Limitless Human Hubris

Human hubris refuses humility even in misery

Challenging Nature as an enemy is egomaniac

Declaring war when peace needs be made by

Omnivorous human species threatening life of

All other species on beneath or above the earth

Disturbing the solar system intruding the space

Carrying nuclear fuel even to distant galaxies

Can man drop nuclear bombs on planets like

He did it on Hiroshima, Naga Saki elsewhere

Destroy everything created so far by someone

Other than human endeavour and technology

Someone whose brain is evidently superior to

Human mind skills power to create or destroy

Natural occurrence mere mild warning to man

To share instead of appropriating everything

Expropriating the share of species of creation

Rights and duties of all species well laid down

Breaches are viewed seriously accompanied

By severe punishment in some form: disaster

Disease landslides floods fires famine follies

Exacerbating the fury of Nature is calamitous

Polluting air water or earth is not pardonable

Destroying animals, trees or other life forms

A felony attracting exemplary punishment if

Warnings are ignored by hot heads failing to

See the exasperation of the mightier one who

Hands out in no time lessons need be learnt

Acknowledge humbly the benignity of Nature

Man at best the custodian of Nature’s bounty

A trustee like a banker or a listed company

A ruler to serve equally man wild vegetation

Weaker in comparison to the mighty he dares

Ruining air water soil most uncaring thinking

Nature will not make them disappear any day

Nature too can choose to turn unnatural some

Day dry the oceans suck the air squeeze soil

Respect Nature the Mighty, propitiate Her for

Her benignity to escape certain catastrophe.


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