Trahi Trahi Chahuore

It is trahi trahi already from East to West

China, Korea, Japan, many other states

Faced the fury of COVID-19 before many

Could assess the full impact of the virus

Till Italy shook Europe, Iran other nations

The virus reached America and England

The daily rise in the numbers of the sick

Sudden deaths rising from single digit

To two in the early days and three later

Shocked the world community instantly

Casting a pall of gloom throwing normal

Life in to lockdown everywhere jolting

The smugly 6 billion world community

Gasping at numbers of the dead & sick

The tragic irony of super powers killing

millions like flies in wanton nuclear war

Devastating and destroying in minutes

The whole world at the press of a button

Ignoring signals of Benevolent Nature

The only Super Power in the universe

Nature’s annoyance is too apparent to

Ignore or its power to punish the guilty

Unless human conduct changes fast it

Will invite the wrath of the Benevolent

Going into a panic mode is not enough

Trahi trahi– the individual cry of alarm

Knowing not when it will abate, subside

The remedy though lies in human mind

Pray to the Mighty the Benevolent: say

Trahimaam, trahimaam O! Benevolent

Save me, protect me, forgive me Mother

Community of nations in solemn unison.

(Note: Trahi= Sanskrit language, means cry of panic: Trahi trahi chahuore-panic in all the four directions E,W,S,N.

Trahimaam=Sanskrit, means urgent prayer to the Benevolent and the Mighty the Lord to save, protect from calamity and certain death; In prayer saying trahimaam, trahimaam.)

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