Congress, Communist, Chinese conspiracy

A disturbing video of Dr Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul and Vadra family and Dr. Karan Singh, HH The Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir (former), on a visit to China was on a TV channel on 18th June 2020. It was quiet a news!

Why did the family visit China along with Dr. Karan Singh? Will Dr. Karan Singh, former His Highness of J&K, please issue a statement immediately to assure the people of India that he did not give any vital information on Aksai Chin (China Occupied Laddakh) to the Chinese government or handover any map to them delineating the borders of J&K and China, or any historical document from the Princely State’s  Archives, under duress from the government or the Congress Party, who signed an MOU with the Chinese Government/Communist Party, making another Sharm-al-Sheikh debacle?

As Dr Karan Singh still enjoys good-will of the people of India as an honest leader and has been Chairman/Member of the Ethics Committee, an honest statement is expected from him.

People would also like to know if the Bofors gun imports corruption fame Italian businessman Quattrocchi was conducting any business with the Chinese at that time of the visit of Sonia-MMS delegation?

Remember the well-known tactic of the corrupt in Lutyens Delhi to first make a PSU (Public Sector Unit) sick so that some foreign companies paying commission of 11% or more may be promoted in that core sector of the Indian economy. In power equipment, BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.) was harmed and in electronics 2 other PSUs, which made the Chinese only too happy.

Indian market in power equipment and electronics was handed over to the Chinese without a thought.

Whether Quattrocchi was operating any kind of business with the Chinese on supply of machines/ equipment to India in the same manner as the Westland Helicopter was signed on huge commission basis?

Whether the commission the Chinese government companies or private enterprises was paid in US Dollar account in any foreign country outside China and India?

Whether the RBI is in the know of these details?

If the RBI was in the dark, as in the Mehul Choksi & Nirav Modi case, whether banks like the SBI, PNB, BoB or any other bank with branches overseas had handled the commission account?


Will the Government of India tell the people of India the facts in its possession including the report of the Officer from the Indian Embassy in China accompanying the delegation to all meetings and visits, including to Churches/temples/ other places of worship?


The fervor with which the Congress Party has been attacking the government raise legitimate doubts about some unholy business between vested interests, particularly the fact that the Communists were supporting the Congress Government.

Was China helping opposition parties to stall the rise of Narendra Modi?

Did the Chinese pump money to influence the General Elections in 2014 and 2019?

Was it a China sponsored and funded propaganda to create doubts about the integrity of EVM (Electronic Voting Machines)?

Was it a Chinese dirty attempt to interfere in the general election in 2019?

Was China looking for supplying EVMs to India which could have been so programmed as to help the Congress and/or the Communist parties?

Communists getting paid is a matter of old public perception. Why is the Congress jittery today? Has China been made promises of more territory in Laddakh or elsewhere (Nepal, Taiwan, Tibet) in the meeting?

Should the All India Congress Party have signed any MOU with the Communist Party of China at all?

Was it not a betrayal of the people of India who were assured that China would be punished severely for the misadventure of 1962?

The similarity in the rhetoric of these leaders and China’s mouthpiece Global Times echoes the 1962 pro-China campaign run by the communist party in India, which attacked prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the Congress then.

It is the prime minister Narendra Modi now.

The Congress & communists are attacking him as they campaign for China.

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