Qurbani of 46 Enough or Want More?

The call for qurbani by Congress Party leaders in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh and sacrilege from the Ramlila Ground calling for qurbani has already taken the life of 46 citizens. Around 200 have suffered injuries. Does that satisfy the blood thirsty politicians or they still want more qurbani?

Is India such a weak democracy that it can’t bring to justice such open call for bloodbath and mayhem in the national capital?

The less than responsible language of some members of the judiciary has only fanned the fires.

With 62 of the 70 total number of MLAs in the Delhi Legislative Assembly, it was incumbent upon the chief minister of Delhi to take strong measures to control the situation before it turned ugly, but his party-men were actively preparing for riots with petrol bombs, heavy stones with heavy duty slings to shoot, acid pouches, arms & ammunitions.

The CAA or the Citizenship (Amendment ) Act being discriminatory is a subterfuge. The protesters refuse to read the text or listen to the knowledgeable. They are being incited by the opposition which had failed to get the public mandate in the parliament elections in May 2019 and want to remove the Narendra Modi government by foul means like communal riots all over India.

The opposition betrayed their agenda when they succeeded in over-turning the popular mandate in Maharashtra in November last year and formed the government by cobbling an unlawful alliance of disparate parties breaking the pre-poll alliance of the Shiv Sena and the BJP.

They went in to delirium to repeat it in Delhi and the violence fuelled in Delhi was only expected.

The country will see more such violence in the coming months as the opposition would try to keep the fire of lawlessness burning till election 2024.

In the last 100 years (since the World War-I), it is for the first time that the English language has suffered the sacrilege of being misused, abused and insulted to such an extent as in modern times by the journalists of the domestic and foreign press and media, conveniently followed by dimwit politicians giving calls for qurbani.

The Indian National Congress Party politician who offered himself as the qurbani is roaming in the city and Pakistan smirkily, though we were apprehensive he might fulfil his offer in full public view covered by the television channels for optics or to revive his dying party.

Can the Secretary General of the UNO show a word or sentence in the CAA that discriminates? Or may be he is endorsing the persecution of the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Christian, Parsi minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. How is that fair Mr. Secretary General of the UNO?

The UN Human Rights Commission has consistently proved that it has the supreme authority to ignore the human rights of the Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan, though their population has been reduced from 33% to just about 03% in 2019.

Does the UN Human Rights Commission deserve our thanks for such blinkered policies? Wonderful, indeed!

Carry on guys till you succeed in establishing the kind of rule Pakistan practices everywhere and submit a report to the UN General Assembly at your sweet will.

The actions and speech of the authorities like the UN Secy. Gen. or the UN HR Commission can be dismissed as frailties of human beings enjoying prerogatives and privileges and high incomes from the world community without rendering honest public service because establishment of a just society threatens their jobs, which they don’t want to lose.

They have failed to do their duty as they have chosen to horrendously mis-read the word to derive the meaning that is not the law of Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA. How they must have brought calumny on humanity by mis-reading and misconstruing the word in the international organisations like the UNO is worth considering. Those in such high public offices can only disturb the public order by supporting injustice at the cost of justice. Unfortunately, they lack the true sense of justice.

They are not alone in breach of ethical communication among different societies in the world. They are joined by the likes of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, BBC, Washington Post, The Guardian, Bernie Sanders and others from America, a country free from the ills of the monarchy and feudalism I have always considered the shining light of modern intellectual pursuits. Unfortunately, none of them has demonstrated non-partisan, neutral, objective or fair mind. What they have betrayed repeatedly is a kind of contagion: word contagion.

When they contaminate a word like freedom (religious) they go wild in using words without caring for objectivity, purpose and ethics. Does the US Commission consider itself the policeman or pontiff of the world to deliver sermons or fatwas on religious freedom? Does it claim to be an authority on comparative world religions? Or it merely uses the word religion or religious freedom to gain political, diplomatic, religious or economic advantage? The “word” it spreads about religious freedom in India instantly acts as a contagion in the press and media whose raw material is the “word” alone.

Depending on whether the Devil is using the word or the Almighty, it can have two different meanings. Both the Devil and the Almighty “love” the devout, but their love is different like the religious freedom the US Commission talks from a higher pedestal of its own making without talking with world religious scholars. It is manned by politicians and priests of one religion. Can India expect it to be fair?

The US Commission ought to make a serious note that there  never was, there is not and there shall be no other country in the world which grants and practices maximum religious freedom as India. The US Commission can learn the real meaning of religious freedom from India.

The US Commission must ensure that no religious Order propagates its God as the superior God or fight wars for it. God has so far not appointed any religious Order as a contractor.

The US Commission for International Religious Freedom must refrain from spreading hatred against the Hindu or the government of the prime minister and be careful in the use of words and expressions like Hindu rightist party government?

The US Commission never bothered to issue sanctions against Pakistan for causing terrible distress and harm to the minority Hindu community, killing them or forcibly converting them to Islam or driving them to India. Is that what the US Commission for Religious Freedom calls international religious freedom?

Hindus don’t practice conversion; rather they discourage it even as they welcome people from other religions to practice the Hindu religion.

There is no licence fee in any form for practicing the Hindu religion, which is prevalent in Christianity and Islam.

The US Commission for International Religious Freedom points an accusing finger at India whenever any US President makes a successful visit to India to strengthen the relations between the two nations which were terribly  impacted in the later-half of the 20th century.

To the WSJ, NYT, WP, CNN, BBC, Guardian and their like-minded media, I have to say only this much: you are solely responsible for creating situations for World War-I, followed in the next 20 years by World War-II. You infected, contaminated and bedevilled the word in the 20th Century.

