Poem: Restricting Mobility

Restricting Mobility

Tigers, lions, elephants don’t stay

At one place sipping tea, coffee

Beer, wine under a tree, sea shore

But travel miles a day for pleasure


Prey, food, exercise or company

Living different seasons comfortably

Enjoying all the animal rights wildly

Without any restrictions on mobility.


Not born to be put in zoo enclosure

How un-natural to capture & put in

Cage or enclosure wild animals in

Zoo suppressing natural instincts


Hunt and kill a prey metres away

Stressed at not being able to give

A chase and run some distance

Before sitting down to make a meal


Fresh and warm for a royal dinner

To the heart’s satisfaction instead of

Eating pieces of meat thrown at the

King of jungle by a man frightened


At a roar in the jungle miles away

Taste like eating pizza everyday

Left at the door by the delivery boy

Signalling to the customer to pick it.


Natural for the wild not for the city

Set to laws of ecology demographics!

Eating without taste upsets stomach

Affects digestive system miserably.


Caged by the COVID-19 for so long

The human beings have realized the

Misery caused by restricted mobility

On lock down in a cage 14×16 room


Cluttered, congested, furniture filled

Careful walk too restricted to sixteen

Feet long or fourteen feet wide hardly

A substitute for a brisk walk in a park


How can animals enjoy captivity in zoo?

Shrunken space liberty freedom to walk

While man dominates the Trilok or three

Dimensional space we call the Cosmos


The Sky, Earth and Beneath meaning

The dharati, aakaash, paataal in Hindi

Analysing big data about manned flight

The mythological Garuda flying the Lord


On His intergalactic sojourns cruising thr’

Skies congested by man-made birds

Beating the myriad flying birds of earth

Travelling at speed faster than the fastest


Animal on earth like the Cheetah tiger lion

Burrowing excavating drilling underneath

Against laws of Nature and Networks of

Systems, Grids connected with precision


For common use of all species created

But monopolised only by homo sapiens

Inviting intervention of Nature which put

Mobility limit, seek unrestricted mobility!

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