Observe Kshamaparv Globally

An Appeal To The UNO and the World Community

The Corona fright is an intimation from the Benevolent to seek Kshama (forgiveness) for the misdeeds of the human race in the last 200 years which has destroyed the planet and is disturbing the Planetary Order.

Benevolence in mercy melts even stones in to water, the elixir of life, but if infuriated (as in the last 200 years) make stones of the same water (we call hailstones).

The violent must understand that non-violence is not a sign of weakness of mankind, but violence certainly is an expression of fear of the cowards, who are quick to take to violence.

India is the only country which actively practices and promotes the practice of forgiveness or Kshama as an annual festival.

To mitigate the severity of the current COVID-19 and to propitiate Benevolence, let us observe the period from now (March 15) up to 30th April 2020 as  the festival of Special World Kshamaparv.

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