You wrote and printed trillions of words in less than a century, but failed to produce a single Veda because the Hindu scholars of ancient India worshipped the “word” as God Almighty and achieved the wonder. They were extremely cautious in the use of the word and were honest about their thoughts. They integrated the word with knowledge which today we call science. You perhaps know that language is the most advanced form of mathematics. That is why a child learns the mother tongue much faster than the second language. Is it by chance or a programme of the superior science of the Creation? You are likely to disagree as an evolutionist, but I see the apes have stopped becoming humans for all these years! If you continue to foul the “word” you will soon inflict another World War on humanity!

Dear Mr Bernie Sanders, to you I have to say only this: don’t take the Hindu for granted. They are peaceful members of the original knowledge society, who have paid so much price for their way of life that all and sundry inflicted wars on them and devastated them to an extent where non-violence proved to be ineffective and peace failed to survive wars. What do you want now: India once more becomes a slave country at the hands of religious groups whose cause you have espoused so vociferously?

Mr Sanders, I can assure you if India loses its freedom, America will suffer it in half that time. Don’t live under the illusion of a Super Power- you were beaten by the perpetrators of 9/11 at your own home turf. They won’t take too long to repeat it with vengeance if they succeed in gaining ground in India like they have done in Pakistan- the world’s terror factory and PIIT or Pakistan Institute for International Terrorism.

America, Mr Sanders, has paid a heavier price since 9/11 on security alone than the 2 world wars and the Cold War. Does it bring you happiness when the under 18 or 20 year American youth return home in a body bag instead of coming home to celebrate their birthday?

Mr Sanders, you will benefit greatly if you devote sometime to study the more than 8000 years old Hindu religion and the knowledge contained in the Hindu treatises like the Veda, Puran and Upanishad.

Remember that Christianity and Islam were born comparatively recently. America is just 300 years old but India is more than 3000 years. Learn to be respectful to India before demanding it for yourself. Since you may not be able to devote the time required for such pursuits, let me give you a few hints why you should do it before you dream of becoming the President of America or ever succeed.

The Hindu of India you take so lightly has given the world the mathematical concept of zero(0) which has laid the foundation for all the work in mathematics, physics and other branches of modern knowledge. If you have not cared to learn about it, please watch some brilliant American mathematicians explain it through high quality videos. India has been a society that laid greater emphasis on knowledge than trade or business people like you pursue in America.

The other hint I would like to give you is that the Hindu scholars propounded social and economic theories based on solid statistical research. Have you ever thought why or how the common Hindu blessing of Shataayu Bhav  (live for 100 years) was invented and accepted by the society and has continued for several centuries? It is as a result of big data analysis on parameters like health, longevity, economic realities taking in to account life cycles of other species on the planet. Could they not have suggested 1000 years or 10,000 years inspired by the life cycle of python or other species? Today, scientists are trying to raise the life span to that length, keeping people on life support systems for decades and organ planting exercises.

In the ancient times also similar desires to live longer than 100 years must have existed and still the ancient Indian scientists thought it logical to keep it at 100 years. There are legends of scholars praying to the Lord to extend their life span, which was gladly acceded and repeated from 100 to 1000 and again to 5000 years. When even 5000 years span proved insufficient the scholar prayed for death instead.

The humble scholar told the Lord that he had realized the limitation of human capacity to pursue knowledge for which not only one but many life cycles are insufficient and prayed to die peacefully. His prayers were granted.

The lesson from this legend is that the knowledge about the Creation is so huge and beyond the capability of the human mind to master  because the science of Creation is unlimited. All human efforts so far, including up to the present century, have been devoted to merely understand and unravel the science of Creation. When the mind reaches the level of no or not in its quest, man enters the arena of Bhakti– meaning devotion. That is the reason a Hindu does not practice violence of the kind the other religious groups practice.

How does that work? The Hindu has practiced the Truth. It is emphasised not to tell lies but only the truth because truth alone endures and must be honoured for that reason. Bernie Sanders, NYT, etc or the US Commission or the UN Commission must practice it if they mean to fulfil their duty to the Almighty Creator of this Brahmaand our universe and the cosmos.

Does it hold any hope to resolve religious conflicts among diverse groups? It indeed does.

Religious conflicts are created by misconceived missions for conversion of members of one religion by another, which has to be recognised as the most pernicious practice glamourised by despicably pervert minds.

They are heavily invested in the conversion industry and take it to the extent of organised mass violence in peaceful and peace loving countries.

All religious groups should pursue peace abandoning conflict.

Violence erupts in conflict. Weaving a hollow narrative of religious freedom is dangerous. Never think of converting people of another faith to your own faith through inducements like money, education , jobs, foreign visits or other allurements of the flesh. Diversity, and not uniformity, is the secret of the law of Nature. Can humans mix physics, chemistry, biology, economics, politics, laws and everything else in one format and produce a single product? If not, don’t try to mix different religions in one. They carry “geographical tags”. The Lord never wanted them to be similar as they were meant to meet the local requirements of the populations in different geographies. If the East is veggie and the West non-vegetarian largely, it is as a purely scientific nutritionist prescription. Climate dictates all.

For the benefit of everyone, religious groups, media, intellectuals and politicians, it is recommended to respect the word, truth and the Creator Regulator.

Human greed to misappropriate more than deserved has afflicted the world with environmental problem, health issues, wars and  senseless  violence like the one witnessed in Delhi on 24 & 25 February.

The culprits will be brought to justice soon except those who wanted to spoil the Donald Trump visit to deter him from getting any political advantage in this year’s American Presidential election.

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