Congress China MOU A Dirty Deal

The text of the MOU the Congress delegation led by Sonia Gandhi, which included Rahul Gandhi, Vadra family, Manmohan Singh and Dr. Karan Singh, had signed with Xi Jinping led Communist party of China in 2008 has been kept a secret from the people of India.

China has entered in to an agreement with Pakistan known as CPEC. Cloaked as  “economic co-operation” it is a strategic deal to exploit Pakistan economically and politically.

Under the cover of OBOR, China is also in a very strong partnership with Italy for carrying out infrastructure projects (that seems to be the cause of spread of Corona first in Italy and through it to the rest of the world). With Iran, it is developing the Chabahar port (next Covid-19 affected country). China is encircling similarly Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Afghanistan, Myanmar and many other countries in the Pacific region and Africa.

China bought out the Congress Party, which tilted to the Left and is seen as “anti-Right”. On the face it seems to benefit the Congress Party as a whole but in reality only Sonia Gandhi and her family. A dirty deal the MOU guarantees perennial support to China by the Congress Party and the Left outfits because Rightists comprising the “proud, patriotic and nationalist” Indians will always remain hostile to China for the 1962 aggression. In return, the Congress and the Left will get invaluable support from China to win elections with Chinese money and technology in the form of improved version/ upgraded EVMs sold to India @99 rupees apiece. It would be propagated as great “saving” of money. Then the Indian history would have been re-written making the 1962 aggression as a revolution immensely beneficial to the people of India trying to make India a casteless society and the 1975 Emergency as a boon for the  poor people of India. The Congress Think Tanks, comrade  “committed scholars” from JNU etc. and Chinese communists would have carried out wonderful research in social engineering with financial aid from the PM Relief Fund or Public Sector Banks and Enterprises and ministries at the Centre and the Congress ruled States.

The Congress Party came to power with the support of the communists in 2004. It didn’t take much time to show dictatorial traits of the 1975 emergency era. The government of India was successfully converted in to a puppet government by an unconstitutional machination called the NAC (National Advisory Council) with a chairperson in the rank of a Union Cabinet Minister with no accountability to the parliament of India and unwritten powers of a superior Prime Minister for 10 years 2004- 2014. The fraud played on the people of India created delusions of invincibility and perpetual rule of the Congress Party leaders/dynasty. The MOU was a of Deed Of Covenant to rule India with the Chinese help and Italian businesses and a bunch of unpatriotic Indians forever. Political parties challenging the Congress Party have failed in the past to stay course for long because they professed high priesthood against the sly enemy out to disgrace, destroy and sell the country for repulsively in the manner of traitors in the past responsible for the subjugation of India for millennia. The government’s hesitance to punish the culprits makes the model of sedition  a possible success.

Had the Congress returned to power in 2014 it would have joined the OBOR gratefully  and sold it to the people of India as the best instrument of Garibi Hatao and Desh Bachao… etc. of the Black Emergency of 1975 kind packed as  “economic co-operation” invented by the greatest economist produced by India! It would have been a disaster and calamity of the unprecedented kind. The underhanded attempt to regulate and control the mind of the aspirational youth by using the communist rhetoric imported from China would have had the same success as the other cheap Chinese consumer products. Perfect insidious and devious mechanism to thwart the “Rightist Hindu Party” coming to power in the name of secularism imported from China which professes no state religion like India.

The Italian connection to the OBOR business calls for urgent deeper study by the strategic planners and people of India who alone can save the country from the unholy nexus of seditious and foreign powers out to subjugate the country once again. The real congressmen/women have lost the verve and nerve of the Freedom Fighters. They are unable to take over the party from such elements even when their nefarious activities are in public domain. We don’t yet know whether back channel negotiations of the Italian businessmen like Quattriocchi were carried out before signing the MOU. If China could get all it wanted from India to make a success of its OBOR plan with help from strong connection of its Italian businessmen like Quattrocchi, it would have been a  smart move.

Narendra Modi’s victory in 2014 threw a spanner in the works and further frustrated both the congress Party and China by getting a second term. Impatience of China in Laddakh and Congress anxiety has shaken Naredra Modi out of the Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai syndrome, which the Congress fondly recalls as enjoying swing rides in Ahmedabad.

China is likely to fail in executing CPEC as there is a strong rebellion against the projects in Pakistan (PoK & Balochistan) and opposition within the government.

Iran will soon understand the Chinese game and may not continue the Chabahar project under the present stipulations, which are unfavourable to it. Iran will know soon that bitterness between Iran & America can’t be exploited by China to do trade unfavourable to it. The old ideologies died long ago as has been proved by communist China becoming a superpower capitalist country doing huge business with America and Europe.

China will never get any concessions for its OBOR bomb-shelling from the present government or any other similar project as it could have got from the Congress Party.

China’s actions on the LAC can be understood but the Indian National Congress Party betrays sheer chicanery, brazen lies and dissimulation.

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