Force Minor Versus Force Majeure

The threat of Corona virus and its duration

Has suddenly brought the superior force in

Legal discussions as contracts contain the

Provision for exception for damages in case

Of matters beyond control of man, calling

It Act of God or the Superior Force who can

Neither sue nor be sued in any court of law

Yet revealing a strange fact that the power

Or force of human beings which rules earth

Forgets the superior force generally though

Exceptionally invokes the same Force when

It serves them as in the Corona pandemic!

Had the rules of engagement with that force

Not been violated by mankind the harmony

Between man and God would not have been

Disturbed to invite severe punishment like

Corona virus engulfing countries all around

Locking people in homes to contemplate on

Nuclear bombs, missiles space wars, WMD

Chemical and biological weapons equally

Deadly as the current pandemic or plague

A century ago, AIDS, SARS, more to come

Benignity of the Superior Force evident as is

Insanity of the wanton Minor Human Force

A threat to the very survival of the species

Minors don’t challenge the major but accept

Superiority humbly with due deference to

The Force Majeure and be happy and live.

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