposed the elaborate design of such forces for all countries world-wide after World War-II. India’s response to the tukde-tukde gang has to be swifter than others as next 25 years will be very important. In these years Europe will move far right, reviving old imperial instincts. It will attempt re-colonisation, though this time it will be with the help of artificial intelligence tools, unlike physical colonisation in the past. Falling standards of ethics in medical fraternity and industry will pose real threats coupled with a new World Economic Order. Only a few countries like India will be able to survive such onslaught of pandemic proportions. It is possible only if the tukde-tukde gang is reined effectively.

The country had grown extremely pessimistic and gloomy during 2004-14. But Time operates at its own wisdom. Nobody knew Narendra Modi then. However, Time proved that it can produce effective remedies to restore order in life. It is for this reason that the Tukde-tukde seems to dislike Narendra Modi, though silently all of them wish to attain public trust of his level and unblemished record of transparent government.

What Time produces in the next 25 years will be interesting.

India will either emerge as a strong super-power or will be reduced to a weak democracy run by the tukde-tukde and its stooges thriving on poverty cropping.

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