Who Incites, Who Provokes: Asks The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has remarked that “The way the events happen and unfold, who incites, who provokes, the courts are not equipped to handle such situations”. The courts need to allow the police and the government to do its duty to watch the agents provocateurs, as it’s their primary duty. The government is aided and advised by an elaborate infrastructure of institutions assigned specific roles. For executing their duty properly, these institutions employ professionals. Law & order situations develop when either the professionals abdicate their duties or fail to advise the government properly in real time or hide sensitive information from the government. Such situations also arise when government ignores such advice or refuses to grant permission to the institution or the professional on duty to take appropriate action.

The reality is that every public service has been rendered ineffective in the last 50 years. The way police is subjected to whipping and tongue lashing by the politician, press, parliament and the judiciary does not inspire the force to be honest, lawful, sincere, dutiful and unalarmed. Every public servant doing honest duty needs their support and protection to perform faithfully. If the political parties organise, finance and lead assault on democracy or democratic institutions and promote violence inciting people to make qurbani, it becomes impossible to handle such situations peacefully. Peace is established only when masses are prepared to be reasonable and amenable to co-operate to establish peace. When they are paid to commit large scale violence, policing becomes impossible. Democracy in India is fragile. These agents provocateurs threaten even the very survival of India.

The Indian youth indulging in violence suffers deficit of world history to understand the complex nature of threats. Knowledge of one or more  world languages e.g. English, Latin, Greek, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin and Japanese is useful.

STEM is necessary, but so is geography.

It surprises me least “who incites, who provokes” because Indian education has ignored these subjects at school and graduation level. The result is even the Ld. Judges of the higher/highest judiciary express  opinions on sensitive issues injudiciously, raising the doctrine of independence of the judiciary to a level of a super-legislature or super-executive (as Sir Alladi Krishnaswami Iyer cautioned long ago).  Such opinions put the seal of approval on activities of those who incite, who provoke and who implement.

It shows all the three organs of the state as a massive failure. The only remedy lies in respecting the boundaries laid down by the constitution of India and ensuring that it works honestly.

The Election Commission of India must be given the power and duty to disenfranchise any politician making unlawful and provocative speech to incite violence and to de-recognise/de-register instantly the political party doing so.

The mission of such organised violence is to destabilise a lawfully elected government. The real target of such missions is not the ruling party or the opposition but all of them severally (not jointly). There was no Pakistan or Bangladesh in 1942. The poor, backward, hungry Indians then had issued the writ to the empire to “QUIT INDIA”. The mission to reclaim the “colonies” with the help of technology is the real agenda of the invisible “who”, superior skills are required to meet the challenge thrown by them.

Only the government can do so.

Hence the government should be allowed to work assiduously to build the nation.

The makers of the Indian constitution knew it well. It was for this reason that the Indian Constitution was unitary in nature. The SR Bommai case fiddled with it and the events and situations after it have promoted adversarial centre-state relations.

Technological colonization will be different from the physical colonization of the past, without any free infrastructure development like rail, road, ports, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, police, civil administration, military, specialized institutions like the ASI etc. All these will be commercial activities which will create millions of locals as agents who will control all levers of power for their masters.

Isn’t India a digital colony already? The sagacious Indians are already giving up their YouTube, FB, Google, Twitter account because citizens can’t access public service sites like the Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha TV  to watch the budget debate live without accessing them through one of these platforms. Online editions of newspapers or Live TV can be accessed only through them. They control, influence and mould public opinion on important issues. These invisible giants know precisely who, what, where about their users and can watch them from space wherever they go or do anything.

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